"Charmed, I'm Sure"

"What can I say? I was going through a phase." - Angel, Season Two: Innocence.

"Charmed, I'm Sure": Based on Angel

By Haplo781, Watcher of Whittier and La Mirada


The Talent Show Must Go On
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Cheerleader Tryouts
Oh, May Queen
Parent Teacher Night
A Quick Jaunt to the Funeral Home
Hyenas in the Principal's Office

Madison House- for O,MQ
Sunnydale High School Auditorium- Slow down villain decks, also for
The Talent Show Must Go On.
Sunnydale High Schol Lobby- Free movement = good.
Sunnydale High School Library- For Hyenas in the Principal's Office
and A Quick Jaunt to the Funeral Home.

Sunnydale School Hallways- In case the Lobby is already out.
The Nest- In case the Auditorium is already out.
Streets of Sunnydale- In case the Library is already out.
Hospital- Just 'cause it rocks.

3 Bracelet
3 Empty Puppet Case 2 Spellcasting Dolls
- for attempting challenges with Angel after MoTB hits the table.
2 Bat Sonar
2 Manacles
2 Ring of Prophecy

Angel L1
Angel L2
Angel L3
Buffy Summers L1 x3
Buffy Summers L2
Cordelia x2
Owen Thurman
Blayne Mall
Xander- Mainly in here for passing out Bracelets.
Jenny Calendar
Amber Grove

2 Scully Me
1 Demonology 101
1 Power of the Black Mass

3 Inside Joke
3 I Quit
3 Hair Flip
3 Hit the Streets
3 Number 1 Alternate
3 Studying
2 Oh, the Other Cemtary
2 Dusted
2 Join the Pep Squad
2 Master Bones
2 A Friend In Need

Moment of True Bliss

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