March 2004


Bad Girls Part 1

If Bad Girls Pt. 1 is in play and a Slayer defeats a human in a fight, triggering Bad Girls Pt. 2, does the defeated human go to the crypt, or just the discard pile?

The discarding a beaten character is part of defeating the character. Therefore character is not defeated until it has been discarded, hence, the character goes to the discard pile BEFORE the Episode triggers.


Does "2 Slayers in play" mean exactly 2, or at least 2?

It would mean have at least two in play (so you could have up to 4 slayers max so far -buffy, faith, kendra and bizzaro buffy)


Bad Girls Part 2††††††

As long as you have two Slayers at the same location at the end of the End Step the effect does not cancel. So you could have Buffy and Faith at the same location and Kendra at a separate location and the effect will not cancel.


Band Candy Part 1

Does Bandy Candy Part 1 count your main as 1 of the 3 hero/villains allowed in play?

Yes. With Band Candy Part 1 in play, no one can play a Hero or Villain if they have two or more supporting Heroes or Villains in play.


Band candy says played so does it work like the 5 hero supporting rule - i.e. you can still have more than 3 in play via cards like Band Candy warehouse (makes villains minions)



If you had 4 heroes out, and your main was killed, does this mean that you can not get him back?

Yes, putting your main back into play counts as playing him


Band Candy Part 2††††††

Band Candy Part 2 says: Result: When this card enters play, all characters with Candy Bars attached are placed in Sunnydale Park. They cannot move or start a fight.

Does "They" refer to just the characters with Candy Bars attached when Band Candy Part 2 enters play OR does it refer to anyone with Candy Bars attached?

Example: My opponent's Buffy has Candy Bars attached. I attach Candy Bars to my opponent's Faith. Band Candy Part 2 enters play and they are placed in the Park. I now attach another Candy Bars to Angel who is already in the Park. Is Angel prevented from moving and starting fights as well? If this is not the case, does that mean if Buffy gets rid of Candy Bars she still cannot move or start a fight?

In the example, Angel was in the park when the Candy Bars got placed on him so the episode would not automatically get cancelled.

It specifically states, "When this card enters play, all characters with Candy Bars attached are placed in Sunnydale Park. They cannot move or start a fight."The word "They" in the second sentence means the characters with Candy Bars attached that were placed in Sunnydale Park by the playing of this card.Not characters that received Candy Bars after the episode was played. In the example, Angel could move and fight.However, the moment he moves out of Sunnydale Park, the cancellation condition of the episode would go into effect, and the episode would be cancelled.


Doppelgangland Part 1

One player needs to have the three wish characters in play i.e. Bizarro Buffy, Cordelia L1, Giles L1, Oz L1, Vamp Willow, Vamp Xander, the Master, Anyanka L2 before he could qualify for Doppelgangland part 2.

Cordelia and Giles only count for && characters at their first level.When they ascend they become '99 and do not count.


Graduation Part

"Result: When facing Ascension of Olivikan or Commencement Ceremonies, during the Challenge/Choose Step, choose a talent.Ignore this talent for this challenge."


What if Charm was the ignored talent, could you play cards that required charm like "I Quit" even though that talent is being ignored?

Only the challenge talent requirement is to be ignored. You can still play any action card for it's effect with requirements of the ignored talent (if you have the 3C etc present)


Ignore this talent for this challenge

If Grad Day part II is in play, you may only ignore one Talent each time you face those Challenges. (AoO and CC). GD pt II is not cumulative, and since that part of its text only applies while facing the Challenge, technically its effect only lasts until the end of the Challenge attempt (not the end of the turn). However, were your opponent to face the same Challenge that turn, they would also get to choose one Talent and ignore it. They could choose the same Talent you chose, or a different one. There's a precedent for the phrase "this Challenge", with cards like Surprise!, which only affects the current Challenge attempt.


Loverís walk P2

The ascending levels come directly from your resource deck, and as such can not be played from your hand.


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