"If the apocalypse comes, beep me!"

"Whenever Giles sends me on a mission, he always says "please". And afterwards I get a cookie"
Buffy to Wesley, Season Three: Bad Girls.

"If the apocalypse comes, beep me!" - a flexible Buffy Summers deck that slays hard

By Hellebron

The premise of this deck is of course to have fun, and to be able to solve one or two challenges, while disrupting and crippling the opponent through fighting. At first glance one might ask: Why don't you have a lot of movement-controlling cards like other decks which are keen on fighting have? Well, first of all, I point to the Co99 Buffy Essence, which allows me to start one fight in the Movement Step already, a great ability that makes it less important to control the Movement Step, and thus saves me space for other action cards.

Besides, I have included hero Faith; when she's in the park, no vampire, demon, or monster is save from her. I also included Co99 hero Angel, who can move once during the day, and the Sunnydale School Lawn, a location that can be quite annoying if used in conjunction with Grounded.

Three I Quit, what are they good for in a deck that wants to fight? Well, I really like this card, for its tactical value, and because I feel it really fits in with Buffy. Here're the reasons: It's really bad to loose a fully trained and equipped Slayer, and with I Quit, you can save her from bad luck.

What's more: If you use I Quit for its effect, she does not fatigue, even if the Slayer (or whoever) started the fight she is quitting, and moving her to an adjacent location opens new possibilities during that conflict step. You might perhaps move her to a location on which you have placed one of your challenges to help solving it. Or you might move the quitting Slayer to a location with an easier target, making it possible for her to start just another fight. The options are wide and varied if you learn to use this card well.

The three Bracelet help me with the I Quit-option, and with solving those Charm-intensive challenges as well. Rupert Giles and the Streets Of Sunnydale are great cards to compensate the card effects of Pat and Jonathan Levinson. The same goes for the 1630 Revello Drive (Summers' House) with regards to the Compound Bow, when the Dead Man's Party is in full swing there.

I also included Moment Of True Bliss with regard to Buffy's and Angel's romance and the extra Charm and Butt-Kicking it grants them, respectively. As soon as Buffy has grabbed a Compound Bow and received some Watcher Training, she's ready to kick ass. Confrontation should be used to refresh her after learning a skill, and the episode part 1 Bad Girls or the Espresso Pump helps with that, too, making it possible for our favorite blonde to start fights right after receiving some skills.

You should aggressively start fights to force your opponent to play talent changers. It should be easy to compensate talent changer with three doses of Testosterone or a Flashy Swordfight. In case she has bad luck, you still have I Quit. As soon as your opponent has played all of his talent changers, fighting with this deck is sugar, use Been There, Killed That to carry on fighting, or Ambushed to disrupt your opponent.

Don't be afraid of Slayer Kryptonite! You have more than enough items to upgrade it, and what's more you have Caught Off Guard, which is great during a fight to get rid of Slayer Kryptonite and weaken your opponent's character at the same time. A Fervent Wish helps with those smart card drawers, and with Faith's Slayer's Lust as well, in case you have to go against her.

Okay, enough learning and talking, it's time to go on patrol, try to find Faith, and perhaps meet with Angel for some... - Hellebron

Buffy (99)

Breaking The Bones (AC)
Dead Man's Party (99)
Spring Madness (99)
Young, Fast, And Hot
Blooded (99)
Beauty And The Beast (99)
Never Kill A Boy On The First Date (PP)
Parent Teacher Night (PP)

Rupert's Pad (AC)
Espresso Pump (99)
1630 Revello Drive (Summer's House) (PP)
Sporting Goods Store (99)
High School Lawn (PP)
Bizarro Sun Cinema (99)
Garden Shed (99)
Streets Of Sunnydale (PP)

Manacles (AC)
3x Bracelet (PP)
2x Faith's Knife (99)
3x Stake & Crossbow (99)
3x Compound Bow (99)

Bad Girls part I (99)
Bad Girls part II (99)

Buffy Summers hero level 1 (99)
Faith hero level 1 (99)
Angel hero level 1 (99)
Rupert Giles hero level 1 (99)
Larry Blaisdell companion level 1 (99)
Xander Harris companion level 1 (99)
Owen Thurman companion level 1 (PP)
Joyce Summers companion level 1 (PP)

2x Anywhere But Here (AC)
3x Confrontation (AC)
3x Testosterone (PP)
3x Demon Theory (PP)
3x Grounded (AC)
3x I Quit (99)
Flashy Swordfight (AC)
3x Ambushed (99)
3x Been There, Killed That (99)
2x Rivalry (99)
2x Superior Fighting (PP)
2x Caught Off Guard (99)

3x Watcher Training (PP)
3x Rat Pack (PP)

Moment Of True Bliss (PP)
Home Again (99)
A Fervent Wish (AC)

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