March 2004


Adam essence

Adam's essence V Harmony's essence

Adam would only draw 3 cards. His essence lets him draw 3 additional, but Harmony limits him to a maximum of 3.


Anne essence

This is the essence for Lily


Anya Essence

If your opponent plays an event, Anya gets +1 to all of her talents until the end of the turn.


Anyanka's essence      

"Weirdness icon" can include the one where the talent requirement is - e.g. Sunset, because it doesn’t mention a specific part of the card like Zachary Kralik does.


Ampata's Essence      

Ampata's Essence says that if she dies, she is immediately placed back in play at one of your locations (but loses any attached cards). When you place her back in play, is she placed back into play refreshed?

Since it doesn't say to fatigue her, then she would come back refreshed.


Ampata would be sent to the Crypt from any Crypting effect (like Tome of Mediocrity or Glove of Myhnegon becoming unattached). Ampata's essence effect only works if Ampata is discarded (in other words, sent to the discard pile), not if she is sent to the Crypt.



Ampata's level 1 power sets the resolving talent to Charm and says it cannot be changed.  What would happen if someone played "Testosterone" or "Creep Factor" against her?

Ampata's Level 1 card says that the resolving talent of a fight she starts cannot be changed.  So, Creep Factor, Book Learning and Testosterone would have no effect if played during a fight that Ampata starts.


Amy essence

The rats wouldn't be discarded if Amy's DP total dropped below 4 because once the levels are placed, they're there to stay unless you have a way to reverse the ascension. Neat Freak removes all of your opponent's cards attached to your characters, which would include the rats since they are "attached" to your characters.


Here are the three things that the attached level 2 Amy card does:

1. The character's printed talents are now replaced by the level 2 Amy card's (0BK, 0SM, 1WE, 1CH).

2. The character's printed traits are now replaced by the level 2 Amy card's (Rat).

3. The character cannot use his game text.

Therefore, the character still retains its name (so Faith-rat could attempt the challenge Price of True Evil) and level (so level 1 Faith-rat could not attempt the challenge Commencement Ceremonies). The character can ascend as normal, but ascending doesn't get rid of the level 2 Amy card.

Also, the level 2 Amy card does not effect whether the character is a Hero/Companion/Villain/Minion, so a rat-Villain would still count for Rivalry and Band Candy Part 1.

As it has no effect on character levels, you can still ascend the character. For example Faith L1 gets hit by the rat, becoming a Faith Rat L1. No when you ascend her, she becomes a Faith rat L2. If you now play Off my game, then she is considered to be a Faith rat L1.


Off My Game

The Rat is attached, not placed over the Level 1 card like in Ascension. So Off My Game has no effect on the rat.


As you are not ascending the characters, Full Moon and Primal Connection have no effect on her essence


Angel 99 Essence      

The card states additional turns. Sure he is a vampire and therefore has 0 turns in the day, but he gets 0+2 (+1 for L1) additional turns make it that he can move. His L1 power lets him move one more additional time in the day, add a spike's car or ring on him and he gets four moves during the day.


Angel PP Level 1      

Essence and level 1 give him 3 BK when fighting Vampire, does Look replace that 3 BK for 3 CH as 3 BK?

Angel gets the +3 BK when the fight starts.  The Look is used during resolution (the end of the fight.)  So using The Look against a Vampire is pointless unless Angel has some items or skills that add charm.


Angelus Gaelic

Villain, Vampire

"When Angelus is in a fight with a companion or a minion, the resolving talent can not be changed to  charm or smarts"


Anyanka L1

If my Anyanka L1 has Symbol of Anyanka attached, can I "fail to find" when I perform a search for one of my opponents?

No.  You can, however, find the worst card in the deck that fits the description on the card producing the search effect. Also, if you use it on a search that is for "up to 2" copies of a card you can give them 0 copies of that card, because that fits into the definition of up to 2.



Since you decide the bonus at the beginning of the turn, this happens before the prologue Step and means the bonus is already available at the beginning of the prologue step. You don't wait until the prologue step. You have to use his power at the beginning of the turn, before the prologue step begins, or lose the bonus.


If Balthazar changes locations (Body Switch, Hit The Streets, etc.) do the Minions left behind lose that +1 and the Minions at his new location gain the +1?

Anytime a minion is at Balthazar's location, he gets the bonus. So, if you play a new minion that turn they get the bonus, but if a minion/ Balthazar moves away he is no longer at Balthazar's location, so he losses the bonus. I.e. While at Baltz location you get the bonus and if you leave you lose it, just like while at Hyena House you get the bonus and when you leave you lose the bonus.


If both players are playing Evil, don't both players' Minions gain this bonus if they are at Balthazar's location?

The card says ALL minions, so your opponent would get the bonus.


His card says he cannot move. What about cards that "do not count as a move"? 

Run Fast etc, could all be used on Balthazar because they contain the text "This does not count as a move."  However a card like Electrical Tunnels Schematic that says "This counts as a move for this character" would not be legal.


Blayne Mall

His effect says fatigue him to refresh another companion.  Does that mean during any step or is it restricted to the resource step?

It is at any time


Does Blayne Mall only apply to companions, or can he refresh heroes as well?

Only companions


Buffy's essence

says to lower the lowest talent on a challenge by 2.  If the lowest talent requirement is 1, say 1 butt-kicking on Nightmares of Mine, does it lower to -1, or is it not needed at all.

Nothing is ever mentioned about Challenges not being able to go into negative numbers, therefore it would go to -1, but the talent can still be boosted by talent stacks as normal.


If I, as Buffy, use Self Referential Humour on "Demonic Smackdown" (8BK, 3W, 1S) then I may ignore the 1 Smarts required. Will Buffy's main character ability then affect the Weirdness requirement?

Self Referential Humour let's you ignore the lowest talent on the card if it is 2 or below.  Buffy's Essence card allows you to lower the lowest Talent on a Challenge by 2. Buffy's Essence card only effects the lowest talent on a Challenge, so both Self Referential Humour and her essence in this case would effect the smart talent. I.e. Buffy's essence effect kicks in, reducing the lowest talent on the challenge (Smarts 1) by 2, effectively reducing it to -1, as soon as you chose to face the challenge.  Then comes the card draw stage.  Then, during the Battle stage, Player A plays Self-Referential Humor.  However, all this does is cause Player A to ignore the Smarts requirement of  -1 because the Smarts requirement is still there.  Buffy has already used her Essence effect to reduce the Smarts, so she cannot use it again to reduce the Weirdness talent requirement by 2 (the essence specifically states that the effect can only be used "once per turn").  So, ultimately, you still have to face the talent requirements of 8 Butt-Kicking and 3 Weirdness.


Buffy AC L1

Slayer Kryptonite - This gives her a BK of negative 2. When used with the Look, the -2Bk becomes 5BK


Buffy - Lady of Buffdom

Lady of Buffdom can stunt double but not attack herself. If she goes into a fight as a stunt double she isn't the attacked one, so no moving away. The opponent needs to attack her directly to force her to move. You don't have to have the Lady participate in a challenge to give the bonus to the three guys at her location. If someone stunt doubles for her, she wouldn't fatigue, move or lose point. She doesn’t fatigue or move until she is in a fight- if you stunt double someone for her; she isn’t in the fight.


Your opponent wins a point for winning the fight, but since the Lady doesn't get discarded from the game because of loosing the fight, you won't lose a DP. This is the same as using I Quit


When does Lady B boost the stats of Angel and 2 character? Can she change the boost to different characters during the turn?

The Lady, being of whimsical nature, may bestow her favor upon whom she chooses whenever she chooses.

She can shift the bonuses whenever she wants to, even mid-turn. But, since the bonuses disappear from one person the same instant they are shifted to another, there will never be a moment when both of them share the bonus. So, shifting the talents during a Challenge/Resolve to try and give all the guys a bonus when you have three or more participating just doesn't work. When she moves (via movement/ her card power etc) the bonus for the three characters at her last location is gone, but characters at her new location gain the bonus.


Catherine Madison essence

New Kid on the Block and Power of the Black Mass.

On Catherine, her essence is giving the bonus, not the Black Mass skill. NKOTB doesn't remove the Spellcraft (it only works on talents) from the Black Mass, so she still gets the bonus from her essence.  However, playing Woolly-Headed Liberal Thinking on a Power of the Black Mass would remove a copy of Spellcraft, and thus give her -1 to all her stats.


Does Catherine Madison gain +1 to here stats via her essence at the Madison house, which gives all characters, present the spellcraft trait?

Yes, Catherine Madison gains +1 to all her stats at the Madison House. Because the Essence states "for each card" and the Madison house would definitely be a Card in Game that gives her the spellcraft trait.


Coach Marin's Essence

Coach Marin reads: "Coach Marin gains +1 Butt-Kicking while at the same location as Gill Monster"

Gill Monster reads: "Gill Monster gains +1 Butt-Kicking while at an outdoor location"


Having up to 6 Gill Monsters in play means that more than one of them can be at the same location as Coach Marin.  If this happens does Coach Marin get multiple bonuses to his Butt Kicking? 

Coach Marin's text sets up a binary question: either Marin is or is not at the same location as Gill Monster. If he's with at least one Gill Monster, then exactly how many Gill Monsters he's with is irrelevant; either the number of Gill Monsters is zero or more than zero. If he's with any number of Gill Monsters (other than zero Gill Monsters) then the condition applies and he gets +1.


The way Gill Monster is worded, if one of my Gill Monsters is at an outdoor location, it doesn't specify which Gill Monster gets the +1 bonus, so does this mean that all Gill Monsters in play get a +1 bonus to butt kicking?

It is an established convention that when a character card refers to itself it simply uses the title of the card ("Buffy gets +1 BK when . . ."). We should read Gill Monster in light of this convention and interpret it to mean that each copy of Gill Monster only applies its bonus to itself - the "Gill Monster" in the text of the card Gill Monster only refers to that copy of Gill Monster.


Animal Intensity on Gill Monster

Only that version of Gill monster with Animal Intensity is a Villain, and any other copies in play are still minions


Collin Level 1

Once a turn, you may fatigue Collin when your opponent fights him to refresh another one of your characters at this location.  That character is now your character in this fight.

What it means:

Your opponent attacks Collin.  Collin is currently refreshed.  You choose to fatigue Collin and you choose Spike, who's currently fatigued.  Spike is now refreshed from Collin's ability, and takes Collin's place in the fight, meaning that your opponent is now attacking Spike.


Since his text never specifically mentions stunt doubling, can he ignore the effects of Unwelcome Surprise and Slayer's Burden if he's untapped and has a tapped minion?

Collin's text doesn't say anything about stunt-doubling, so it can be used it those cards had been played.


Collin level 2

Can you use Collin's ability to go through your resource deck to get any vampire to get upgrades?

Yes, you can grab any level character, as long as that character is a Vampire, including the level 3 and 4 of Collin.  This ability lets you put the card in your hand, which means that no level restrictions apply to it.  Promo Spike, on the other hand, only lets you get Drusilla Level 1 as she has to go directly into play.


Collin's Essence:

Can Collin use essence on only one of his vampires per turn to fatigue an opponent's companion-types, or can he fatigue as many vamps as he's willing to cripple himself with to hobble as many companions?

The Essence does not place a limit so you can do it an unlimited number of times. If you refresh any vampires, you can then use that vampire a second time to fatigue another Companion or Minion.


Cordy's Essence: (AC)

If the top two cards of your Challenge Deck are face-up then you will be able to look at them at anytime.


Cordy's Essence: (99)

If you failed a challenge (or fight) on this turn then she'll get the +3 charm bonus next turn at the start of the prologue step. Also, I Quit counts as losing a fight!


Cordy L2

The Irish Gaelic Angelus keeps the resolving talent of a fight with a companion or minion from being changed to charm or smarts, but how does it affect Cordelia L2's character card power?  If Cordy, with candy bar, starts the fight can she still choose charm as the resolving talent or is that considered "changing" the resolving talent?

Cordy L2 does NOT "change" the resolving talent, but chooses an alternate talent to start with, so she can use her charm to beat up Angelus.


Am I right that, after you decide which ability is the resolving ability in a fight Cordy starts, that your opponent can play cards to change the resolving ability to a different one?

That is correct.  You just get to change it once without having another card involved. It works just as a built in Hair Flip.


Starting a fight

Her card text says: "When Cordelia starts a fight, choose Charm or Butt-Kicking.  The chosen talent is now the Resolving Talent for this fight." So if Cordy is attacked, she can't change the resolving talent to charm using her character power. Her character card power only works when *she* starts a fight.


Cordy L2 (99)

Cordy lvl 2 says that they "May" face the chosen challenge not that they have to. AND this only works if you use Cordy's power at the beginning of the resource, SO don't use it and you won't have to do the challenge



Does not fatigued when moving from the park to opponent’s location, if using his ability


Dark Willow

The use of her Dark Magic is optional.


If she is the MC, can she still do challenges?

The wording refers to Dark Willow as a supporting character.


Dark Willow can use her ability to exchange Dark Magic for a talent boost 4 times per turn. Are there any limitations over when this can be done?  Can it  be done during a fight or challange?  Same question regarding her ability to refresh?  I'm mostly asking because of how  cards like Confrontation were ruled.

Her "powers" work like the confrontation card in that they can't be used during a fight or challenge that has

started but you can use them before they start


You can't use the Destiny Points from Primal Connection to supply dark magic points for Dark Willow's ability.


Darla essence

If I had Darla and X refreshed minion vamps at her location, each of the vamps and Darla be +(X-1) BK and angel would be -X charm.


Der Kinderstod -

Does he need to be at the same location as the Human being targeted?  The card's a bit vague, it just says "here" instead of "at this location".

It's at the same location.


Dru's Essence

Dru's Essence says she gains +1 to her talents when Spike is in play.  So what if I'm playing against a Spike deck?  Does their Spike count?

Yes, it can be any player's Spike (including the “Good Spike” character). Same with Xander's text and an opponent's Cordy.


Does Dru get the bonus if she's playing against Spike BUT Spike is currently not in play (maybe someone managed to kill him a while ago)? The point is does Spike's Essence count as Spike for this matter?

Just looking at the Rule Book and it says there that, "If a Hero or Villain is a Main Character and they are placed in the discard pile, they are still unique because their Essence is still in play." I really think that Drusilla gains her bonus from Spike's Essence as Rule Book states it's in play and it's clearly Spike. Drusilla's Essence says nothing about Spike CHARACTER card - it just says Spike. Spike's Essence card is titled as "Spike" so it should count. Since the Spike Essence hinders the opponent to play a Spike himself when the main character left the game heading for the discard pile, because the Essence counts as a spike in game it seems Dru has the Bonus. So Drusilla would still get +1 to all of her Talents if just Spikes essence is in play.


Faith L1 Hero      

If Faith is in the park and she wants to fight an opponents character on an opponents location, she can, and the "moves" to that location to do so. Would she fatigue from this movement from the park, or is this a "free" movement?

Because the move does not take place in the movement step, it is "not a move" and therefore you wouldn't fatigue.


Can she start the fight at any time or does she still wait for the conflict step?

Faith may use her text any time a fight may be started. Normally, this means the Conflict step. However, Full-On Monster Fighting may allow a character to start a fight during the movement step.


Faith L2 Hero     

Does the vamp/demon/monster have a chance to move during the movement step before she attacks?

Baddies CAN escape from Level 2 Faith. She moves to their location, they step away, Level 2 no longer has the ability to start fights at adjacent locations. Her move IS a move, so she can't chase.


Faith L2 Villian

If Faith is refreshed here during an opponent’s Challenge/Choose stage, you can search your Resource Deck for a copy of Ambushed and immediately play it.  Where is "here?" 

Faith must be at the location where your opponent is facing a Challenge.


Giles’ Essence

On Giles' lvl. 1 card it says that Giles can be fatigued in the resource step to get an item and show it to the other players and put it in their deck.  On his essence card is says "You do not have to fatigue Giles to use any power on his character card."  Does this mean that you can look through the deck for an item without fatiguing Giles, or does Giles not fatigue when attaching items?

Basically if you're using Giles as your Essence you don't have to fatigue him to do his once per turn search action, which means he is still available to fight, complete challenges, etc.  It's a great ability, use it early on to get cards with smarts requirements (Empty Puppet Case, Gone Binary) and use his Ascended levels to get the final cards you need to finish off your opponent.


If you are playing Giles can you use his game text even though he is fatigued? The essence lets you use it without fatiguing him.

You normally need to fatigue Giles to use his power, but his essence -  "you do not have to fatigue Giles" -  removes that requirement. For that reason, you could use his power while fatigued - although still only once per turn.


Giles L1 (99)

This says draw, so it doesn't counter using cards like WW1 Spike's download of Dru or Dru's looking at five cards in her draw deck and keeping one, correct? 



Since Giles is fatigued in the prologue step, he can be refreshed during the refresh step, and this power is still in effect for the turn.

Right.  You could also use him as your Main with his PP essence, and he wouldn't have to fatigue...


Giles L1 Companion vs. Discovery. If Giles L1 companion's character card power is in effect, and my opponent plays Discovery successfully (i.e., the discarded card is an action that boosts smarts +2), do I have to choose for him to look at my hand and choose a card to be discarded or can I choose for him to draw 2 cards?  And if I can choose for him to draw cards, does he actually get to draw them or is the effect negated by Giles?

You can choose whichever option you want, and then when it's time for your opponent to do what you chose it may be prevented by another card. So you can choose for what you know will not be possible.


Does fatiguing Companion Giles in the prologue prevent the 2 extra cards from a fight that Kakistos starts against his chosen character?

Yes. Kakistos doesn't draw the 2 cards at the beginning of the fight with the chosen one



Works the same as with Gwen's essence w.r.t. Glove of Myhnegon. Note that if she dropped the glove she would not fatigue


Gruenshtahler & Old Man

Both characters are placed simultaneously as if they where one character. They only can attack to an adjacent location (one in clockwise order the other one adjacent the other way (anti clockwise) if they are not in the park. from the park they cannot attack a character on an adjacent location.

Rivalry: Since both of them are your main characters and for Rivalry each player chooses 2 supporting characters, they don't count towards Rivalry Villains in play.



Harmony's power allows Harmony to draw the 2 cards during the Challenge/Choose stage.  Then during Challenge/Draw, both players only draw to a maximum of three, even ignoring effects like Sign of the Apocalypse and Slayer's Fortitude.  That is how Main Character Harmony still gets 5 cards for the Challenge.


Jenny essence

Jenny gains +2 charm at the same location as an opponent's Giles

The essence says "Your Giles may use the card power of Jenny's level 1" so an opponent's Giles cannot use Jenny's ability.


Jenny L1

Jenny could face a Challenge or start a fight and then not fatigue if she hadn't yet used her ability that turn.


Jonathon Levenson

Does that just mean for items and skills or is it for challenges as well?

Jonathan's power only boosts the requirements of cards themselves not challenges. In otherwords, if Jonathan is out in play my opponent would have to have a 5BK character to attach Compound Bow, or a character with 2SM to attach a Bat Sonar. Likewise my opponent would need to have a character with 4WE to play Circle of Kayless.


Joyce - See cards - events - Sign of the Apocalypse

Joyce and Fritz allow you to draw an extra card during the draw phase. How is this affected by Sign of the Apocalypse?

You discard to five at the beginning of Draw step. Then you can voluntarily discard as many more cards you like. Only after that you draw upto six new cards. If Sign of the Apocalypse is out, you may draw a seventh card as well.

With Sun Cinema and Joyce you get to draw 8 cards.


Kakistos Essence

The 2 cards he draws via his essence are drawn before the Fight/Draw step, so you get the normal 5 in addition to this (I.e. a total of 7 cards)


If Kakistos wins a fight against the character he 'marked' or 'named' at the beginning of the turn, he gains +1 Destiny points for the fight. Does he gain this +1 if someone stunt doubles for his 'named' character?

He gets the extra DP as long as he started a fight with the named character and won that fight, regardless of stunt-doubling.  The text doesn't say anything about defeating the named character in a fight. Note that he also still draws the extra 2 cards if stunt-doubling for the named character occurs.


If I have Kakistos and name my opponent's Buffy and start a fight with her, but she uses Riley as a stunt-double, then I still draw two cards during the Fight/Chose before I draw my regular five, for a total of seven cards because I still started the fight with the original "named" character? 



If Xander (99) is the one he defeats, does he gain ANYTHING (Xander's essence saying that if he's defeated in a fight, the winner gains no destiny points).

Defeating Xander in a fight will negate the "marking". If Xander is defeated then the winner gains no destiny.


My opponent has no characters in play. Can Kakistos still name my opponent's Main Character during the Prologue since the Essence is in play?

No.  An essence is not a character, and Kakistos' essence requires a character to be selected.


Kathy essence

Affects her and supporting people



Does the target character need to be fatigued in order for her to fresh?



If the opposing side does not fatigue someone could I fatigue 1 of my own people so Kathy gets the refresh ability?



Does Kathy need to be fatigued in order to use her ability?



Ken essence

Since Ken's card does not say once per turn, you can use it multiple times.  Also, Ken doesn't have to be refreshed to use his ability. If he was fatigued when you used his ability, he stays fatigued.



Lily just needs to be declared as taking part at the Challenge/Choose. She doesn't have to add a talent, and as long as she and Buffy are both participating at the Resolve, and you complete the Challenge, the extra Destiny Point is good. If the Challenge was Evil, then both she and Buffy would need to have the Spellcasting Dolls item to be chosen in the Choose phase.



Luke's essence does not apply to your opponent's Master


the Master cannot move until Luke wins a fight.

If you placed the Master under normal conditions (i.e. did not use Luke's essence to get him) then you could move him but if you use Luke's essence to place him then you have to follow the text and "pay the cost" of using the essence text but as you can use the essence to draw and play him in the prologue step since it does not say when to use  - so you can start the game with the Master in play


However does this also mean that if Luke fights and wins and THEN brings the Master into play, that the Master is then free to move, having fulfilled the requirements of Luke's essence?



The +1 to all telents bonus

would still apply to the Master if you play the Master the normal way


If I have no Master in play and Luke has won a fight, when I play the Master would he have +1 to all his talents?



If I have the Master in play, he's discarded somehow and I bring him back, does he retain the talent boost?



If I put 3 Masters in my deck and the current one in play has +3 to all talents, then gets killed, and I draw one on my next turn, is he +3 to all HIS talents as well



Against an opponent's MC Master

You may not play your Master.


Master's PP Essence      

Can I use his Essence to discard one of my own characters anytime?

Yes. If card text does not specify when it can be used, it can be used as an action at any time.


What about during fights when the character's about to lose? The reason I asked is because of Death.  If I can discard a character that's about to lose a fight, it saves them from the Crypt

You can do it, you'll still lose the fight. Just because your character was removed from the fight doesn't mean the fight stops; you just proceed to the resolve step and the draw step. See explanation of how this works when you use the card I Quit. The quitting character is considered to have lost the fight/challenge, so the winning character gains a destiny point. If used during the Fight/Choose step, no cards are drawn for the fight.


Can I use the power if The Master is refreshed?

You can refresh a refreshed character (he just stays the same).


What if he's not in play?

You couldn't possibly refresh the Master if he's not on the table, so you would have to have him out to use his Essence text


Can the Master kill one, discard a minion & refresh then kill another, discard another minion & refresh then kill another, discard another minion & refresh ALL DURING the conflict stage?

 Yes, he could do that (assuming he won all the Fights and was not discarded).


Can you discard a refreshed Master to refresh him? You could then "move him" during a day turn which could prove quite useful...

You CAN discard the Master to refresh him.



On both the lvl 2/3 Master cards it states "...All Vampires you control gain +X Butt-Kicking..." Does the Master also gain the bonus points as well? (he IS a "...vampire you control...")

Yes.  The master does indeed get his own bonus, so at level 2 he's actually 3 BK and at level 3 he's actually 4 BK.


Master L2 German

Villain, Vampire.

All of your opponents draw 1 less card during the Fight-Challenge/Draw stage. All of your opponents discard 1 card at the end of the Draw Step.


Mayor L1

If Mayor Richard Wilkins III is refreshed, do all of your opponents discard the top 2 cards of their Resource Decks during the first turn?



Moloch essence

How does "New Kid on the Block" effect Moloch and the "Tome of Moloch" and "Metal Robot Body"?  Do the bonuses that he gets from having these items attached come from the item or from his Character Card (Tome) and Essence (Metal Body)?

The items are still attached, so his character and essence cards still "see" them and provide the bonus.



Tome of Moloch' requires 1 Smarts, but Moloch The Corrupter does not have any. Can he automatically attach this item or does he have to have the talent requirements; considering his special ability is to attach 'The Tome of Moloch.'?

No, you have to find a way to give him some Smarts before you can attach the Tome.  His special ability gives him a bonus when he does attach it; it doesn't give him the ability to do so by itself.


Mr.Trick's Essence      

Mr Trick's Essence is adding all his talents to the talent goals of a challenge at his or an adjacent location so if he is in the park, he can add his talents to any challenge in play. After you add his talent values to the challenge goals you fatigue Mr. Trick.


Multiple uses

Use his essence power while he is on the Hospital location THEN discard 1 action card to refresh him THEN use his essence power a second time- so you can hit the same challenge twice or you could with this trick you can effect 2 different challenges in 1 turn.

ALSO if you did this while on Espresso Pump you could then refresh at end of Resource Step allowing you to start a fight/challenge in the conflict step.


Could this add a talent goal that was not printed on the challenge or does it only increase the printed talent goals?

It means you can add extra talent goals. Note that this means the defending player is be able to boost Talent Goals added via Talent stacks, even if they're not printed on the Challenge itself. You basically add ALL his talent values. So if a Challenge didn't have a Charm requirement, now it does. The requirement is now 0, but now you can play into that talent stack to prevent your opponent from defeating the challenge.


Does his essence refer to his CURRENT talent values, or PRINTED

It would be his CURRENT talent values. If Mr. Trick had Watcher Training, you would then add 5BK


What if he somehow gets discarded or moved before said challenge is faced?

Once the stats are added it lasts until End Step whether he's moved or not


Crazy Plan works with his essence, because it raises all "talents needed".

Wish: The Weirding only changes the printed values on the challenge, and so has no effect on the values Trick adds.

You can use cards like Knife Practise and Supernatural Boost to raise Mr.Trick's stats, and hence the challenges’ requirements


Mr. Trick L2

If I have more than one Minion hat his location, is the butt-kicking cumulative?

It says "If there is another Minion at his location add his BK to that of Mr. Trick" and not "add the BK of all Minions at the same location to the Bk of Mr. Trick". So only one Minion's BK may be added.


Mr. Trick minion

Works just like Spike PP, in that you can get the bonus from as many vampires that are at his location that you choose to fatigue.



What if you play Bad Alcohol on Octarus in the middle of the fight?  Does he then have the opportunity to play 2 action cards (if he wins) and refresh himself?

Refreshing him is not the same thing as "not fatiguing" him, so no.


Oz L2

Will Oz being equipped with a Mummy's Seal prevent his level 2 from being discarded when it's daytime?

"Discard" and "Send to the Crypt" are two completely different things in Buffy CCG (like moves vs. non-moves or drawing vs. "looking at, choosing and discarding" on Dru's PP L2 and L3 card), so Mummy’s seal does not save Oz L2.



There are "talent goals" on the challenges and so her ability would not affect them. Your opponent's talent requirements (not talent goals) are increased by one.  So, for example, to use Compound Bow, you would need 5 Butt Kicking.  To use Dig Up Corpses, you now need 5 Smarts.



If the Primitive is at Angelus's location and Angelus has no modifiers, the Primitive's printed BK would be 4. With Watcher Training attached to the Primitive, it would be 6. She still gets the -1 to all talents when she fatigues. Basically, X = the biggest printed talent on another character at her location. X = the biggest current (or modified) talent on another character at her location if you are playing the First Slayer Essence. Then, after working out X, you add/subtract any modifiers from cards attached to the Primitive. As soon as another character comes to/ leaves her location you need to evaluate the talents and her talents might change. (E.g. Faith moving to start a fight, Buffy being Body switched away etc.)


EX: characters at Primitives location (with modified stats) are:

Buffy BK 6, Weird 4, Smarts 1, Charm 1

    Giles BK 2, weird 6, Smarts 8, charm 2

    Cordy BK 0, weird 2, Smarts 1, Charm 5

Means the Primitive would be:

BK 6, Weird 6, Smart 8, Charm 5


Faith’s knife

Primitive’s card power means that her PRINTED butt kicking is now changed to at least equal to the Knife’s holder’s BK. Faith's knife will not keep her from attacking you because her essence/card power lets her match your BK/talents (including skills & items)


The First Slayer has "X" for each of her Talent Values.  The default value for X is 0, but when her card power is active (meaning she's not at the Funeral Home) and there's one or more other characters at her location, she copies the highest values on those characters.  In this case, her printed value would be considered to be equal to whatever she's copying.  Thus, as long as she's not at the Funeral Home, Faith's Knife will never affect her unless the character carrying it has a current BK less than their printed BK.


Quentin Travers

Does the skill attached to the Slayer count towards the "one skill per turn" limit?.

Since his card power says attach and on page 23 of the rule book it says "...each character is able to attach 1 skill per turn." it does count towards the "one skill per turn"


If you have more than one slayer in play, can you fatigue more than one of your Watchers?

As his power does not say once per turn I would have to say that you can use it more then once as long as you can get around the fatigue cost by un-fatigue him or by using another watcher ( Giles or Wesley).



Can you ascend Companion buffy to Level 2 Hero Buffy if opponent has the Buffy Essence?

Once the companion is in play, you can ascend her as normal.


Spikes essence

Essence + 1/4staff + sledgehammer

Spikes essence states:

Any skills or items attached to Spike that increase a talent give him an additional +1 to that talent

Sledgehammer states:

If another item is giving this character a bonus, SledgeHammer gives +1 to that talent

Quarterstaff says: Character gains +1 BK and an additional +1Bk during a fight (counts as 2 items).


Spike would be:

3 Spike

+1, and an extra +1 in a fight for Quarterstaff

+2 Essence for QuarterStaff (As 1/4staff is two items)

+2 Sledgehammer (As 1/4staff is two items)

+1 Essence for Sledgehammer

Total 9 Butt Kicking. And 10 in a fight


Spike with Stake & Crossbow      

 If he's fighting a vampire, Spike gets a total of +3 BK - +2 from the item for its text, and an additional +1 from his essence. The Reason that Spike would only get a total of +3 in a fight against a Vampire is that, whether the Stake & Crossbow is adding a +1 or a +2 at the time, it's still only one item. Spike's essence gives an additional +1 bonus to an item or skill that is boosting his talents, regardless of how much the item or skill is boosting him.


Spike and Sledge Hammer      

"If another Item is giving this character a bonus, Sledgehammer gives the character an additional +1 to that Talent.", "Spike Any skills or items that give a bonus to Spike's talents give him an additional +1 to that talent." The Sledgehammer specifically states that Sledgehammer gives the bonus, so Spike's Essence affects it. Therefore, any talent that would be raised by Sledgehammer is +2 instead of +1 (+1 Sledge, +1 Essence)


Morning Person

Spike would gain the +2 to his talents during the day because Morning Person increases his talents at this time.  He would still suffer the -1 to his talents (without any bonus from his essence) at night because the skill doesn’t provide an increase at night (it 'provides' a penalty instead.)


What about Spike’s essence and watcher training?

Spike's essence gives +1, so Watcher Training will give you +3 Butt Kicking total.


Spike's Essence and New Kid on the Block:  "Any items or skills attached to Spike that increase a Talent give him an additional +1 to that Talent."  If I have a Watcher Training on Spike, and an opponent uses New Kid on the Block ("Ignore bonuses from items and skills until the end of the challenge"), does the NKOtB eliminate the Essence's +1 BK as well as the skill's +2 BK?

NKotB ignores the regular bonuses from items and skills and thus prevents Spike's essence from giving the additional bonus.  So, yes, the regular +2 and the extra +1 are both ignored.


Spike's Essence and discarded items

The extra bonus is only triggered when skills or items attached to Spike. Therefore, discarded items like the Rocket Launcher have no effect on his essence (counts as +3 BK, and not +4BK). The discarded item does trigger the Sledgehammer bonus, because Sledgehammer's card text simply reads "If another item is giving this character a bonus..." and Rocket Launcher is an item, whether or not it's attached.  Therefore Sledgehammer bonus does trigger an additional +1 from Spike's essence, so the total BK bonuses from a rocket launcher/sledge hammer would be +3 (from discarding RL) +1 from Sledgehammer +1 from Spike's essence for Sledgehammer = +5 BK


Balthazar's Amulet & Spike's Essence      

Because the amulet is attached to Spike, as long as you have discarded the two cards to get the plus two to any talent, then yes you would get an additional plus one to that talent.


Spike WW1

What level is the Spike Promo card (#WW1)?  Can he bring any level of Drusilla into play?

The Spike Promo card is the level 1 of Spike.  When you use Spike’s effect, you search your Resource Deck for the Drusilla level 1 and place her into play.  You cannot put any higher level of Drusilla into play by using this card.


With Spike WW1, it allows you to search your Resource Deck and place Dru into play.  Let's say you have Spike WW, but Dru is your opponent’s main.  Can I still use Spike's power to search my Resource Deck, put Dru into play, but then Uniqueness Rules kick in, and then my Dru goes to the Discard Pile, effectively removing a useless card out of my Resource Deck?

Since you would not even be able to put Dru into play, you would simply be fatiguing Spike and shuffling your Resource Deck. That's it. She never even gets taken out of the deck. Your WW1 can't remove Dru from the Resource Deck to your discard when Dru is your opponent's main character, and it's a great way to mess with when they Visions your deck...


Spike L1 (PP)

On the Spike Level 1 it says fatigue a Minion to give Spike a +1 to any ability. Is this limited to 1 minion per turn, or can I fatigue multiple minions to boost Spike through the roof?

You can use this as often as you have refreshed minions at the same location.


Spike Good

Glove of Myhnegon: Character gains the Demon Trait.

The item says you gain the Demon trait, not replace your current "racial" trait with Demon.  Therefore, if you attach this item on Buffy (for example), she would be a human/demon. Now, Good Spike can not start a fight with someone with a human trait. The character with the glove is now a Human/Demon. Therefore, since the character still has the Human trait, good Spike cannot start a fight with that character.


The Gentlemen

Imagine that they start a fight against Faith.  You have to keep in mind that the person starting the fight is active first, so when you get to the fight-battle phase, The Gentlemen get the first action.  In this case, they immediately discard a card, fatigue and end the fight-battle stage. If Faith is a supporting character, The Gentlemen's WE is at 2 (3 minus 1 for fatiguing) and both characters get discarded.  If Faith is a main character, then The Gentlemen get a bonus 1 and win the fight.  Faith does not get a chance to play a card in the battle phase.


Can the Gentlemen use their power (discard, fatigue, then go to resolve) if they are not in the fight?

Normally the answer would be no because only characters involved in the fight can use their card powers.  The way this card is worded however would lead to a yes answer, the card power could be used during any fight at the Gentlemen's location.


Do the Gentlemen have to use their "fatigue then discard and end fight battle" power during every fight?



The Judge

When can you discard him to grab the Jigsaw Judge Challenge?

Play the card as it reads i.e. anytime.


The three

Only that version of The Three with Animal Intensity is a Villain, and any other copies in play are still minions


The pack

Can The Pack be sent to the Hyena Exhibit if it has already fatigued that turn, e.g. from attaching a skill?



If you discard The Pack to refresh The Master, it goes to the Hyena Exhibit, yes?

Yes, as long as The Pack is refreshed.


Join the Pep Squad sends it to the Hyena Exhibit, yes?

Yes, as long as The Pack is refreshed.


When it goes to the Hyena Exhibit, does it lose any skills/items?

When The Pack goes to the Hyena Exhibit "instead of being discarded" you keep all attached skills and items, as it is not actually discarded, just fatigued and moved to the Exhibit. Note you also keep any other cards which are attached E.g. computer threat


Veruca Essence

Veruca could play all 3 Full moons during one turn?

Nothing prevents you from playing more than one Full Moon during a single Prologue Step, so you can play the multiple Full Moons, and have the bonuses cumulatively add up.


Does that prevent someone else from playing Full Moon once she plays them?

If you play Full Moon first, your opponent cannot.


What would happen if  Someone else played a Full Moon?

If your opponent plays Full Moon first, you then still can play yours, even in the same turn. Veruca also gets her bonus from your opponent's Full Moon.


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce      

If I have Jonathon in play with Wesley, can I use Wesley's power twice per turn?  (Fatigue Jonathon the first time and then Wesley the second time.)

Yes, you can.  That's pretty much the whole point with Wesley.


Xander Harris

Xander Harris reads If Xander is defeated in a fight, the winner does not gain any Destiny Points. Does that include the effect of cards like Demon Theory and Computer Threat?

If he is defeated, the winner gets no destiny, not even from demon theory, etc. However, this does not have any effect on loss of destiny.


Xander - Private Harris - Essence

The cards you can pull are items and skills that add to Butt-Kicking (like Watcher Training or Stake and Crossbow) or cards that have a Butt-Kicking talent requirement (like Superior Fighting or Compound Bow).  Actions with just a Butt-Kicking boost can not be pulled. Only cards which state specifically in the card that it increases your Butt-Kicking can be pulled, so cards that provide general talent bonuses like Tweed Mail and Balthazar's Amulet shouldn't count.


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