March 2004


Claw / Mitch

ONCE PER TURN, anything that would normally fatigue Claw / Mitch… 


Diana's Touch

Fatigue this character DURING THE RESOURCE STEP to give a chosen character…


Dig Up the Corpses



Fritz / Joyce

If Fritz / Joyce is refreshed at the beginning of THE turn …


Giles [Co99 #233]

ONCE PER TURN, you may fatigue Giles during the Resource Step…


Gone binary

Once per turn, fatigue this character…


Gypsy Curse

Fatigue this character DURING THE RESOURCE STEP to fatigue a Minion



Once per turn, discard an action card during the RESOURCE STEP to refresh a fatigued character …


Master Bones

All players draw 3 cards. SEND TO CRYPT AFTER USE.


New Kid on the Block

Ignore all bonuses from items and skills for the remainder of the CHALLENGE


Ritual of Restoration

DURING THE RESOURCE STEP fatigue assigned character to take a character…


Start the Juicer - Evil Challenge

… remainder of the game, SUPPORTING Humans that lose a fight to a Vampire are sent to the Crypt…


St. Du Lac Mausoleum - Location

ONCE DURING THE RESOURCE STEP, you may fatigue your character here to search your ......


Sunnydale High School Computer Lab

SCHOOL - Unique


Talent Show

Switch two skills assigned to YOUR characters. Any requirements of the skill must still be met


The end

Discard all supporting characters. Send all Locations to the crypt. Once per turn in the Ressource Step, each player may assign a Location from his Crypt to one of HIS empty location spots



For the remainder of this step, if YOUR Vamp Willow and Vamp Xander are refreshed and at the …


Willow Rosenberg Level 2

ONCE PER TURN, during the Resource Step, fatigue Willow to gain 1 extra Destiny Point