One Girl Army

"This is a "get in my pants thing"? You guys in Sunnydale talk like I'm the Second Coming"
Buffy Bizarro Land, Season Three: The Wish.

One Girl Army - Buffy Bizarro Land Challenge deck

By Tensen

This idea of this deck is pretty simple. Attempt challenges with Buffy Bizarro Land alone and gain the two extra destiny points from her essence. The twist is using both hero and villain challenges so there are plenty of easy butt-kicking based challenges. Let Buffy swap between challenge types using Spell Casting Dolls item and Black Hat action. The rest of the other characters are just there to run interference and attempt the odd extra challenge if the opportunity presents itself. Lots of butt-kicking boosters to get Buffy up to easily getting 3-4 DP per turn (more with Offer of Ugly Death) and some charm for supporting characters to Join the Pep Squad if needed.

Buffy Bizarro Land

Bad Eggs
Dead Man's Party
Hell's Angel
Mayhem at teh Bronze
On Patrol
Feeeding Time
Welcome to the Harvest

Bizarro Sun Cinema
The Bronze
1630 Revello Drive (Summer's House)
Sunnydale High School Auditorium
50's Time Capsule
SunnyDale School Lawn
Sunnydale Arms

Balthazars' Amulet X 3
Faith's Knife
Glove of Myhnegon
Stake and Crossbow X 3
Spellcasting Dolls X 2
Tranquilizer Gun X 2

Birthday Tradition
The Dream

Angel L1 (99)
Buffy Bizarro Land L1
Buffy Summers L1 (99)
Cordelia L1 (Alt 99)
Faith L1
Jonathan Levenson L1
Joyce Summers L1
Kendra L1
Riley Finn L1
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce L1

Black Hat X 3
Bow Before the Idiot Box
Clarion Call
Drive Like Crazy X 2
Group Support
Hit the Streets
Homeric Insensitivity
Join the Pep Squad X 2
Number 1 Alternative
Offer of Ugly Death X 3
Oh, the "Other" Cemetry X 2
Priority Check
Run Fast! X 2
Slayer's Handiwork
The CPR Thing
The Old Madison Body-Switch X 3
Tranquilized! X 3
Two Gun Woo

Babe-litude X 2
Real Literary-Like
Watcher Training X 3

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