"Buffy challege deck"

"Prophecy, Anointed One. Yadda yadda yadda" - Buffy, Season One: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date.

"Buffy challege deck": Based on Buffy

By Jason

This is the deck I've been using since I started (excluding the changes with every expansion).

The main point is to do challenges, preferably the Buffy required challenges with Lily. But there is room for fighting, which often comes up. Especially if I decide to go looking for a fight.

Best place to start would be the Summers' House if at all possible.


A Soul�s Revenge
You Can Trust The Technopagen
Why Yes, I Am a Praying Mantis
Parent Teacher Night
The Talent Show Must Go On
Love Sucks
Breaking the Bones

Vampire Mansion
1630 Revello Drive (Summer�s House)
Sunnydale High School Auditorium
Sunnydale High School Library
Hyena Exhibit
Streets of Sunnydale

3 Bat Sonar
3 Stake and Crossbow
2 Lucky 19 Baseball Jersey
2 Empty Puppet Case
1 May Queen Dress
1 Silver Locket
1 Tome of Moloch
2 Disembodied Arm
1 Orb of Thesula
1 Bracelet (attatch to Xander first if possible).

3 Varsity Training
3 Watcher Training
3 Demonology 101
2 Weapons Expert
2 Diana�s Touch
2 Expert on Weird
1 Primal Connection
1 Off-The-Chart Smarts
2 Babe-Litude
1 Power of the Black Mass
1 Technopagenism
1 Scully Me

1 Buffy Summers Lv. 1
1 Buffy Summers Lv. 2
1 Buffy Summers Lv. 3
1 Angel Lv. 1 1
Angel Lv. 2
1 Angel Lv. 3
1 Rupert Giles Lv. 1
1 Rupert Giles Lv. 2
1 Rupert Giles Lv. 3
1 Willow Rosenburg Lv. 1
1 Willow Rosenburg Lv. 2
1 Willow Rosenburg Lv. 3 (AC)
1 Kendra Lv. 1
1 Kendra Lv. 2
1 Jenny Calander Lv. 1
1 Jenny Calander Lv. 2
1 Oz Lv. 1
1 Amy Madison Lv. 1
1 Lily Lv. 1
1 Xander Harris Lv. 1 (AC)
1 Cordelia Chase Lv. 1
1 Joyce Summers

3 Fatal Recovery
3 Confrontation
3 Offer of Ugly Death
3 Go Home And Listen To Country Music
3 Demon Theory
2 Inside Joke
2 Choke Hold
2 Wooly Headed Liberal Thinking
2 Supernatural Boost
1 Flashy Swordfight
1 Self Referential Humor
1 Join the Pep Squad
1 Decisions, Decisions�
1 Master Bones
1 Dig Up The Corpses
1 The CPR Thing
1 Not Prepared For Farrah Hair
1 Bow Before The Idiot Box
1 Watch Zebras Mating

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