March 2004


A Souls's Revenge & Orb††††††

A Soul's Revenge: "...or a character that has the Orb of Thesulah attached, is used to defeat this challenge, you gain 1 extra destiny point."

Orb of Thesulah: "Discard Orb of Thesulah to gain +3 smarts during the challenge."

A character has the orb attached, starts the challenge. During the battle step of the challenge the orb is discarded to gain +3 smarts. The character defeats the challenge. Now do I the extra destiny point?

What happens is this: you check for the extra Destiny conditions at the Resolve. If the card is still attached at the Resolve, you get the Destiny bonus. If you discarded the item for it's boost during the Challenge, it's no longer attached at the Resolve. So, it forces you to choose: Easier Challenge, or Extra Destiny...



It says "move" the character. Does this count as a move?

No, so you can get a vampire during the day.


What happens if I target a minion already at the abductions location or fatigued?

You first chose a companion or minion. Then you fatigue him (if he is not already fatigued) and then you move him to this location (if he is not already there). Therefore you can 1) target a character at the challenges location and 2) target a fatigued character


An American Werewolf in Sunnydale††††††

Oz is not required to defeat the challenge, but if you want to ascend him using the card text, then he must be part of the group facing the challenge (though they don't necessarily have to defeat the challenge for Oz to get his ascension). Since you can ascend him the moment you decide to let Oz face the challenge you could remove him from the challenge later (I Quit for example).


Ascension of Olivikan

My opponent has Buffy and Angel, after a Moment of True Bliss, would I get two additional points?

Ascension of Olivikan counts both Heroes and Villains for all opponents.Even if they have both mixed, so you would get 2 extra points


Beauty and the Beast

If I am playing Evil and am at a location where my opponent has placed Beauty and the Beast, does the text of the good challenge affect me as well?

Yes since it specifies the winner of the fight, which can be both


Bring Me My Amulet††††††

The Quarterstaff and Compound Bow each count as two items for this challenge


Dead Manís Party

If I am playing Evil and am at a location where my opponent has placed Dead Manís Party, does the text of the good challenge affect me as well?

No since the text specifies Heroes only.



Angel does he count as Angelus in terms of challenges. (See question in characters section)


Hell's Angel††††††

All players must discard a character and shuffle a challenge they have in play back into their challenge decks.That includes the player that just solved the challenge.


If the only character that a player controls is their main character, is that character still discarded?



What if you don't have any other challenges in play? Do you still have to shuffle your challenge deck?

If you do not have a challenge to reshuffle, then you don't reshuffle


Jigsaw Judge

My opponent completes my Jigsaw Judge.Can I put my copy of the Judge in play since it has been completed?

No.The Judge specifically states that "you must defeat the Jigsaw Judge challenge before you can place The Judge into play."


Price of True Evil††††††

Hero Faith would need a card like Spellcasting Dolls or Black Hat in order to face Price of True Evil.


Wish Granted††††††

With WISH GRANTED, could you have some of the characters there attempt and complete the Challenge, then plop the new Challenge (see card text) at the same Location and use the unfatigued Cordy and the other characters (that did not attempt Wish Granted, therefore are also unfatigued) attempt the new Challenge in the same Conflict Step?



Young, Fast, and Hot-Blooded

Ripper is considered a version of Rupert Giles and, therefore, is usable to gain the extra destiny from Young, Fast, and Hot-Blooded



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