March 2004


A Fervent Wish

Read it as "for the remainder of the game, whenever another card allows exactly one player to draw X NUMBER OF cards, all of that player's opponents draw X cards as well."


When seeing if it works, ask if the target card

tells you you to draw a card

it doesn't tell your opponent to draw a card

If so, then A Fervent Wish works with it.


This is a list of cards which the Fervent Wish event works on


Joyce Summers


Drusilla Level 1

Empty Puppet Case

Gone Binary

Dig up Corpses - draw 2

Hot Dog Surprise - draw 5

Studying - draw 1/2



Angel Level 1


Drusilla Level 2 - draw 2

Wavering power with Dru L1[PP] or L2 [AC]




Slayer's lust

Evil Faith L1 com

Anyanka's essence - draw 2

Kakisto's Essence - draw 2

Modern day vampire

Slayer's fortitude - draw 2

Bizarro sun cinema

Discovery - draw 2

Sporting Goods Store



Adam's essence - draw 3


Angel's Level 1 card says the "if Angel starts a fight, draw one EXTRA card".  If the event "Fervent Wish" is in effect, does Angel's opponent also draw one extra card or since both players are drawing cards because of the fight, does Angel draw six and the opponent five?

What does the new Angel do?

- it tells you you to draw a card

- it doesn't tell your opponent to draw a card

So A Fervent Wish works with it.

The fact that both players draw cards during fights is irrelevant - A Fervent Wish only works with card effects, and Angel is a card. Whether the card is an extra card or just a card doesn't matter. If there is any drawing of cards due to any card then Fervent Wish covers it. Just to make these answers a little more explicit in their reasoning. The point here is this: Although you are adding an extra card to an existing card draw rather than initiating a new card draw out of the blue, you still have a card (Angel) whose text grants a card draw to one player (adding an extra card to an existing card draw is still granting a card draw), which is all that is needed to trigger Fervent Wish.


AFW does not work on :

Drusilla Lv. 2 or 3 from PP,  because you only look at the top 5 cards and place one or two into your hand. No drawing there.

Giles' ability to find items and skills, Henchmen-R-Us which allows your opponent to search their deck for a minion,  Master Bones, since it affects everyone.


Refreshed Joyce/Fritz?

With Fritz the cards imply you to draw an extra card, because you always discard down to 5 cards. and then you can fill up to 6 hand cards. So Fritz allows you to draw an extra card and since it is exactly one-player AFW triggers.


Bizarro Sun Cinema

If only one player is there, the BSC lets exactly one player draw the extra 2 cards, but if there is another player as well with his main character there are 2 players drawing up to a hand of 7 cards. AFW doesn't trigger anymore.


Caught in the Crossfire      

Player A starts a fight with Player B.  Player B loses.  Player A gains a destiny and then chooses to discard one of his own companions instead of the opponent's.  Player A then attacks Player B again wins and gets another destiny point. (And repeats for as many companions as he has.)

As long as player A can legitimately keep attacking player B I don't see why not. Caught in the cross fire doesn't specify whose companion or minion gets killed (and it could work against them if death had been played)


Come to the Dark Side      

You can target either your own or your opponent's supporting Companion or Hero with this event. Same as Moment of bliss, the character owner retains control of the character. When the character becomes a villain, he switches affiliation from good to evil, and thus cannot do good challenges. He also won't get benefits from cards that enhance heroes or companions. You can target either your own or your opponent's supporting Companion or Hero with this event.


Day of Ascension

If somebody played Day of Ascension this turn, can I do something else in the Conflict Step instead of starting a fight?

You can do anything that you could normally do in the conflict step except pass if you have a refreshed character that could start a fight.  You can attempt challenges, play cards, or start a fight as long as you do not pass.



I've got Kendra out and she gets killed. Say I've got two other Kendra's floating in my deck. Does DEATH mean that I cannot play those Kendra's or only that the single Kendra card in play goes to the crypt while the other two are legal to be played at anytime?

The card makes no mention of further copies, therefore they are not affected.


What if there's a Mummy's Seal on a character defeated in a fight after Death has been played? Do they even get discarded? Is it worth fighting someone with a Mummy's Seal? You know the whole "Cannot be discarded for or by card effects" business? The Death card *is* a card effect, technically, right?

Mummy's Seal doesn't stop Death, because the discard is caused by the loss of the fight, which is not a card effect.  Death causes defeated characters to be Crypted when they lose, which is not the same as being discarded.  Basically the character is all set to go to the discard pile and Death steps in and says "Hold it.  Instead of the discard pile, you get sent to the Crypt."


Does the encryption apply to your main character as well?  Or can you dig her up later on? 

Death says: "your supporting character"  so all your characters EXCEPT your main.


If Death is in play does the Lv 2, 3, and/or 4 go to crypt or the discard pile?

If Death is in play, when your character is defeated in a fight (and only then) that character goes to the crypt. All levels of a character go to the Crypt when they lose a fight. However, all cards that are attached to said character go to the discard pile.

L1, 2, 3, 4 of your main character are not affected by Death, and so go to the discard pile


Home Again

Can a player bring out an upgrade (lvl 2,3,4)?

Since the character goes into your hand, it doesn't matter if it's currently legal to play it. It's the same with Collin's L2 and L4, and Angel's L3 which go to your hand. Note that Spike’s L1 says the Dru enters play and therefore only the L1 version of Dru can be fetched.


In the Past      

Is it 4 points in total or 4 per challenge?

In the Past limits players to a total of 4 or fewer Destiny Points per Challenge, if that Challenge has the Pergamum Prophecy (PP) or Angel's Curse (AC) expansion symbol on the bottom of the card. This includes any Destiny from cards such as Offer of Ugly Death.

For example, winning The Talent Show must Go On would get you 6 Destiny.  During the Challenge Resolve, your oppoenent plays Shaky on the Dismount.  You decide to Pass.  Your opponent plays another Shaky.  You Pass again.  Your opponent Passes as well.  At the end of Challenge Resolve, your Destiny won is 4, but you could have only earned 4, so you earn 4 Destiny.  Shaky affects the total before the Event is considered.



Actions that have the "Conflict" timing restriction are no longer playable, right?

Right. Actions with "Conflict" timing can't be played during Challenge Phases regardless of the step the Challenge was initiated, although actions with Challenge timing can be played


Can either player play cards that are normally played during the "Resource Step" WHILE you are attempting a Challenge (during the Resource Step)?

No. Just like the Conflict Step the Resource Step is also suspended until the Challenge is finished (Rule Book p. 31).  After the Challenge is initiated you're not considered to be in the Resource Step, so any card or effect that is usable only during the Resource Step is not playable.


Moment of True Bliss

If both Buffy and Angel are when MotB is played, the person who plays MotB gets the Destiny Point, irrespective of who owns Buffy/Angle


Who gets to control Angel?

The person that controlled Angel retains control of Angel


If I'm Good playing Evil and I have Buffy and Angel in play and I play "Moment of True Bliss".  Now Angel is Evil. I can use him to attempt my opponent's Evil challenges.  Can my good characters combine with Angel on these challenges since one of my characters is evil? 

Angel can now attempt evil challenges.  All the characters attempting evil challenges must either be evil or have Spellcasting Dolls.


Can Angel still attempt Good challenges?

Only if he has Spellcasting Dolls.


Can your Heroes battle against him?

You can't attack your own characters. If you own Angel before the event goes off you keep him.


Moment being played

is NOT contingent on Buffy AND Angel being in can play it with one or the other or none in play and certain effects are wasted in those instances. A strict interpretation of the card would make all 3 effects independent.  Thus if only Buffy is in play, she gets the charm, if only Angel is in play, he gets the BK and becomes a Villain, and if both are in play, both of those effects happen AND the person who played the card gains a Destiny. Only the destiny point is contingent on Buffy and Angel being in play. The other two effects (the bonus to Angel's BK and Buffy's charm) are not conditional. Of course, if Angel or Buffy isn't on the table, they don't have any actual effect! But you can still play the card, and as soon as Angel or Buffy enters play the card has its effect.

Buffy and Angel do not both have to be in play. In fact, neither of them has to be in play. If they are both in play, the first part of the card allows for the extra destiny. If they are not, then you just skip it, because it states that the effect happens only "when this event is used.” The second and third sentences affect the rest of the game. So if Buffy was not in play when the event was played, and was played later, she would immediately gain the +1 Charm. And Angel would immediately become a Villain with +1 BK when he entered play.


You kill Angel after he was turned into a Villain because of Moment of True Bliss. Now, if I bring back Angel when I reshuffle the deck does he stay a Villain or does he become a hero again, and does he keep the one butt-kicking he gained when Moment of True Bliss was played?

The effects of Moment of True Bliss on Angel and Buffy last until the end of the game, as stated on the card. Even if Angel is discarded and is brought back later, he is still a Villain and still has +1 Butt-Kicking.


What happens if angel is your MC?

He still becomes a villain.


Does angel, after being hit by the moment of true bliss event count as Angelus for challenges like the Bloody Valentine challenge?

No. The rule is Angel and Angelus are just the same character in regards the Villain-Hero rule, but it doesn't state that Angel is now Angelus. MoTB does NOT cause Angel to become the Angelus personality... he's still Angel, he's just.. bad Angel. You would still, for example, be able to target Angel with No More Soul. For the purpose of the game, Angel cards and Angelus cards are totally separate, even though those cards represent the same character. An Angel card will never become and Angelus card, or vice versa. As such AMOTB has no effect on Angelus


My hero level 1 Angel becomes a villain, can I ascend him to level 2 with my level 2 of him?

Yes. You may ascend him. He remains a Villain because of the Event, and gains +1 Butt-Kicking as if Level 2 were the version that was out when the Event was played.


I play Moment of True Bliss.  My opponent has Angle out. His Angel is now a Villain with +1 Butt-Kicking.  But then on this draw step I draw my Angel.  When I put him into play, does this one become a Villain with +1 Butt-Kicking too?

Yes. Since the card states that Angel will be +1 BK and a Villain until the end of the game


Sign of the Apocalypse

“Each player gets to draw an extra card when they draw cards during fights, challenges and the Draw Step.”

You get to draw an extra card during the draw step, etc., but do you get to also keep that extra card? Or do you still have to discard down to five?

You discard to five at the beginning of Draw step. Then you can voluntarily discard as many more cards you like. Only after that you draw new cards. So you can keep the six cards from the drew step. However, you still discard down to 5 at the end of a Fight or Challenge.


Joyce and Fritz allow you to draw an extra card during the draw phase. How is this affected by Sign of the Apocalypse?

You may draw (and keep in your hand) a sixth card if you have Joyce/Fritz refreshed during the draw step. If Sign of the Apocalypse is out, you may draw a seventh card as well.


Bizarro Sun Cinema/Sign of the Apocalypse - If your MC is at the Bizarro Sun Cinema and the event Sign of the Apocalypse was put into play, would that player be able to draw 8 cards during the Draw Step?

Yes, ....and if they had Fritz/Joyce refreshed, they get 9.

 - and with a Vampire Embrace on your opponents Joyce or Fritz,  your own Joyce or Fritz, Sign of the Apocalypse and Bizarro Sun Cinema you get 10.... nice in a Vamp Willow deck!

(5 from hand +2 from Sun cinema +1 from SotA, +1 form Joyce = 9)

Slayers' Burden

If I have played Slayers' Burden, can my opponent still use Number One Alternate to allow Buffy or Kendra to stunt-double?

It says' No characters may Stunt-double for a slayer for the remainder of the game, and vice-versa.”, so you could not use Number One Alternate on a slayer


What happens if I play Class Protector on my Buffy while my opponent has Slayer’s Burden in play?  Which one takes precedence?  What about if my Class Protector is in play when my opponent plays Slayer’s Burden?

Slayer's Burden works like an Unwelcome Surprise for Slayers. A Slayer cannot stunt-double and no one can stunt-double for a slayer. Class Protector allows you break the rule dictating that Stunt-Doubling characters must be at the same location that the fight is taking place, kind of like Number 1 Alternate. In the scenario you point out, Slayer's Burden would take precedence because it stops stunt-doubling whereas Class Protector allows you to stunt-double with that character regardless of that character's location. So Buffy wouldn't be able to stunt-double for anyone until the end of that turn.



Class of '99 Angel and his '99 Essence, does Angel get four moves or one?

Since both 99 Angel and his 99 essence both say "additional moves", Angel still benefits from these effects.  Therefore, On a turn Snow has been played, Angel may move 4 times


If I played this Event during the Prologue Step on a Turn that is Night, would Snow be in effect for effectively 3 Turns, meaning the current Night Turn, the next Day Turn, and then the "next" Night Turn?  Or would it be in effect only one Turn, as at the End Step of the current Night Turn, Snow would no longer be in effect? 

The card says, "If this event is played during the day..."  Doesn't say you cannot play it during a Night Turn.  If this is played during a Night Turn, then sentence one cannot be applied, but sentence two can.  (This is like how Moment of True Bliss is applied, where each sentence is independent of each other.) 

It would only last 1 turn. The reason would the way the sentence is set up. It says, "... the next end step of a night turn," not "the end step of the next night turn."




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