Halloween Buffy Bash Demo Deck

"This is ... neat!" - Spike, Season Two: Halloween.

This is a little bit of Buffy CCG history. These promo "cards" were sent to retailers in support of pre-release Buffy Bashes on Halloween 2001. These "cards" were in fact card images printed on paper and placed in standard card protectors. Hence they had only white backs.

The cards themselves are interesting in how they differ (e.g. colour and icon use) to the actual released cards, the game text, the lack of quotes on the cards, stakes for destiny and the use of images from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season four.

Buffy deck

DL4 Street of Sunnyvale
DL8 Beauty Salon
DL6 Sunnydale High School Lobby
DL9 Sunnydale School Hallways
DMP1 Buffy Summers (essence)
DCH1 Buffy Summers (character lvl 1)
DC2 Parent Teacher Night
DA10 We All Need Help With Our Feelings
DA5 Go Home and Listen to Country Music
DA11 Run Fast!
DA1 Testosterone
DA9 Superior Fighting
DA2 Priority Check
DCH2 Buffy Summers (character lvl 2)
DS1 Watcher Training
DCH5 Joyce Summers (character lvl 1)
DI1 Improvised weapon (fire axe)

Night/Day card

Spike deck

DL2 Natural History Museum
DL7 Public Restroom
DL5 Mausoleum
DL3 Delta House
DMP2 Spike (essence)
DCH4 Spike (character lvl 1)
DC1 Festival of Saint Vigeous
DA8 Feast on Virgins
DA12 Offer of Ugly Death
DA7 I Quit
DA6 Demon Theory
DA13 Blood Bank Delivery
DA3 The Dead Have Risen
DS3 Primal Connection
DA4 Vampire Embrace
DS2 Demonology 101
DCH3 Colin, the Anointed One (character lvl 1)

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