The Anointed One Starter Deck

"Forget her ... she was weak. We don't need her. I'll bring you the Slayer." - The Anointed One, Season One: Angel.

73 The Three [U] X 2
77 Joyce Summers [U]
74 Marc, the Organ Stealer [U]
75 Absalom [U]
64 Catherine Madison [U]
65 Chris Epps [U]
186 Buffy Summers [P - First Patrol]
191 Spike [P - First Patrol]
189 Collin, The Anointed One [P]

193 Buffy Summers [P - First Patrol]
199 Spike [P - First Patrol]
198 Collin [P]

25 Animal Intensity [C] X 2
26 Varsity Training [C] X 2
95 Watcher training [U]
102 Demonology 101 [U]

Evil Challenges
1 Feeding Time [C]
2 From The Ashes Of Five Dead [C]
4 Facing Your Fear [C]
5 Welcome To The Harvest [C]
6 Abduction [C]
7 Body Switch [C]
49 Festival of Saint Vigeous [U]

Good Challenges
55 Parent Teacher Night [U]

29 Number 1 Alternate [C]
31 Priority Check [C]
32 Two Gun Woo [C]
34 Demon Theory [C]
35 Feast On Virgins [C]
36 Overhand Toss [C] X 2
38 My Spider Sense Is Tingling [C]
39 Aaack! Spiders! [C]
40 The CPR Thing [C]
41 Watch Zebras Mating [C]
42 Not Prepared For Farrah Hair [C]
43 Bow before the Idiot Box [C]
44 Thrown to the Hyenas [C]
45 Hit the Streets [C]
46 The Old Madison Body-Switch [U]
122 Vampire Embrace [U]
126 I Quit [U]
127 Computer Invasion [U]
134 Offer of Ugly Death [U]

27 Electrical Tunnels Schematic [C] X 2
28 Empty Puppet Case [C] X 2
111 Fire Axe [U]
112 Ring Of Prophecy [U]
113 Bat Sonar [U]

[C] = Common
[U] = Uncommon
[R] = Rare
[UR] = Ultra Rare
[P] = Personality
[First Patrol] = Starter only, non tournament legal cards.

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