March 2004


A Crazy Plan

If Xander (my main character) is attempting One-Man Army alone and is hit by A Crazy Plan, does its talent requirements increase by 2 (the amount of Destiny printed on the card) or by 5 (because of his +3 Destiny points for attempting it alone as a main character)?

A Crazy Plan increases the CHALLENGE's talent goals by the Destiny.  And it'd be 2, because it's only worth more points if he beats it by himself.  He hasn't beaten it yet, so it's still at 2.


Can you use more then one of these on a challenge?

You are only not allowed to put cards into talent stacks, but you are allowed to play action cards for their effect. So yes it would be allowed and they would be commutative.


A Friend In Need

says to take a minion or companion from resource deck and "put it into play". Anywhere? Or only on a location where you can normally put characters into play, i.e. your own location?

Any of your locations. Since the card doesn't expressly allow you to break the rules for playing characters, you must play by those rules.


If I have Xander out, but played varsity training on him, can I play AFIN?

Assuming Xander was your only companion, you should now have no companions in play and you can play AFIN.


Ascending companions

If you made Jenny a Hero with varsity training and then the rest of your companions got Circle of Kayless-ed, then you could use "A friend in need" to get Jenny's Lv.2, because the Level 2 card says it's a companion. It wouldn't change into a Hero until after you had played the L2 onto the L1 Jenny and the varsity training started to affect it.


Can I use A Friend In Need to get Snyder L1 and put him into play at a school location?

You could use AFiN to bring Snyder into play at a School location as he remains a minion until after the card hits the table. (CRD)


A Lover's Gift -

Does the skill swapping fatigue those receiving the new skills?  The card reads that it acts like swapping Items and characters don't fatigue from swapping Items

It doesn't fatigue, just like trans-possession does not fatigue.


Does Spike have to trade a skill when using A Lover's Gift, or can you just give it to him from someone else, assuming he meets the talent requirement?  I only ask because you do not need to trade items in order to swap one to someone else. The term 'swap' seems to imply a trade of 2 things, but I can swap ownership of a card to someone else and not ask for anything in return.

- it moves ONE skill only

- it can move skill either from or to Spike (it only says "That character may swap one skill with Spike, just like swapping items" and items can be moved in both directions). A Lover's Gift allows a single skill to pass to a supporting Character from Spike or from a supporting character to Spike

   Apparently in the Buffy CCG "swap" does not mean what it means in ordinary English - trade - but to hand something from one person to another.


A Lover's Gift would allow a Spike player to skill upto 4 characters (including spike) and then transfer a skill to spike for every A Lover's Gift card I have in my hand.  Is this correct?

Yes, you can make Spike super-beefy in one turn by doing exactly what you've described. Of course, that would take 3 supporting characters on the table, and 4 skills in hand followed by 3 ALGs - A 7 card combo.

The card says Choose one of your supporting characters in play. -it doesn't say choose one at Spike's location so Spike can swap with a character at a different location.


A Tiny Victory   

Tiny Victory says: Players cannot lose Destiny Points during the resolution of this challenge. The attacking player cannot gain any more Destiny Points for defeating the challenge than what is printed on it. 

Just the printed number in the top right portion of the card counts. If Tiny Victory were played on A Soul's Revenge then the maximum number of points a player could earn from completing the challenge would be 3. No Offers of Ugly Death would count, nor would Jenny Calendar's or Orb of Thesula's extra destiny.

Also players can't lose any points with Tiny Victory via Hide Until It Goes Away and Listen to Country Music.


Does it keep you from losing a Destiny Point if you fail the challenge?

Under normal rules, I lose 1 Destiny for failing to defeat the challenge.  If my opponent had Hide Until it Goes away, I would lose 4 Destiny (one from the rules, 3 from the effect of Hide Until...) However, since Tiny Victory was played, I do not lose any Destiny


Shaky on the Dismount

Players can gain less Destiny Points that what is printed on the challenge, so Shaky's and the Event, In The Past, can still work with Tiny Victory.  You just cannot gain more, and you cannot lose any Destiny already earned, but you can gain less the printed value of the challenge.

Shaky affects the number of Destiny earned from defeating the challenge (i.e.: a 4 DP challenge is now worth 3 instead).  This is not  the same thing as losing Destiny (which happens from losing a challenge and cards such as Go Home and Listen to Country Music and Hide Until It Goes Away).

So, let's take this example:

Jenny Calendar (my main) defeats the A Soul's Revenge (i.e.: has met the talent goals in the Battle Phase) and I play Go Home and Listen to Country Music in Battle Phase and then my opponent plays Tiny Victory. As a result, my opponent will not lose the 1 Destiny from Go Home and Listen.  Additionally, I cannot earn more than 3 Destiny Points for defeating this challenge, since A Soul's Revenge has a printed 3DP on it. Because I have Jenny, I would normally get 4 Destiny (had Tiny Victory not been played). But, as stated above, I can't earn more than 3.  Now, let's say my opponent plays 2 Shaky on the Dismounts on me, making my challenge worth 2 (instead of 4 as although I only get 3DP, it is worth 4DP until the DPs are actually added to my total). I can now play an Offer of Ugly Death to make the challenge worth 3 again (the maximum Destiny I can earn from the challenge thanks to Tiny Victory)

The Destiny for defeating or losing a challenge is not applied until the end  of the Challenge/Resolve phase.  Offers, Shakys, and Hide Untils (plus any additional Destiny modifiers) must be applied before the Challenge/Resolve phase is over.  If I earn my 10th Destiny but you have a Shaky, I only have a total of 9, thus I don't win the game.

Tiny Victory itself does not negate any Destiny modifiers.  Play Offers and Shakys as normal, but know that you can only gain the amount of Destiny printed on the challenge. 

As a final note, it is possible to gain less  than the number of Destiny printed on the challenge, but never more if Tiny Victory has been played.



The effects of Alone last until the end of the turn, not just to that character's next challenge.



It works like this:

Your opponent has one or more characters at the same location as a challenge they want to beat. You also have a character at that location... So, they start the Challenge, and in the Challenge/Choose phase (before anyone draws cards), you play Ambushed. Ambushed immediately cancels their Challenge attempt, and your character gets to start a fight with someone that was participating in the Challenge. You go through the fight like normal - draw cards, play Talent stacks, see who wins - and when the fight is over, they immediately face the Challenge again. Don't get confused by the "if possible" text at the end of Ambushed. That's there in case you beat up (and discard) the only character they had attempting the Challenge. If you kill the only person they had in their Challenge, obviously it wouldn't be possible for them to attempt the Challenge again.


The card does specify that the character you have at the location must start a fight. So here is my scenario: I have a character at the location of my opponent's Challenge, who is fatigued. I have a character in the Park with a Compound Bow. refreshed. Since I have a character at the location, can I play Ambushed and have the character in the Park initiate the fight specified by the card effect printed on Ambushed?

Yes. For your proposed scenario, where a fatigued character at the Challenge location fulfils one requirement of the card, and a character with a Compound Bow in the park (or any other character eligible to start a fight with one of the Challenge participants) fulfils another... I would say that this is legal

This doesn't mean that you can move a character from anywhere on the board to start the fight; they have to be at a location from which they could normally start this fight (either at the same location as the character s/he's attacking, or at an adjacent location with Compound Bow or Faith L1 Hero (as long as Faith's attacking a vamp, monster or demon). In that last sentence, I said "the same location as the character" rather than "the same location as the challenge," because the following scenario is also legal based on the same logic as the prior ruling:

My opponent is playing a Willow deck.  Her Willow is at the SDHS Library.  The rest of my opponent's characters are at the Natural History Museum with a challenge.  My Faith is at the SDHS Library with Willow, and my Kendra is fatigued at the Natural History Museum.  My other characters are at yet another location with a different challenge. During her first watch in the Conflict Step, my opponent plays Finding Your Destiny.  On my watch, my characters at the other location attempt a challenge.  On her watch, my opponent attempts the challenge at the NHM with all of the characters there plus Willow (using the effect of FYD).  If I have it in my hand during the Challenge/Choose stage, I can legally play Ambushed (because Kendra is at the location of the challenge) and have Faith start a fight with Willow, even though neither of them is at the location of the challenge in question.


If you have no characters at the location of an opponent's challenge or no characters at that location or an adjacent location who can start a fight with at least one of your opponent's characters facing the challenge [for whatever reason (a fatigued character, Buffy L1 AC, Claddagh Ring, Faith's Knife, whatever)], you cannot use Ambushed. Ambushed does not allow characters to start fights that they normally could not start.  Ambushed only stops your opponent's challenge and allows you to start a fight when you wouldn't normally be able to.


If you have a character who can legally start a fight at the location of the challenge that's all you need.  If your character at the location of the challenge could not normally start a fight with at least one character facing the challenge, you have to have someone somewhere who can.


A fatigued Slayer may use the text of Bad Girls Pt 1 to play Ambushed to start a fight while fatigued, if they have not done so during this conflict step.


What happens if you play ambushed, win the fight and then play Been There Killed That? 

You play Ambushed, win the fight, play Been there Killed That and start another fight. Upon the resolution of the second fight the card text of Ambushed will come back into effect and your opponent will have to face the challenge again. The "if possible" sees to it that all other actions resolve BEFORE the challenge can be faced again, then it checks to see if there's anyone left to face the challenge... The reason is because Been There Killed That is an action that takes place in the fight resolve stage. Thus, it's a legal card to play. 

So the order is:

1. Opponent starts a challenge

2. I play Ambushed and start a fight.

3. I win the fight, discard a card and send BTKT to the Crypt to start another fight during the fight/resolve sub-step.

4. The second fight resolves

5. My opponent faces the challenge interrupted by Ambushed, thus fulfilling the card effects.

So, if I happen to pull Three BTKT into my hand during the course of all these fights, I could start four fights with my opponent before they have to face the challenge again


Angry Mob

Can I still move my characters with Hit the Streets or can my opponent move my characters with Run Fast?

It does not affect "movements" that "do not count as a move." You may still use "Run, Fast!"


Anywhere But Here:

The card doesn't specify from which player's Crypt the new location comes - so can it be from my opponent's Crypt too?

 Yes, you can go fish into your opponent's Crypt for that Yummy location you want in play.  It does not designate your crypt


"Swap a location you control with another legal location in the crypt. No characters may occupy the location when you swap." example: My opponent plays the Auditorium. I play The Talent Show Must Go On onto the location. My opponent then plays Anywhere But Here. Question: What would happen to the challenge in this type of situation? Does it stay in play because it meet the requirements when it was played or is it sent to the crypt?

Challenges like Talent Show have the text "assign to". Once the challenge is assigned to the location, the location can be changed due to the fact that the challenge has already been assigned to the auditorium location. (For example, if you had the Talent Show at the Auditorium, and them used ABH to change the auditorium to the army base, it is as if you had the rehearsals at the auditorium, but the show itself was at the armybase).


After Anywhere but here has been played on a location with a location specific challenge, what happens if someone uses Oh, the Other Cemetery on it?

The challenge would be treated just like any location-specific challenge for OTOC. There are no legal places to move it to, so you can't move it.


Blank spaces

As ABH says “Swap a location you control with another legal location in the Crypt” ABH only works on locations that already have cards on them, not empty slots.


Bad Alcohol

Because of the timing stipulation on BAD ALCOHOL, does the Character targeted still get to attempt the Challenge (since he already started it), but just has lower Talent #'s?

Since you start the Challenge and the characters are chosen to face the challenge in the choose step. Then Bad Alcohol is played, fatiguing the character, he is not removed from the Challenge. This is based on the timing on the card (Challenge, fight/Battle). That is something Cafeteria Soylent Green works with. Once a Character STARTS a Challenge, they generally continue it


If I use Bad Alcohol to fatigue my opponents Uncle Enyos, the only source of occult at Hyenas in the Principal's Office challenge.  Can he still contribute his Occult trait? Or Does his group now fail the challenge?

It only affects talents, not abilities. Even with Cafeteria Soylent Green (where only the Talent Values are ignored - but not the traits) the Trait is still active to defeat the challenge


Bad Alcohol: What affect does fatiguing an opponent's character have during a challenge if it's not played with Cafeteria Soylent Green?

Bad Alcohol would make the character have -1 to all it's talents.


Been There, Killed That

You play BTKT in the fight resolve stage. Your character doesn't fatigue while resolving the fight. Then you go on to the end step of the fight (Yes this includes discarding down to 5 cards) and then after the end step you MAY start immediately another fight.

So you can play this card to keep your character refreshed after the first fight. You do not have to start a second fight, so you could use your refreshed character to start a challenge in your next watch in the conflict step (this means the opponent can take an action between your 2 watches).

So after playing BTKT the current fight is played to the end before you can start the next one.

So the sequence of play is:


- The attacking player plays Been There Killed That and discarded one card

- We finished the fight, the attacking character won the fight and doesn't fatigue

- We went on to the Fight -Discard stage


Both players discard down to 5 cards if necessary

This fight ends, the attacking character may start another fight. As such all bonuses from the last fight are lost (e.g. Hellhound)


Good Faith and or a character with compound bow playing BTKT can actually move to another location for the second fight. BTKT says you have to start the fight her that location. That's what Faith and compound bow people do then their next fight step is to move to the character they are fighting. I.e. start the fight at her location with a character at an adjacent location. Then I move my character to the character I attacked, but I started the fight at the location of he previous fight.


Your character may not use this card to start a fight if she is fatigued


Buffy is fatigued and during the Conflict step initiates a fight using Bad Girls P1. She wins the fight, can I play BTKT?

Since you already started a fight with the fatigued Buffy, Bad Girls Part 1 doesn't work for you to start another one. Bad Girls part 1 explicitly states that once each turn one of your slayers may attack while fatigued. The CRD states explicitly that you are not allowed to attack after playing BT, KT if your character is fatigued. So playing BT, KT is legal, but you may not attack another time if your character is fatigued.


Buffy in movement step

Buffy CAN start a follow-up fight in the Movement with BTKT.


Blind Panic

The timing keyword says "Conflict."  I would take this to mean that the card must be played as a Conflict Phase action, similar to attempting a fight or challenge.

Blind Panic is meant to be played during the conflict step but not during a Fight or Challenge.  Its meant to be used as an action you can take instead of starting a fight or a challenge


Bored Now

This card’s crypting text only works on the single fight Bored Now started in the resource step.  If Willow  starts a second fight using Been there, Killed that, or the hospital to refresh, the character is just discarded, not crypted.


Breaking Free 

Does this card let you rearrange the top card on the challenge deck and the challenge deck or just the challenge deck?

The top card is considered part of the Challenge Deck, so it's still fair game.


Cafeteria Soylent Green

says that a chosen character's talents are ignored if they are fatigued at the end of the challenge.  A fatigued character can't even attempt a challenge, so how do you fatigue a character DURING a challenge for this card to be effective?

Fatiguing characters as part of the Resolve Step of a Challenge happens after Talent totals are calculated and you determine whether or not the Challenge attempt succeeded. Therefore, to trigger CSG's text, you must find a way to fatigue the targeted character at the time that Talent totals are calculated. CSG is intended to be a combo-type card, e.g. Two Gun Woo, Bad Alcohol. Not a stand alone Challenge hoser.


The way of resolving the Challenge is:

1. Determine the Talent Values of the Challenge and the Characters facing the Challenge.

2. Determine winner/looser of the Challenge (ok... has the challenge been defeated)

3. Fatigue the characters facing the Challenge.

So since the characters normally fatigue after the math have been done CSG has no effect on the Talent values. If somebody brought in a Character with 2 Gun Woo, the Character is fatigued so CSG would work on him to leave his Talent values out. Now with Bad Alcohol you can fatigue a character during the Battle. He will be fatigued during resolution. You will be able to leave his Talent values out with CSG.


Caught Off Guard

If I play Caught Off Guard and I have two items attached, can I discard both to give the opposing character -4 to the resolving talent?

No.  If you had two Caught Off Guards in your hand you could play them both, on at a time, and discard both items to give your opponent -4 of the talent.


It says to the current resolving talent.  My question is does the -2 carry over with each talent change? 

No, the "current resolving talent" refers to the resolving talent when the action was played.


Choke Hold

Superior fighting... Let's say Buffy L1 PP with her natural 3 BK has an extra item like a Fire Axe and now here BK is 4.  During a Challenge or Fight, she uses Choke Hold to make her effective BK to be 7.  Can she now use Superior Fighting to get even more BK to be effectively 12 BK?

Yes you could play the Superior Fighting card. Since both Choke Hold and Superior Fighting are played during the Fight/Challenge step the combo is a valid one. You play Choke Hold and Buffy has 7BK (if she has a fire axe). This gives you 7BK during the fight/challenge step, Superior Fighting must be played during the Fight/Challenge step with a req of 7BK, you now have that, so you can play the card for 13BK total until the end of the turn.


Clumsy Fingers.

Do you discard an opponent's item in play or one of yours?

You can discard any item in play, yours or your opponent's. There may be a Reason to discard your own items in this manner (Guillotine), but for the most part, you will use it to nail your opponent's Items.


Does A Thing/Quality Rage affect Clumsy Fingers?



Computer Invasion      

Placing cards into a talent stack is not playing them, so computer invasion has no effect on talent stacks

Since Manacles discards to use its effect, this is not considered playing an item when you use its effect.

As for Eliminati Vamps, searching the resource Deck for the Swords and attaching them directly to the Vamps does not count as playing the item.


Computer Threat

The 1 Weirdness requirement on the card, does that have to be fulfilled by one of your own characters or the opponents character that your are placing it on?

It has to be one of your characters.


How long does the computer threat card last?  Is it for just one turn and then it's discarded, or does it last until your opponent's character is defeated and discarded?

It stays on the character until that character is discarded. Note that you "attach" it to a character, which is the same thing you do with items.


I play Computer Threat on one of my opponent’s characters then during the conflict step attacked that character. The fight ended up a tie so both characters died. Would I still get the extra DP and my opponent lose one or would nothing happen?

If you draw a combat, then both characters are considered to have lost the combat, and so are discarded; therefore CT does get you a destiny point


CT and The PACK/Ted

Computer Threat doesn't have a built-in destruct mechanism.  It normally falls off when the character is discarded, but if the character doesn't die, it would stay attached. Nowhere on Computer Threat or The Pack does it say "Computer Threat is discarded when this character loses a fight." Here's the exact text:

“Attach this to one of your opponent's characters. If you win a fight against this character, you gain 1 extra Destiny point and your opponent loses 1 Destiny point.  Only 1 Computer Threat can be in play at a time”. The important point is that it attaches just like an item or skill.  Once it's on the character, it's part of that character, same as an item or skill.  Without an effect to discard it, the only way it will come off is if the character leaves play. When The Pack goes to the Hyena Exhibit "instead of being discarded" you keep all attached skills and items. Since Ted and the Pack are worded similarly, this ruling should apply to Ted as well.



Are there any limits to when it can be played?

Confrontation must be played on your "watch" during any "step". Since conflict is broken into "phases" (choose/draw/battle/resolve/discard), and Confrontation says play during any Step, you can't use it during a fight/challenge. And since Fights and Challenges happen outside the Step they start in, they're not considered a sub-step. They're independent parts of the game. Thus Confrontation cannot be used to allow stunt doubling. Confrontation states you can play during any step so you would have to use it as your play during your watch. When you are in a fight already you have initiated your one play you are allowed during your watch. So logically you cannot play Confrontation during a fight or challenge. Confrontation cannot be played during a Fight or Challenge, as it specifies during any Step, and Fights and Challenges are Phases made up of Stages (i.e. the Battle Stage of the Fight Phase). Fights and Challenges happen outside the Step they occur in.


Crazy plan      

"Raise all talents needed for this challenge by the amount of Destiny Points this challenge is worth". Is that the amount printed on the challenge card or the actual worth of the challenge at the end of the resolve step (i.e. offers of deaths etc)?

It raises the talent goals on the challenge by whatever the challenge is worth at the time it's played.  IE Offer of Ugly Death, which plays after the Battle stage, don't affect it unless it was played during a previous attempt, but Will You Go to the Dance does.


This card only says you can't play cards INTO talent stacks. Since they do not enter talent stacks, that you can play cards like Not Prepared for Farrah Hair, Watch Zebras Mating, Bow Before the Idiot Box... You can also play multiple Crazy Plans.


Cricket Snack      

If my opponent plays Major Wiggins on one of my characters, can I play Cricket Snack to remove it? 

Cricket Snack doesn't specify that the skill that I discard from one of my character has to be one that I placed on it, so yes you can. Its the same thing as Candy Bars and Trading Clothing.


Crushing Blow      

If your opponent plays a talent changer in the above fight (Hair Flip, Creep Factor, Book Learning) you still can play Crushing Blow for its effect. Since the card only checks vs BK totals and the fact that you both played cards for boosts in "a talent stack" it doesn't check against which talent stack either.

Let's say I'm playing CO99 Buffy with 4 BK and I start a fight against Villain Mr. Trick.  I start out with a Choke Hold and am up 7 to 3 in BK values.  After that, my opponent plays 3 cards to a talent stack the boost BK by 6 and I play one card boosting BK by 1.  If we resolved now, I would lose 8 to 9.  However, I play Hair Flip.  My opponent plays a card to boost Charm by 1.

I could now play Crushing Blow because my characters BK value not counting talent stacks (which don't count until resolve) is 7 to my opponent's 3.  We would both be forced to pass the battle stage and in resolve, Charm would still be the resolving talent and I would win.

Also, you can play Stake Em High immediately followed by Hair Flip and Crushing Blow denying your opponent a chance to boost their Charm talent.


Cut From the Same Cloth

If I play Angel and use Cut From the Same Cloth so my opponent's Minions and Companions are considered vampires during a fight, can I use Killer of the Dead to send them to the Crypt if they lose a fight?



Defective Weapon      

Puppet case - to use, first discard a card and fatigue the puppet case, but then you can't draw a card and defective weapon goes to the crypt

Manacles - to use, you must discard it THEN the defective weapon kicks in and stops the manacles text


Desperate Manoeuvres

says "until the end of the fight, Angelus gains +1 to Weirdness or Charm.  Immediately set aside this card into a talent stack for Weirdness or Charm".  BUT ... the talent boost icons on this card are for Charm +2 and Weirdness +1. How does the text of the card help when the boost icons are either equal or better?

It does both things.  So it will give Angelus a total of +3 Charm OR +2 Weirdness OR +1 Charm/+1 Weirdness, OR +2 Charm/+1 Weirdness if you played it for both abilities

Another benefit is that by raising his Weirdness or Charm by 1, it might give you enough Weirdness to meet the requirement for The Dead Have Risen or enough Charm to meet the requirement for I Quit. Remember, Talent Stacks cannot be used to meet Talent requirements on cards.



If I'm playing an Anyanka deck against a Faith deck and my opponent plays Slayer's Lust, can I use Done! to copy it and place Done! in a talent stack for 2 BK?

Slayer's Lust technically reads "Faith only. Draw a card. Immediately set aside {this card} into a talent stack to boost either Butt-Kicking by 2 or Charm by 1". Because of the "this card" part of Slayer's Lust, the Done! card can be put into a talent stack and would go to the crypt when the talent stacks from the battle were discarded.


When it says “’Character only’ text,” what does that mean exactly?  Does that mean that we just ignore the start of the card text that says, “XXX only.”  Or does it mean that we ignore all character text in the card? For example, Choke Hold, a Buffy only card, states: Buffy only.  Buffy gains +3 Butt-Kicking for the remainder of the fight or challenge.

The way the card reads it would remove the "Buffy only" text, but copy the card power that says "Buffy gains +3..." As it is worded, you would ignore the "Buffy only" and add 3 to Buffy's buttkicking when copying this specific card.


If both players are using Anyanka and player A plays Will you go to the Dance (for example) then player B plays Done! and copies Will you go... can player A then play Done! and copy the Done! of player B (in effect coping Will you Go...)?

Done! essentially copies an action card. So, playing Done! in the Resource Step to copy Master bones would against allow all players to draw 3 cards. In your example, Player A's Done! would copy Player B's Done!. The result: Player B simply copies Done! and not what Done! was used to copy.



Can you use dusted on companions that have been sired?

No, dusted only works on vampire minions.  As the ruling is that companions that have been sired remain companions, you may not use Dusted on a companion vampire.


Gathering Votes

Can I use Gathering Votes against a character with witch pez desenser attached?

Yes, because the character with Seduction is not actively using a power against the character with the Witch Pez Dispenser, the item does not protect the character holding it.  The card merely says that a character at the same location as your character with Seduction is fatigued.  It does not say that the character with Seduction is doing any action to cause the other character to be fatigued.


Group Support

Do you choose ONE talent and boost that talent for every character you fatigue? Or do you choose one talent for each character that you fatigue? I.e.

A) Fatigue Cordy to boost CH +1, Fatigue Oz to boost CH +1 and so on.

B) Fatigue Cordy to boost CH +1, Fatigue Oz to boost SM +1 and so on.

Option A) Only ONE talent would be boosted.


How long does the effect of Group Support last?

Group support lasts until the end of the conflict step it is played.


Here's How You Eat It. 

With this card I could play Superior Fighting on Xander and not have to worry about the 7 BK requirement, right?

That would be correct, as long as it's the first card played with a talent requirement.


Hide Until it Goes Away

If I used I quit, or got Homeric-ed and then had 0 characters left facing a challenge, and then used "Hide Until it Goes Away" would I then lose 0 points since I have 0 characters facing the challenge? Or would I lose 1 point, since I failed the challenge, and then lose 0 additional points.

It says, "if the player loses the challenge he loses 1DP per character facing the challenge." There is no instead in the text. So the meaning is: the player losing the challenge loses one additional DP per character facing the challenge in addition to the point lost for losing the challenge. It does not supersede any other Destiny effects, including losing 1 DP for failing the Challenge.


Is this an accumulative effect?

Yes due to the fact that you can play 2 or more Shaky on the Dismounts and there is nothing on Hide Until it Goes Away to say that you cant play more then one on a Challenge/Resolve step.

E.g. on 3 characters:

-1 Destiny for failing the challenge attempt

-3 from Hide Until it Goes Away

-3 again from another Hide Until it Goes Away

Opponent loses 7 destiny


Hidden Allies      

Does this card overrule the 5 supporting Hero/Villain rule?

Hidden Allies only overrides the rule that you can only play characters on your own locations.  You still need to obey all the other rules regarding placing characters.


Where does the character come from when using hidden alies?

Your hand


Homeric Insensitivity:

If you name a character controlled by both players then neither of them can participate in challenges. When you play Homeric Insensitivity, your opponent is already in the Challenge/Choose phase. The Challenge has begun, and will continue through until completion. HI does not end the Challenge. Now, if you use HI to exclude a character that is providing a requirement of the Challenge (i.e. Demonology, Occult, Xander when facing Why Yes, I am a Praying Mantis, Darla when facing Turn Them On Each Other, etc.), your opponent must continue through all the phases of the Challenge, even though he will not beat it. Playing Homeric Insensitivity on Xander in the example would, in fact, cause your opponent to lose the Challenge and lose one Destiny (or more if you play Hide Until It Goes Away).

When using I Quit/HI, if the I quit/HI takes out your only character in the challenge, but you still do the "Resolve" and "Discard" steps, so you would still gain/lose destiny points just as if your character had lost the fight/challenge. Also, any Fight-Challenge/Resolve cards may still be played. The quitting character is considered to have lost the fight/challenge.


I Quit (See Homeric Insensitivity)

If I use I Quit to run from a fight or challenge, do I lose or gain a Destiny Point?  If I use I Quit, do we still discard down to 5 cards?

I Quit ends the battle immediately and you still but you still do the "Resolve" and "Discard" steps, so you would still gain/lose destiny points just as if your character had lost the fight/challenge. Also, any Fight-Challenge/Resolve cards may still be played. The quitting character is considered to have lost the fight/challenge, so the winning character gains a destiny point.


"The quitting character does not fatigue." If the quitting character was the defender does the attacker fatigue, because he still considered to have won the fight.

Yep, if your Spike attacks and your opponent's Cordelia I Quits, you would move to Resolve, Spike (the attacker) would fatigue. Cordelia would remain refreshed at an adjacent location (as per the card's text), and Spike would gain one destiny.


If I use I Quit, can I make one of my opponent’s characters run away?

No.  You can only use I Quit on your characters, not your opponent’s characters.


What happens if my main character quits?

If your Main Character Quits, you do not lose a Destiny, because you only lose Destiny if your Main Character dies in a Fight, and your main character is still alive. He just ran away!


I quit      

I Quit, along with other actions that have Talent Requirements, can only be used by the character that meets the Talent Requirement on the card. Reasoning: Besides the mechanic just being really broken if it wasn't otherwise (because then technically Cordelia or anybody else meeting the requirement wouldn't NEED to even been in the fight or challenge...  They'd just need to be in play), the character that meets the action card's requirements is the "This character" for the action card


Kakistos and I quit

Buffy (named by his essence in the prologue) uses I Quit to get out of the fight, he gets 2 pts. Buffy as a main character does not lose a point. If you use I Quit it just means you don't lose a point and you don't get discarded.

Let's say Kakistos names Cordy (the opponent’s main) as his chosen character and using Full-On Monster Fighting, kills Cordy in the Movement step. Kakistos gets 2 Destiny. During Resource, Kakistos gets a compound Bow and Cordy gets resurrected, then in Conflict Kakistos fights Cordy again. If Cordy uses I quit, Kakistos again wins 2 Destiny, and Kakistos can then use Been There Killed That to start a third fight against her (since he has compound Bow). He could kill her again for a 6th destiny point.


Can I opponent play I Quit on a character that is fatigued?

As long as his character still meets the 3 Charm requirement, then yes.  Since fatiguing is not a cost of the action, then the character would not have to be refreshed to play the card.


If at First you don’t succeed      

It plays like a regular Challenge phase with the loss of DP and everything, but you get a free shot at it again. However, everyone starts the challenge fatigued.


Lounging about with Imbeciles      

Lounging About with Imbeciles cannot target a Pack Rat on a character with 3 or more items if the Pack rat skill is the method allowing the extra item to be attached.


Does Lounging about with Imbeciles affect Real Literary Like ?

Real Literary Like doesn't affect one's ability to have skills, just one's condition when that skill is attached. So yes, it can remove Real Literary Like.


Neat Freak

Neat Freak removes any and all items, skills, or other attachments from your characters that belong to your opponent, including Amy's Rats, Major Wiggins, Chains, Slayer Kryptonite, Candy Bars, etc.

It does not work on an embraced character as characters who have been Vampire Embraced are no longer yours.


New kids on the block

My opponent is facing a challenge, and has a character with Rocket Launcher (Or Silver Locket,  Orb of T...) If I play New Kids On the Block BEFORE he has a chance to discard the RL, will it cancel the bonus that he would get if he did discard?

As New kid says ignore all bonuses from items/skills for the rest of the challenge, it does affect cards like the Rocket launcher and skills like charm form Diana's Touch. In effect, your total talent bonus from skills and items during the resolution phase is zero


No More Soul

I'm playing Angelus, and my opponent is playing Angel. I play "No More Soul" during the Resource Step, and choose to discard Angel. Since Angel is my opponent's main character, does my opponent lose 1 Destiny Point when he's discarded, or is that ONLY when the main character is discarded from losing a fight?

You don't lose a DP. This only happens if your main character loses a fight.


When does his Angle's resurrection happen?

If Angel gets No More Soul -ed, he can come back the very same turn, even as your next Resource action


No. 1 Alternate

Spike's car or Ring of Prophecy attached to a vamp, could he/she then Two Gun during a day turn?

No. The ring and car let them move during the move step during the day. The action card still says that Vampires cannot move during the day using it.


Eliminati Swords does not allow the attacked character to be stunt-doubled for, but can the defending player use Number 1 Alternate to fatigue and move a character to that location, even though they will not stunt-double?

No. You are allowed to move a character to this location to stunt double for the attacked one. But since Stunt Doubling is not allowed you cannot play Number 1 alternate.


Offer of Ugly Death/Shaky on the Dismount

The fact that the effects of these two cards work only until the end of turn doesn't mean that your Destiny Points change at the end your turn. You receive the Destiny Points at the moment you defeat a challenge. After the challenge is defeated it's completely irrelevant whether the effect of these cards lasts until the end of turn or until the end of game. Until the end of turn addition matters only if the challenge is NOT defeated - the change in DP value is negated at the end of the turn (you can't build a 20 DP challenge during a game).


For example:

Basically, if your opponent beat Abduction for 3 Destiny Points with 3 Offer of Ugly Deaths played (for +3 Destiny Points), he would have just gained 6 Destiny Points. If you were both at 0 DP, the score would now be 6-0.

Now, another scenario. Your opponent attempts Abduction, and plays 3 Offer of Ugly Deaths making it worth 6 DP, but oops! He fails to complete the Challenge... Next turn, when he attempts Abduction, it's only going to be worth 3 DP again, because the Offer of Ugly Deaths' effects only last until the end of the turn, and would have expired. Until end of turn also clears up any confusion about how many DPs the challenge is worth if I attempt it, Offer or Shaky is played, but fail, and then my opponent attempts the challenge and completes it. Offer and Shaky still linger now, but once we pass the end step the challenge is worth the DPs printed on it.

Another situation in which you might want to play your "offer" is when you are about to lose a challenge but have a way for attempting again on the same turn, like "If at First you don't succeed ..." You might want to play whatever you can and have the benefit of it (now or later) before you need to discard down to 5 cards ... that way you can play the "Offer" now and keep a card you actually can use to help you boost to win the challenge during the second attempt.


Offer of an Ugly Death increases the destiny points of a challenge by 1, Shaky on the dismount decreases the destiny points by 1.  Both are played during the Challenge/Resolve stage.  Can you play more than one at a time? Demon Theory, which is similar to OoaUD but for fights, specifically says you can use one per fight... and must be played in the battle phase.

Because Offer, unlike Demon Theory, does not say you may only use one... you can use as many as you have on one Challenge.


Oh, the *Other* Cemetery

Your opponent can play OTOC to move your challenge to a different location, but you can't use your OTOC to move it back because the challenge is controlled by you and you cannot use the card to move a challenge you control. I.e. you can only use it to move challenges that your opponent has put into play.


It can not move a challenge with a fixed location. With OTOC, you are assigning the challenge to a new location, so it would have to meet the "assign to" requirements


After the Anywhere but here has been played on a location with a fixed challenge, what happens if someone uses Oh, the Other Cemetery on it?  With no legal new spots to place the challenge does the challenge not move, does it go away, or is it impossible to play the Oh the Other Cemetery on the challenge without a home?

Since the CRD say, " Any Challenge assigned to a location that is replaced by Any Where But Here stay assigned to that location, even if the challenge would not normally be able to assign itself to that location normally." Therefore, you couldn't even play Oh, the Other Cemetery on the challenge.


Out of the mouths of babes      

On the card it says you must control Collin to play the card. With the new rules about X only cards is Out of the mouths of babes now considered to be a Collin Only card?

You just need to control Collin.  We have no plans to change it to a "Collin Only" card...


Overhand Toss

Overhand Toss doesn't remove the item, only the effects of the item. You still actually possess the puppet case, so you can complete the challenge


What does Overhand Toss do against Spellcasting Dolls?

Once a character has joined a Challenge attempt, they're in.  Loosing Spellcasting Dolls at this point won't do anything.


Run fast

You CAN use Run, Fast! to move your opponent's character that is in Sunnydale Park to The Nest.

Reason why? It doesn't count as a move.


I use Spike's 3 butt-kicking to play Run Fast on an opponents character that is on the opposite corner location. Now, Run Fast! says "Move a character controlled by an opponent to an adjacent location. This does not count as a move." Now is this an adjacent location to where the character was before, or an adjacent location to where Spike is (located on the opposite corner of the board), because he is paying to play the card, or either? I would assume adjacent to where the character was

 It would be adjacent to the location where the character you're moving is, not to where the character with 3 BK is.


Self referential Humour

Allows you to ignore the complete talent if its printed value is 2 or lower, even if there is already a talent stack for the talent. If you ignore a challenge requirement then the opposing player CAN NOT RAISE that talent to stop you.


Slayer's Handiwork      

It does not matter what level the vampire is. Any vampire in those five cards will be discarded.


Slayer's Lust

You can only use Slayer's Lust for its text during a fight, while you use the card for its talent icons during a challenge. I.e. for a fight, from the text, you draw a card, then set aside Slayer's Lust into a talent stack to boost Butt-Kicking by 2 or Charm by 1. During a challenge, you use the talent icons to boost Butt-Kicking by 2 or Charm by 1


Soda Machine Raid

It says I can assign a location card to any location without a location card on it. As I read it, I can even assign a location card to an opponent’s location without a location card on it.

You CAN place your own location cards on your opponent's empty locations with Soda Machine Raid. However, even though you would own the card, your opponent still owns the location (that you played the card on) so it's still your opponent's location. As it specifically says "your Crypt," SMR (unlike Anywhere but here) requires you to use one of your location cards.


Stake 'em High

Read's “Immediately play 2 action cards from your hand. played during: fight-challenge/Battle" Does this mean that during a fight I could play cards like Clumsy Fingers (which plays in the resource step)?

The two actions played have to be legally playable, so no, you couldn't play any Resource actions during a Battle phase.


Supernatural Boost      

Nothing prevents you from using multiple Supernatural Boosts on a single person.



Move Cordelia here to face this challenge.  This does not count as a move.  Cordelia does not fatigue when you resolve this challenge.  Send to the Crypt after use. Challenge/Choose


Can Cordelia go attempt an opponent's challenge when he's the one attempting it? Ex:  Your opponent decides to attempt Cheerleader Tryouts.  He goes first into the Challenge/Choose step and he decides Buffy(AC) will attempt it.  Now it's your turn in the Challenge/Choose step and you play Surprise! to move Cordelia to this challenge's location.

You can play Surprise only when you are facing the challenge.


Does Cordelia have to be refreshed to use the Surprise! card?

Part 1: To use an action card doesn't need a character to be refreshed. Except there is a Talent requirement that isn't met with the character fatigued. One exception: Two Gun Woo that explicitly demands a character to fatigue to move it to a challenge.

Part 2: It says that Cordelia doesn't fatigue when resolving the challenge. Looking at the Football Field and the Masters Lair or the Giles Essence makes it simple: she can face the Challenge even if she is fatigued


Let's examine the card line by line:

"Cordelia Only."

"Move Cordelia here to face this challenge."

This means that you must have begun a challenge with another character. When this card is played, Cordy is moved to the location of the challenge and must take part, regardless of her refreshed/fatigued state.

"This does not count as a move."

 So, anyway, Cordy doesn't have to be able to move to use the card.

"Cordelia does not fatigue when you resolve this challenge."

Nor does she refresh. It only keeps her from fatiguing as she normally would, nothing else.

"Send to the Crypt after use."

Use it and kiss it goodbye... 

So, yes, Cordy gets to face a challenge while fatigued.


To use Surprise!, which says to move the character to face 'this' challenge, do you already have to have someone there to start the challenge before you can play this card?

Choosing the challenge and character(s) to face it starts the challenge. Therefore there is no 'this' challenge before at least one character is assigned to face it. But if all of your assigned characters are somehow removed from the challenge during the Choose stage you can still bring in the characters with these cards - 'this' challenge still exists. As you can not start a challenge without characters there, you can never get to the Challenge/Choose stage to use this card


Talent Show

Do they have to be at the same location?

This card works like a Madison Body Switch for Skills; No, they don't have to be at the same location, and the switch has to be LEGAL (the character has to be eligible to use this skill, if there's any requirements).



How does it figure in with the fight?

It's a counter to other cards like Hair Flip, which change the talent that decides who wins the fight.  IE Hair Flip will make it so that the character with the highest Charm wins the fight.  Testosterone changes it back.


The CPR thing / Bow Before the Idiot Box

The CPR card says to discard a card set aside for butt-kicking.  Who chooses which card to discard, or is it the last card that was played?

The person that plays the action card gets to choose.  Since it doesn't say last card it means, "choose a card any card that has been played into a Talent stack to boost Butt-Kicking and discard it".


It says "Discard 1 card that is set aside to boost Butt-Kicking".  Is it skill, item, or a card from the talent stack?

The CPR thing removes cards placed into your talent stack.


The CPR thing does not effect:

The rocket launcher  - when used to add +3 to BK as it is discarded from play, and not placed into the talent stack.

Supernatural Boost - It plays on that character during the resource step.

Choke Hold and Superior Fighting  - You are playing the card for its card power/action, not setting it aside to boost your talent stack.

Wisdom / The Look / Machiavellian Ingenuity


If I choose a skill to be lost from the talent stack, can Spike still play Competition appraisal to attach that skill?

The card says to "choose a skill you placed into a talent stack and attach it to Spike instead of discarding it". As the skill would no longer be in the talent stack to discard at the time you play Competition Appraisal, you may not use CA to attach it.


The Old Madison Body Switch

When playing The Old Madison Body Switch do characters have to be at adjacent locations?

Since it's a character exchange, not a move, the location of each character doesn't have to be adjacent



When using Threesome, Vamps Willow and Xander are considered to be one character with printed talents of 4BK, 3S, 3W, 3CH.  If they lose a fight, they both die.


Bizarro Buffy has Faith's Knife.  Can she be attacked by Vamp Willow and Vamp Xander when they use Threesome?

Yes, since the Three-some's BK would be 4. In order for Three-some to work as a card, all it's effects have to happen basically at once to make it legal to start a fight with two of your characters at once. This includes the combining of Talents. Their printed BK is 2+2=4, it doesn't matter that it's printed on two cards, it's still their printed BK. However, Vamp Willow with Watcher Training or even Vamp Willow with boosted BK from Vamp Xander's game text couldn't start a fight against the Knife, cause that's boosted (not printed) BK.


Tiny Victory - See In the Past event

Does it cancel the 3pt for Power of the Wish if Anyanka solves the challenge?

Since the card says "The attacking player cannot gain any more DP for defeating the challenge than what is PRINTED on it" ... then "Power of the Wish" is worth only one whether Anyanka is involved.  Same with "One Man Army" = only 2 points, "A Soul's Revenge" (no bonus for Orb and/or Jenny, etc.


To Be Continued.....      

My opponent has played Go Home and Listen to Country Music during the Challenge/Battle step.  Which reads "If you win the challenge, your opponent loses 1 Destiny Point." Could I then play To Be Continued during the resolve step?  To Be Continued reads "If you do not defeat this challenge the amount of destiny you lose is lowered by 1".

The point of to be continued is that you failed to defeat the challenge. But you are not facing a challenge, your opponent does and he defeated his, so no you can't play To Be Continued.....  You have to be attempting a challenge to determine whether or not you defeat it.


Total Lecture Overload

Total Lecture Overload and Refresh Step??      

On Total Lecture Overload it states; "Before any characters refresh, choose a fatigued character in play. That character does not refresh during this step."

Now for the confusion, Is the Refresh Step turn-based? (ex: I refresh 1 character, then the opponent, then me again, etc...), As I remember, everyone is JUST refreshed during the Refresh Step. Correct? Now, When is the card played? JUST at the beginning of the Refresh Step? (before anyone refreshes as the card states)

Yes, you alternate actions in the refresh step. If you are the active player you get to have the first action, so that is when you could play it. If you played the card, then your opponent could either refresh his characters or play the card on you. T.L.O. states "Before any characters refresh", thus this would happen in the refresh step, prior to anyone refreshing a single character. The Refresh step is turn structured so that if you are the active player you can choose to refresh all of your characters (they all refresh simultaneously) OR use your TLO (In essence like Blind panic in the conflict step).  So, if you are active and refresh everyone, your opponent cannot play TLO on you! If you are the active player, you can choose to refresh all your characters as your first action, and keep your opponent from using TLO  on you. Basically, it's a "use it or lose it" card. If you want to use it, you need to use it before anyone refreshes. If you're active, you have the first action and can do it easily. If you're not active, only if your opponent takes a non-refresh action as their first action will you get the chance to use TLO  on a fatigued character.


TLO and The Master Essence

Total Lecture Overload keeps one of your opponent's characters from refreshing normally during the Refresh Step.  However, the character can still be refreshed by other means, including The Master's essence, The Master L1's character card power, Confrontation and the Hospital, Dark Willow's magic points


Trading Clothing.

It says discard an item and search your resource deck and discard pile for up to two copies. Can you get the one that you discard in the first half of the card or do the effects happen simultaneously? For instance, if I only have two Stake & Crossbows in my deck, can I use trading clothing to discard one that is attached to a character, search my deck for the second that is in the resource deck, and get the first one back from the discard pile?

Yes, you can grab the one you just discarded as one of the 2 cards you get back.


Candy Bars V Trading Clothing      

You can play Trading clothing, discarding the candy bars to get two of your own from your discard/resource deck. (but your opponent's original Candy Bars goes into your opponent's Discard Pile).



Q: Can I use Trans-possession to reassign a skill from a character my opponent controls to one of my characters?

A: No. You can only use Trans-possession on characters you control.


Do they have to be at the same location?

No, they do not have to be at the same location, and you can only swap skills that are attached to YOUR characters.


Does the character you reassign the skill too fatigue?

No the character doesn't fatigue when the skill get's assigned this way.


If I play multiple Transpossesion can I reassign the skills to the same character?

Yes you can assign it back when playing a second Transpossession. So it would be possible to play transpossession to give a character required Talent points (for example), e.g. expert on weird,  and then let the character learn a skill and re-transpossess (with the second transpossession) the skill expert on weird back to the original character.


The rules say a character can only "learn" one skill per turn, but does acquiring a skill through Trans-possession (or some other unusual method) count as "learning" it?

Getting a skill via Trans-possession is not the same as learning a skill. Transp. says that you REASSIGN a skill to another character- that character is not "learning" another skill (which is why Transp. does not fatigue the character in question), they're basically "inheriting" it. A character can net 2 skills in a turn if he learns one and gets the other trans-possessed to him



Trans-Possession allows you to swap one skill between any two eligible characters you control, regardless of their location.  Eligible, means that the character receiving the skill must meet any requirements (e.g., Occult trait for Gypsy Curse, 1 SM for Gone Binary)


Two Gun Woo

To use Two Gun Woo, which says to move the character to face 'this' challenge, do you already have to have someone there to start the challenge before you can play this card?

Choosing the challenge and character(s) to face it starts the challenge. Therefore there is no 'this' challenge before at least one character is assigned to face it. But if all of your assigned characters are somehow removed from the challenge during the Choose stage you can still bring in the characters with these cards - 'this' challenge still exists. As you can not start a challenge without characters there, you can never get to the Challenge/Choose stage to use this card



Two Gun Woo that explicitly demands a character to fatigue to move it to a challenge, so the character must be refreshed to use 2GW.


Spike's car or Ring of Prophecy attached to a vamp, could he/she then Two Gun during a day turn?

No. The ring and car let them move during the move step during the day. The action card still says that Vampires cannot move during the day using it.


Can you play Two Gun Woo during your opponent's challenge and if you can, can your character really attempt that challenge?

Two Gun woo can be used to move a character to this location. Since it says you MAY face the challenge, you do not need to face it. And for what reason do you want to do this. Except with Blayne Mall or Chris Epps to refresh the character and attack one of the fatigued characters.... sounds nice ;-) This is different to Surprise! because Surprise! directly states "move here to face this challenge" therefore Cordelia has to be a helping character.



It does not mention companions/minions so you can face a challenge with a group of characters as long as you only have one Hero or Villain among them


Unwelcome Surprise

This must be played in the Choose Step before your opponent nominates a character to stunt double.


Vampire Embrace

When you play "Vampire Embrace" it only changes the character into a vampire and places him/her under your control, correct? It doesn't change the companion into a minion does it?

The only effect of VE is to make the character a vampire and bring it under your control. The character is still a companion and thus may only attempt good challenges. (That also means that if you're evil that sired Companion CAN'T assist with your own challenges unless you add Spellcasting Dolls, as that'd be a Companion attempting an Evil Challenge).

Things that effect companion still affect the embraced character. For example, your Circle of Kayless will nuke your own embraced character, and you cannot fatigue it to use Collin's Essence. When a character gets "Vampire Embrace"-d, it becomes a vampire and it retains ALL OTHER characteristics.  It is still a companion and its stats, traits and power stay the same


Can I play another copy of an embraced companion?

You can now have another copy of that companion in play, as your opponent now controls the first copy of the companion.


What happens to a character if they've been embraced, killed, and then brought back into play....Are they still a vampire or are they human again? 

The card Vampire Embrace says the character is only considered a vampire until discarded. Once it's discarded it's back to normal.


Is the victim still a human?

No. He is now a vampire.


What happens if a Vampire Embrace results in a player having two of the same Companion (and thus violating uniqueness rules)? For example, I'm playing Angel and I sire my opponent's Cordelia. I already had Cordy in play, and now I have two Cordelias under my control...

In this case, you now control two Cordelia, one human and one a vampire.


I used vampire embrace after winning a combat on a human companion (Xander with Gone Binary and a fire axe. Xander, the skill and item on him transfer to my control. Can I now give his fire axe and Gone Binary skill (using transpossesion) to my characters so that if the Xander is now killed, I keep the items on my side?

Since you now control him and the things attached to him I see no reason why you don't get to decide what happens to the items and skills.  You just have to remember to return the items once the game is over. Likewise, you can give items and skills to a sired character


If they are discarded, which discard piles do all attached cards go to?  The card states that the character card "belong to the player that sired them until they are discarded.

All cards discarded are going back to the discard pile of the owner of the card. The character returns to the good player’s discard pile, and is returned to human. The vampire embrace card goes to the evil player’s discard pile.



You could sacrifice him to refresh your Master after the fight or fatigue him to use Collin’s essence


What would happen if I give Buffy hero a Candy Bar, then she looses a fight to Angelus. I play Vampire Embrace and Buffy becomes one of my Vampires Later on in the game I give Buffy a pair of Stake and Crossbows and I discard the Candy Bar. Does Buffy at this point become a Vampire Hero?

Buffy becomes a Vampire COMPANION. She does not become a minion. If you later got rid of Candy Bar, she would be a Vampire Hero, and would count as one of your supporting Heroes/Villains.


Neat Freak

Neat freak does not affect Vampire Embrace as it says "...all of your opponents' cards that are attached to your characters," and characters who have been Vampire Embraced are no longer yours.


Is Vampire Embrace, when used, placed onto the sired character or is it discarded?

The Action card stays attached to the character. So you only can have 3 Sired characters at a time.


Ascending characters

You can ascend characters that you have embraced (they are still considered to be vampires). This means that you can embraced Faith L1 (good) and ascend her to L2 (evil). Likewise, Angle could embrace Amy L1 and ascend her to L2 (Becomes a vampire rat)


If I play vamp embrace in a fight Vamp Willow started with bored now, do I get to control the minion/companion or is it crypted like Bored Now states?

Since Bored Now states "that character is sent to the crypt instead of being discarded" and Vampire Embrace keeps the character in play, the character never gets discarded so therefore the Bored Now effect cannot be activated.



Says "look at your opponent's top 10 in their resource deck, reshuffle in any order. Draw a card..." does that mean, they draw a card from YOUR resource deck?

YOU draw the card from your resource deck from Visions, regardless of whose Resource Deck you rearrange.


If someone plays Visions on a deck that doesn't have 10 cards in it, they only get to look at what is there, correct?

Since you only get to reshuffle your discard pile when you have to explicitly draw a card you would only get a look at the top cards left in the resource deck, when there are less then 10 cards left.


What Comes Around...      

What it does is attach to Giles AFTER you beat a challenge with a trait requirement, and give Giles the trait(s) required for it.  Thus if Giles participates in When Good Mothers Go Bad and beats it, he can attach What Comes Around... to gain Spellcraft and Occult permanently. Thus he would be able to attach Diana's Touch, if WCA gave him spellcraft.


Who Do You Work For? (See Vampire Embrace)

If Vamp Willow uses Who Do You Work For? on Angel, can she play Angelus?

No.  Angel and Angelus are the same character for uniqueness, therefore you can not play a second copy


Can the player from whom Angel was stolen play another copy?

Yes.  He no longer controls Angel, so he could play another copy.


Will You Go to the Dance

reads as, "Choose 2 characters at the same location. Until 1 of the characters moves to a different location or is discarded, you gain 1 extra Destiny Point for every challenge you defeat. Send to the Crypt after use." Is the effect ended by movement that does not count as a move - i.e. Hit the Streets or Run Fast?

No, the effect is not ended by a move that doesn't count as a move.


Does this card work on any two characters, regardless of ownership...or only your own people?

According to the card you can target any two characters, so you could target opponent character(s) at the same location.


When you play Will you go to the dance do you have to target 2 characters that have a charm talent of 2,or do you just target one character with the charm talent?

The card does not refer to "this character" or to "this location" so the Charm person is not required to be one of the targets or even to be at the same location with the card's targets. I Quit says "Immediately move this character..." so it clearly refers to person who is used to meet its requirements. Same wording is used in Superior Fighting. Dusted Speaks about "this fight" so it also refers to fight where the Action using Character is present. This card just says choose 2 characters, as it does not use THIS CHARACTER the charm person does not have to be one of the people chosen by the card.


Other challenges

The characters targeted by Will? Do not have to take part in the challenge for you to get the extra destiny point


Woolly-Headed/Overhand/New kid

I was attempting the Primal urges challenge which requires occult to complete. Spike had Scully me attached, giving him the occult needed to try the challenge. My opponent the played Woolly-headed liberal thinking which caused the scully me skill to be ignored. Does this mean that I now fail the challenge as the woolly-headed card removed my occult trait before the resolve step of the challenge, or do you just need the occult skill when starting the challenge?

WHLT ignores the skill, not just "bonuses from skills" like New Kid on the Block. So I would interpret that to include traits like Occult. Because the skill is ignored at the Resolve, and assuming there were no other Occult-giving cards present at the Challenge, the Challenge would be unsuccessful due to WHLT. The Resolve is when you finalise all talents and check to make sure all conditions are met to satisfy the Challenge. Woolly-Headed Liberal Thinking would stop the Challenge from succeeding if Scully Me was your only source of Occult.


On New Kid On the Block, it says to ignore the bonuses from items and skills during a challenge.  Does this mean if the opponent plays an item or skill to boost the requirement, you can just ignore it?

"bonus" is specific to a card effect, like Fire Axe, which gives a bonus of +1 Butt-Kicking. Watcher Training gives a bonus of +2 Butt-kicking. Off the Charts Smart gives a bonus of +2 Smarts. Cards played into Talent Stacks are not giving a bonus, they're boosting Talents. Now, that's the technical distinction for those who want to know "Why?". The short answer to your question is New Kid On the Block only ignores Items and Skills played on characters involved in the Challenge. It does not affect cards played into Talent Stacks.


Woolly/New kid & Knife Practice/Diana's Touch

They both would be cancelled as Woolly ignores the effect of one skill and New Kid effects all bonuses from skills and items.




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