"Charming Little Angel" Deck

"You have no idea what it's like to have done the things I've done, and to care". - Angel, Season One: Angel.

"Charming Little Angel"

By Reason

Summary: Focuses on 2 talents: Butt-Kicking and Charm. Mostly a defensive Challenge deck, but has teeth and can go on the offense when necessary.

Goal: Destiny Win

Sample strategies: Use I Quit at the Power Station to keep characters alive (most have high Charm). Use Hair Flip to grab surprise victories in fights with characters like Cordelia/Harmony/Xander (and Angel.. remember, L2 Angel has 5 Charm when Buffy's in play).

Object: Concentrate on Challenges that require BK and/or Charm. Fight when necessary.

Essence (1)

Challenges (7)
Cheerleader Tryouts
Parent Teacher Night
Oh, May Queen
A Dead Cheerleader is a Good Cheerleader
Breaking the Bones
Mayhem at the Bronze
On Patrol

Locations (4)
Madison House (for the Oh, May Queen challenge)
The Bronze (for Mayhem at the Bronze)
Power Station

Resource Deck (40)

Characters (13)
Angel L1
Angel L2
Buffy L1 x2 (First Patrol)
Buffy L2 x2 (First Patrol)
Xander x2
Owen Thurman
Blayne Mall (love his gametext)

Skills (2)
Watcher Training (BK is of the good)
Power of the Black Mass (back-up Spellcraft for O,MQ)

Items (6)
Ring of Prophecy (Angel move alot)
Ashes of Five Dead (Taunt me not, Minion)
Stake & Crossbow x2 (BK is of the good)
Empty Puppet Case (great card, I love drawing cards)
Fire Axe (BK is of the good)

Actions (19)
I Quit x3 (long live the weenie characters!)
Priority Check x3 (minty refresh!)
Thrown to the Hyenas x2 (Die, Darla! Later, Luke!)
Demon Theory x2
Hair Flip x2 (Cordy wins again!)
Inside Joke
Number 1 Alternate
The Old Madison Body Switch
Supernatural Boost
Feast on Virgins (Sorry, were you gonna play those?)
Offer of Ugly Death
A Friend in Need (mostly for Cordy, also talent stack)

Talent stack breakdowns:
Skills and Items (+1 any talent): 8
Actions that add +2 BK: 11
Actions that add +1 BK: 5
Actions that add Charm: 3 (+1C), 1 (+2C)
Actions that add Weirdness: 9 (+1W), 3 (+2W)
Actions that add Smarts: 4 (+2S)

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