"Dru Power Deck"

"I met an old man. I didn't like him. He got stuck in my teeth. And then the moon started whispering to me. All sorts of dreadful things." - Drusilla, Season Two: Becoming, Part 1.

Dru Power Deck: Based on Drusilla

By Hipo

Just a few words about this deck: It's mainly about discarding cards from opponents hand using Dru at Hospital, Hypnorism and Manacles (pull them out with Mausoleum and shuflle back into deck with time capsule). The rest of characters can easily do any challenge at Warehouse. There are no skills since I hardly ever have any unused character to put a skill on, especialy Dru which is a key figure in this deck.


Turn Them on Each Other
Ritual of Eligor
Body Switch
Jigsaw Judge
From Ashes of Five Dead
Death Stalks The Dream

50's time Capsule
St. Du Lac Mausoleum

Vampire Mansion
Army Base

Silver Locket x2
Manacles x3
Mummy's seal x3
Disembodied Arm x2
Orb Of Thesulah x2

Dru, L1
The Master, L1
Spike, L1 (PP) x2
Ted Buchanan
Billy Fordham
Ethan Rayne
Der Kindestod
The Judge x2
Angelus, L1 x2
Catherine Madison
Collin, The Anointed one, L1 x2

Creep Factor x3
Sharky on the Dismount x2
Circle Of Kayless x2
Offer of Ugly death x2
Visions x3
The Old Madison Body-switch x2
Will you go to the dance? x2
Total Lecture Overload x3
Hypnotism x3
Oh, The Other Cementary x3
Grounded x3
A friend In need x3

Home Again
A Fervent Wish

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