"Buffy deck v2"

"I wasn't gonna use violence. I don't always use violence, do I?" - Buffy, Season Two: Inca Mummy Girl.

"Buffy deck v2": Based on Buffy

By KnightFire, Toronto Area Watcher


The Talent Show Must Go On
You Can Trust The Technopagan
A Quick Jaunt To The Funeral Home
Parent Teacher Night
Oh, May Queen
Why Yes, I Am A Praying Mantis
When Good Mothers Go Bad

Main Sites:
Sunnydale High School Computer Lab
Sunnydale High School Library
Sunnydale High School Auditorium
Madison House

Reserve Sites:
Sunnydale High School Lobby
Sunnydale School Hallways
Power Station
Public Restroom

Empty Puppet Case x2
Stake & Crossbow x3
Bat Sonar

Varsity Training x3
Scully Me x2
Watcher Training x3
Off-The-Charts Smart x2
Power Of The Black Mass
Demonology 101

Buffy Lvl 1
Buffy Lvl 2 x2
Giles Lvl 1
Giles LvL 2
Willow Lvl 1
Willow Lvl 2
Angel Lvl 1
Jenny Calendar
Joyce Summers
Owen Thurman
Blayne Mall
Coach Herrold

Hit The Streets
Shaky On The Dismount
Demon Theory
Go Home And Listen To Country Music
Lounging About With Imbeciles
Overhand Toss
Inside Joke x2
Dusted x2
AAACK! Spiders! x2
Priority Check x2
Feast On Virgins x2
Join The Pep Squad x2
Number 1 Alternate x2
The CPR Thing x2
Offer Of Ugly Death x3
Wooly-Headed Liberal Thinking x2
New Kid On The Block x2
Clumsy Fingers x2
Supernatural Boost x2

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