March 2004


When facing a challenge with multiple characters and you want to play an action, like superior fighting does a single character have to have the 7BK or is it the combined total of the your participants has to be 7?

It's the total of a single character that counts.You could use it if, say, Buffy with her own 3 butkicking, also had 2 Watcher's Trainings and was entering the fight or challenge with 7 BK.It just gives you a super boost.


If a card has a talent requirement (like 7 BK) can you count your talent stack towards that requirement if you are in a fight?

Talent Stacks do not count towards meeting the Talent Requirements on cards.


When the phrase "set aside to boost (insert name of Talent here) . . ." is used on a card, is it ONLY referring to TALENT STACKS, or other cards like Actions that have TEXT that boosts the talent, Items, Skills, etc.?

The phrase "card set aside to boost" refers only to cards in talent stacks.


For actions that require something, like "join the pep squad" which requires 3 smarts, can anyone with 3 smarts use it? Do you just have to declare who is using it?

Any character you control can satisfy the requirements on actions.The exception is battle actions, where your fighter has to satisfy it. One more thing: the rule for actions played during a fight also applies for actions played during a challenge. If you're attempting a challenge and want to play an action with a requirement, one of your characters participating in the challenge has to meet the requirement. If you are playing it against the other player, then anyone on your "team" can meet the requirement.For example, if you are playing Join the Pep Squad and you have Cordelia out, you meet the requirement. With "I Quit" the character you remove from the challenge or fight has to satisfy the talent requirement. Same with Superior Fighting. The character that will get the +5 BK will have to satisfy the talent requirement of 7 BK. The reason for this was the wording "this character" on the card.


Superior Fighting, When Do You Check?††††††

This happened in our tournament. Spike attacked one of my companions and Buffy stunt doubled. She had a Stake & Crossbow and a Sledgehammer for +3 Butt Kicking against vampires and Watcher Training. She was fatigued because she stunt-doubled, but still had a total of seven Butt Kicking. My opponent played Overhand Toss, bringing her below the required seven Butt Kicking for Superior Fighting which I had in my hand. Can I still play it because she had the required BK at the beginning of the fight?

No.You have to meet the requirements when you play the card.


When do Action cards go to discard pile? Is it a) immediately when they are played or b) after their effect has resolved. Example: I play Studying while I have no cards left in my deck - is the Studying shuffled into deck or does it stay in the new discard pile?

Action cards are immediately discarded, unless they say lasts until end of turn. Studying would get reshuffled.


On certain Action cards (like Overhand Toss), It says: "Choose an Item. Ignore the item's effect..."Where do you choose this item (or anything else?)

Overhand Toss and cards like it (Woolly Headed Liberal Thinking) target Items and Skills that are currently in play. They could be on your opponent's characters, or on yours (An Innocent Guillotine, for example).



When exactly can I play Blind Panic? It says Conflict as the round that I can play it in.

This card can only be played when it's your turn to do something in the conflict step, i.e.: one of these

a) start a fight

b) attempt a challenge

c) play Blind Panic to mess up your opponent (usually)

d) play Finding your Destiny (if playing Willow)

e) if there are any other "Conflict" action cards, you would have the option to play it here.

Events, Sunset, and Computer Threat, for examples, can only be played when it is your turn to play a card during those steps.


When you are deciding who won a fight/challenge can you then throw down lose a destiny point or gain an extra one? If not, when do you throw it down?

Just follow the instructions on the card. If it's a Fight/Battle action, you play it when you play your Talent Stacks. If it's a Fight/Resolve or Challenge/Resolve Action, you play it after the Talent Stacks when you're resolving the Fight or Challenge. In the Resolve Step of a Fight or Challenge, you and your opponent alternate taking actions, whether it's playing a card or using the effect of a card in play. Then, after you both pass, you do everything else, including discarding the loser of a Fight, fatiguing, and awarding Destiny.


Some action cards have three talent icons on them. What do they all do?

If an action card has three talent icons on it, draw an imaginary line through the middle of the card horizontally... there will be two icons above the "Action" box, and one icon below the "Action" box. The icon below the "Action" box is the talent requirement. A character must meet that talent requirement in order to use that Action card. The two icons above the "Action" box can only be used during a fight/challenge. You can discard an Action card from your hand during a fight/challenge in order to add *one* of the *two* talent icons to your talent stack.

Example:Studying (PP #P6) has a talent requirement of 2SM. You must have a character with 2SM in order to use Studying.Alternatively, you can discard Studying from your hand during a fight/challenge to add 1BK or 2CH to your talent stack. You do not have to meet the talent requirement in order to discard Studying (or any other Action card) for its talent values during a fight/challenge.


Is the top half of an action card when it has say charm and buttkicking used only during a fight and challenge or can it be used at any time.

You would only add those values during challenges/fights. You can't just use then WHENEVER.


Do Action cards that state "send to the Crypt after use" have to do so when you are just using them for their Talents, and not the card text?

No.All text on Action cards is ignored when playing them for Talents.


Undoing actions

Angelus attacks Xander.My opponent then plays Number 1 Alternate and fatigues Buffy and moves her to the Lawn as well to stunt-double for Xander. Can I play Actions in response to my opponentís Actions, cancelling them out?

You cannot play Actions in response.Instead, to get the desired result you have to play your action first.Here is how your example would work in full:

It's the Conflict step.

Angelus starts a fight with Xander.

Now it is the Fight/Choose stage.

Option A)†††††††††† Since Angelus started the fight he gets first action.Angelus plays Unwelcome Surprise. Now it is Buffy's turn.Because Unwelcome Surprise has been played she can't play Number 1 Alternate.

Option B)††††††††††† Now say Angelus passed instead of playing Unwelcome Surprise.Then Buffy could play Number 1 Alternate and move Buffy over to stunt-double.Now Angelus cannot use his Unwelcome Surprise.

Once the defender has stunt-doubled, it's too late to prevent stunt-doubling. Once the stunt-doubling has taken place, the character who stunt-doubled is the defender

Basically, you cannot "reverse" or undo another player's action that has already occurred.The best you can do is anticipate what they will do, and play accordingly.

I.E. It's the Fight/Choose step, Angelus starts a fight with Buffy. Buffy plays N1Alt (or Stunt Doubles another character at the same location), now Angelus is fighting that new character, not Buffy. Playing US at this point would apply only to the character the Angelus is CURRENTLY facing in the fight. It does not undo the first substitution. That is why as an attacker if you have US in your hand before you draw cards for the battle step, you play it as your first action in the Fight/Choose step, seeing that the only way it would be helpful is to prevent the defender from playing N1Alt or stunt doubling, since you want to attack the targeted character.


If your opponent started a fight during the movement phase, is he allowed to use cards that refer to fights but refers to the conflict step in the play box.For instance hidden allies and group support?

You can't use any action card that can only be played during the Conflict Step.But you can play any action card that can be played in the Fight Stage.


These affect both players talent stacks, simply because it doesn't say "your cards in your talent stack."

Concealed Weapon - Letís any player place an item into a talent stack for +2.

Kicking Demon Ass - any action cards in any talent stack add another +1

Likewise, Gathering of Scoobies gives ALL supporting characters, yours and your opponent's, +1 to smarts while facing a challenge with smarts.


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