"Buffy charm deck"

"Right now I'm imagining you in jail ... You're wearing a big orange suit and - oh, look! The guards are beating you!" - Buffy to Coach Marin, Season Two: Go Fish.

"Buffy charm deck": Based on Buffy

By Wayne.

The deck is a very simple challenge deck. The key is to only play the companions as and when you need them, or can varsity train them, with the exception of Lily. With Lily in play the deck can acheive 10 destiny in no time at all.

All but one of the challenges, a soul's revenge, are possible for Buffy to do on her own, tho I wouldn't recommend it!

There is the usual board disruption, other cemetary, history museum, etc to help slow the opponent, but most of the time the deck does't need to worry about the opponent. The exception being fight decks, for which there are defences;

The Look, cross, buffy's ability, with confrontation, hair flips etc are all for these purposes.

A moment of true bliss is included for two reasons, extra destiny if your Angel is in play, (don't worry, he isn't needed for the challenges..) and to make your opponents Angel useless if in play before your own.

Will you go to the dance x2 will be added upon arrival, replacing Inside Joke and Trans-possesion.


The Talent Show Must Go On
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Oh, May Queen
A Soul's Revenge
Parent Teacher Night
Cheerleader Tryouts
Bad Eggs

Main Sites:
Sunnydale High Scool Auditorium
Madison House
1630 Rovello Drive
Sunnydale High Scool Library

Reserve Sites:
50's Time Capsule
Natural History Museum
Streets of Sunnydale
The Nest

Silver Locket x2
Mummy's Seal x2
Empty Puppet Case x3
Bat Sonar x 2
Orb of Thesulah

Varstity Training x3
The Look x2

Buffy Lvl 1 (AC)
Willow Lvl 1
Angel Lvl 1 (PP)
Giles Lvl 1
Amy Madison x2
Cordelia x2
Lily x2
Owen Thurman x2

A Moment of True Bliss
A Fervent Wish

Confrontation x3
A Friend in Need x3
Offer of Ugly Death x3
Hair Flip x3
Oh, the "other" Cemetary x2
Blind Panic x2
New Kid on the Block x2
Clumsy Fingers x2
Lounging About with Imbeciles
Shaky on the Dismount
Go Home and listen to Country Music
Inside Joke
I Quit
Join the Pep Squad

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