March 2004


An  Innocent Guillotine

AIG says that "You may play this item on one of your opponents characters if that character can hold another item.  This character does not refresh.  Discard this item at the beginning of the Movement step." 

This doesn't mean that it has to be played on an opponents character, however if you played it on your character then there is not much benefit from it, other than the Guillotine challenge. If played on your character, the character is affected by the "does not refresh.  Discard this item at the beginning of the Movement step" part of the game text.


Does this mean that the opponent’s character never refreshes, or just until after it is discarded at the movement step?

The card is used to slow a players 'plan' a turn. It is placed on the character and will not allow the character to refresh in anyway once they are fatigue, unless you or the opponent use a card effect to remove the item (Clumsy Fingers). Remember that characters are fatigue after a fight and Challenge (and other uses). And since the item is not removed till on the NEXT TURN's Movement Phase, which occurs after the refresh phase, that character will remain fatigue during that next turn. In other words, the character will be 'out' during the next turn, but only if they were fatigue.


If my opponent plays An Innocent Guillotine on one of my personalities may I move it to another personality at the same location?  If I give this character 2 other items can I discard the An Innocent Guillotine from play as the rulebook suggests?

An Innocent Guillotine can be moved and if you add enough items so that the character cannot hold more items it can be discarded.


Does this card prevent your opponent's character from refreshing through other means, such as The Hospital or Priority Check?

The fact that the Guillotine is not permanent (it gets rid of itself at the beginning of the Movement Step), combined with the fairly specific wording "This Character does not refresh" means that you could not refresh that Character through any means, including Blayne Mall/Chris Epps, The Hospital, or Priority Check, as long as the Guillotine was on that character. If the card said "This character does not refresh during the Refresh Step", then you'd have an entirely different matter.  So, basically, the Guillotine takes one character out of commission until the following Movement Step. Assuming the character is Fatigued or that you can then get that character to Fatigue. Note that after the Movement Step (i.e. after the Guillotine discards itself), you could then use cards effects like the Hospital, Blayne Mall and Priority Check to refresh the character as the card is no longer attached and therefore the character is no longer affected by the “does not refresh text”. However, as long as the Guillotine is in play, that character will not refresh for any reason.


Balthazar's Amulet

The +2 to any talent is added to the character, and not a talent stack, so it can be used to meet card requirements


Does Overhand Toss affect the Amulet?  (does the bonus come from the Amulet or the cards?)

The talent increase comes from the Amulet, so it would be susceptible to Overhand Toss and Spike's essence and that you would lose the bonus if you discarded it to Caught Off Guard just like any other item.


I quit

As you lose the fight when playing I Quit, Balthazar's Amulet is sent to the crypt


Bat Sonar

If Player A discards his "Bat Sonar" to boost weirdness 2 can Player B play Overhand Toss next on the Bat Sonar even though the Bat Sonar is no longer in play and is in the Discard Pile?

If you have already tossed the Bat Sonar for the Weirdness boost, then it's no longer there for anything to affect.  The item must still be in play for you to target it with Overhand Toss.


Books of Ascension / Box of Gaurok

Are the Books of Ascension / Box of Gaurok cumulative?  If I put both items on the Mayor, does he need 4 less destiny to ascent?  What if I also play Make It A Double?  Does he then need 6 less destiny?



Candy Bar

It says that it cannot be swapped. As it does not mention discarding, the candy bar could be discarded by adding extra items.


I have a villain spike in play.  My opponent plays Candy Bars on Spike.  I then play Animal Intensity on Spike.  Is Spike now considered a Minion or a Villain?  Which card takes precedence?

It's fairly simple.  If there are more Candy Bars than Animal Intensities, the character is a Minion.  Otherwise, he is a Villain.

Both equal: The Character is what it was initially

Character has more Candy Bars than V/H: The Character is M/C

Character has more V/H than Candy bars:  the Character is a V/H.

Note that once a skill is learnt, it does not go away, unless moved/discarded, so Spike keeps the VI even when he losses the bars. In which case he becomes a character with 2*villain keywords.



You may use upgrading to remove chains.

The character does not get any bonus from Stake & Crossbow,  Watcher Trainings, Buffy's Choke Hold.  Chains makes her Butt Kicking zero. However, a Chained Buffy would still have 4 printed BK for Faith's Knife. Chains doesn't change the printed BK.


If a character with "Chains" is in a fight are Butt-Kicking boosts useless for this character?

The character in effect has no BK, so there is nothing for the BK stack to be added to. Therefore the character can not have/use a BK stack in a fight. (See Ghost willow in Characters - general)


Compound Bow

If you use the Compound Bow to fight an opponent’s character at an adjacent location, your character is placed at the fights location. Ripper / buffy & 99 essence etc with a compound bow can use it to start a fight at an adjacent location before the conflict step, being placed at the new location. If you place a character with Compound Bow in Sunnydale Park, then you can attack your opponent’s characters regardless of where they are as the park is adjacent to all locations



Can I use the Cross if I stunt-double in the character who is holding it, into the fight. The wording on Cross implies that it can only be used if it was the defender specified by the attacker.

"When a Vampire CHOOSES to attack" sounds like it has to be the character the Vampire originally tries to attack.


Do I have to use Cross when my character is attacked by the Vampire for the first time, or can I choose not to use it?

Yes, you MUST use Cross, since it does not say may


Disturbing Features - [See Love tattoo]


Electrical Tunnels Schematic

If I move to an opponent's location using this card, do I fatigue?

If you're moving from Sunnydale Park, yes. From anywhere else, no. (Unless the location says you have to, like a Minion moving to the Sunnydale High School Auditorium. Moving to an opponent's location alone doesn't fatigue you, it's moving from the Park to the opponent's location that fatigues you.


Eliminati Swords

Does this mean one PER character or one per Player?

One copy of swords can be attached per character in play as long as they are vampires


Empty puppet case

If you fatigue Puppet Case, does that fatigue the character as well?



If I have Gone Binary AND a Puppet Case on Xander, and I fatigue him to draw a card, does the Puppet Case fatigue?

No, you can still use the case’s ability.


If a character has a fatigued Empty Puppet Case, can he still move?

Since the Character isn't fatigued, the character can still move and take actions


If your EPC is fatigued, can you still face the challenge "The Talent Show Must Go On" which requires the EPC.

The challenge doesn't say it needs to be refreshed, it just says you have to have it.


Faith's knife      

Faith's Knife allows a character only to attack the one with Faith's Knife if his printed BK is equal or higher then the printed BK of the one with Faith's Knife. So Spike Lv.1 PP with Watcher Training can't attack Faith (Hero) Lv.1 with Faith's Knife (Printed BK Spike: 3, Printed BK Faith (Hero): 4).


Formal Wear      

Does it mean that EACH character can only have one 'Formal Wear' attached, or that there can only be one copy of 'Formal Wear' attached to ANY player, ie there is only one allowed in play?

You can have one Formal Wear attached per character.


Giles mobile

If you attach the Giles Mobile on Mitch, would you have to fatigue him like the Item card says or you can just ignore that and move anywhere(since on the card it says that anything that would normally fatigue him during the Movement Step doesn't fatigue him)?

Giles-Mobile would not fatigue Mitch (or Claw, for that matter).


Glove of Myhnegon / Tome of Mediocrity

"If this item unattaches for any reason, send this character to the Crypt" Does this happen to your main character too, if they have the glove when it's discarded?

Yes. Note that you can only resurrect from your Discard Pile, not your crypt


Mummy's Seal

These items send the character to the Crypt, and so not affected by the Mummy's Seal.


Does the demon trait override the vampire trait or just add to it?

You add the Demon trait to the character


Does the Glove of Myhnegon and the Tome of Mediocrity crypt the character holding it even if you upgrade the item or swap it to another character?

Yes.  The cards say that if the item is unattached "for any reason," the character is put into the Crypt.  "Any reason" would include swapping and upgrading.


What if it's attached to a character that gets killed. Does discarding the character count as unattaching any items he/she may be holding?

When you lose a fight (or get Circled, or Pep Squaded, etc...) the items do not stay attached to the character when he goes to the discard pile, and are therefore unattached. The unfortunate characters get crypted


Invulnerability and losing a fight      

Invulnerability would help in that your character would not get discarded, just fatigued; therefore, the Glove or Tome would stay attached and your character would not be Crypted from losing a fight


Haphazard bomb      

Haphazard bomb gets used at the end of the Conflict step. For the condition to have been met both players must have passed during the conflict step, in which case the conflict step is over, and the end step should be starting. This card DOES play outside any watches. To avoid certain combos it couldn't just be a Conflict Item (We didn't want it to happen just before a fight). And in the End step, you shouldn't be able to do some of the things you can do in an End step before it. Making it only playable as the first or last watch was also incorrect because then you couldn't use two in the same turn. While in the overall picture we try to avoid out-of-watch cards, for this one it was necessary.


Note if you use the bomb to blow up an opponent's location, then use  Soda Machine Ride and put one of your own locations at the empty spot the next turn, for example Wetherly Bike trail, your opponent has still the control over the location.


If I use haphazard bomb to blow up the Auditorium while the Talent Show is in play on it, what happens to the challenge?

Nothing- if you used Anywhere but here or the bomb after the challenge is placed then its too late the challenge will stay on the board. See Cards - Action - Anywhere But Here.


Love tattoo

You are not discarding the love tattoo, only cards from the talent stack to boost Butt-Kicking. And yes it is optional, because you can discard any number (0 as well) from the BK-Stack. Also, as Love Tattoo adds to your Charm (not your Charm talent stack) it really turns all of your cards in your BK talent stack into +1 BK +1 Charm when combo’ed with The Look skill. The bonus is only for the duration of the fight or challenge.  And yes, it can be discarded to play another item. As it is used in the Resolve stage, no more cards can be placed into talent stacks, so your opponent can not play cards into stacks to counter the item's effects.


If I remove the cards from my Butt-Kicking talent stack, does my Butt-Kicking go back down now that the cards have been removed from that talent stack? 

As you are removing cards from your BK stack, your BK total for the challenge goes down from the pre-remove to the new post-remove level when working out if you have defeated the challenge


If I were to discard my Bk for either LT or DF it would only last for about one more sub-step or would I get the bonus for the rest of the game?

The bonus only lasts for the duration of the fight/challenge. After the resolve stage of the fight/challenge the bonus goes away.



Do Manacles have to be attached before I use it? 

Yes, it must first be attached, thus paving the way for No more soul or clumsy fingers to discard I



Do I discard it after I look at my opponent's hand?

You must discard it after you use it


Maps and Stuff

How does Maps and Stuff work?

It causes anything that would normally have an effect on the character as a result of the character moving (such as Sunnydale High School Auditorium or moving to an opponent's location from the Park) to not happen.


Mobile Tracking System

This card does not allow a vampire to move during the day, so any way of manipulating it to work on a vamp during the day is not legal.


I fatigue character A (with the MTS) and fatigue character B. Now 'chosen character' moves to adjacent location and may immediately start a fight.

The chosen character is character B and moves to location adjacent to B and starts a fight although he is fatigued. Note that characters A and B do not have to be at the same location when A uses the MTS


Mr Pointy      

This card allows Kendra to choose the resolving talent for a fight to be either BK-ing or Smarts.  Does this mean that the resolving talent can be changed from whatever Kendra chooses?

It can be changed later, just like the other talent stack changers (hair flip, cordy L2 etc).


It lets you choose Smarts when you start fight but then if player 2 switches fight to charm you can't use Pointy again, right?

Yes, because you are only able to choose the resolving Talent for Mr. Pointy at the start of the fight. Mr. Pointy says you must choose when you start the fight, so it would be before anything, including stunt-doubling, takes place


Mummy's Seal      

When can you use this?

You would put it on a character during the resource step.  If you put a Mummy's Seal on a character, then the character just ignores any card effect that would cause it to be discarded.  Thrown to the Hyenas, Circle of Kayless, Join the Pep Squad and The End won't kill the character.  Angel with a Mummy's Seal can't be hit by No More Soul.  Buffy L3 has to fight a Seal-toting minion if she wants it dead. On the minus side, it also prevents the character from being discarded as a payment.  You can't choose a character with the Seal to discard to your own Thrown to the Hyenas, nor can The Master's Essence discard that character to refresh The Master.

Clumsy fingers, etc could kill the seal, thus enabling those card powers to have their effect.


MS & Rivalry

As rivalry discards items first and then the characters, Mummy Seal would be gone and could no longer protect the character from being discarded


Orb of Thesulah - see Silver Locket



Q: If Spike is my main character and I attach Quarterstaff to him, does Spike’s Essence card add +1 or +2 with the Quarterstaff?

A: Since Quarterstaff says it counts as 2 items, Spike’s Essence card would affect it twice and you would get an additional +2 from Spike’s Essence card.


Q: If my opponent uses Clumsy Fingers on my Quarterstaff do I still get to keep it?

A: No. If your opponent uses a card to make you discard Quarterstaff, you discard Quarterstaff. It is not immune to the effect, and you do not get to keep half of a Quarterstaff on your character. It "counts as 2 items" but is still a single item card. Otherwise you could only put 1 and 1/2 of it in your deck to meet the required maximum of 3 of any one item  Yes, clumsy fingers will discard it.


St. Du Lac Mausoleum.  It allows you to search for one item and attach.  Can you search for Quarterstaff

You could use the Mausoleum to get the Quarterstaff. However, be aware that the character must be eligible to attach the item AFTER fatiguing.  I.E. need 4BK before using the St du lac.


Weapons Expert/Quarterstaff      

In a fight, the Quarterstaff adds +2 BK.

Spike's Essence doubles that, so it's adding a +4 BK.

Weapon's Expert doubles THAT, so it goes up to +8 BK


Quarterstaff /Hammer

+2 BK form Sledgehammer (Since Quarterstaff counts as 2 items)


How much does the Quarterstaff boost in talent stacks? 1, or 2, since it counts as two items?

As long as the card is in your hand, the game text is not in effect. It is just an Item card. When placing it into a talent stack, that's what it continues to be: an Item card. Just the one item, and therefore just the 1 bonus to your talent.


Ring of prophecy

Two Gun Woo & Ring of prophecy. 2GW says specifically Vampires can not be moved during day turns however RoP allows a Vampire to move once during a day turn. My questions is "Does the 2GW text simply reiteration the regular rule that Vamps can't move without a specific card letting them do so (and that this card does not give them that ability) or is it a blanket restriction that would negate using RoP in combination with 2GW during the day?"

During the day, vampire characters aren't forbidden to move as such; they just get zero movement. So they can only move if they use a special card to do so. 2GW's text is a special restriction, not a reiteration of a general rule. For that reason, it would overrule Ring of Prophecy.


If Spike's Car and Ring Of Prophecy are attached to a Vampire (Non-Spike Character), can the vampire move twice during the day?

A vampire (other than Spike) with both Spike's Car and Ring of Prophecy attached gets ONE move per Day turn. The cards are not cumulative. Spike would, of course, get two moves, but that's because of the text on Spike's Car, not because he also has a Ring of Prophecy attached. Spike would only get two moves per Day turn even if he had 3 Spike's Cars attached to him.


Do 2 rings allow you to move twice in the day?

No, The Ring isn't cumulative


Rocket Launcher  - see Silver Locket


Sentient Cheerleading Trophy      

Can the Sentient Cheerleading Trophy be used to discard any minion at Madison House?

Yes.  Since the Madison House grants the Spellcraft trait to all characters located there.


Silver Locket / Rocket Launcher / Orb of Thesulah

Discard SL to gain +3 charm during a Challenge

In order to use this item, it must be attached to one of the characters facing the challenge.

Discarding Silver Locket gives the character +3 Charm, so I Quit and Superior Fighting could be used with the discard items.

You can, however, play Silver Locket into a talent stack from your hand during a challenge, but (like any item, skill, or episode card) it would only count for +1 to the talent of your choice.


Slayer Kryptonite      

Can Faith trade the Slayer Kryptonite to another character?

If a card says "assign to a slayer" then it cannot be traded unless it is to another slayer.


If someone put a Slayer Kryptonite on my character, can I use Clumsy Fingers/ Trading Clothing it to drop it?



I have Buffy with a Slayer's Kryptonite, can I put a Quarterstaff on her and drop the Kryptonite off?



Can I swap Slayer Kryptonite to my opponent's slayer?

No, you can only swap items between characters you control



If I discard the Bat Sonar, I get +2 Weirdness But do I still get the +1 (for a total of +3) from the Sledgehammer, since I am actually discarding the item the Sledgehammer would be giving a bonus?

Yes, you are still getting a bonus from an item, so you still get a bonus from Sledgehammer (for a total of +3). The Sledgehammer card does not say the item still has to be in play, it just says you get a bonus from Sledgehammer if you are getting a bonus from an item.


What happens when I have Pack Rat on one of my characters allowing him or her to carry three items and one is the Sledgehammer and the others are Stake & Crossbow and Bat Sonar? Does the Sledgehammer give +1 to Butt Kicking and +1 to Weirdness?

Sledgehammer is basically like Spike's Essence for items only.  If you have a character who can carry more than 2 items, you can put 2 items that boost talents, plus a Sledgehammer, on that character.  The Sledgehammer will then give +1 to all talents the other items are boosting.

Therefor, having the Glove of myg, fire axe, and a sledgehammer gives the character +4 Butt-Kicking, and +2 to each of their other talents


So I guess this means that if Hank Summers, for example, had a Pack Rat, three Sledgehammers and a Stake & Crossbow, this would give him +10 Butt Kicking: each Sledgehammer gives +1 for the Stake & Crossbow and 2 more for each other Sledgehammer. Is that right?

That sounds about right, although Pack Rat can't assign to Companions.  1630 Revello Drive, however, would work.  Or give him Varsity Training. My Hank Summers usually gets Varsity Training, Pack Rat and Fast Pace along with the aforementioned items. Then he goes out and slays vampires. His daughter would be so proud.


Discarded items

Because Sledgehammer's card text simply reads "If another item is giving this character a bonus..." and Rocket Launcher is an item, you get a bonus from the sledge hammer, when the item is discarded


Moloch is my main character, he has a Metal Robot Body on him, which according to his essence gives him +3 butt kicking, +2 weirdness, and -1 charm.  I play a sledgehammer on him.  Does he get a +1 butt kicking and +1 weirdness from the hammer?  His essence is what is giving him the bonus but it is because of the item that this is happening.  Sledgehammer reads "If another item is giving this character a bonus Sledgehammer gives the character +1 to that talent." What if I have tome of Moloch on Moloch.  The tome gives a +2 smarts with the sledgehammer, but does the sledgehammer give a +1 to Moloch's buttkicking too because of Moloch's level 1 character card?

The sledgehammer would only affect the Tome for the smarts boost. This is because all the other talent bonus are not coming from an item, but another source.


Spellcasting Dolls

Heroes and Companions that do not have Spellcasting Dolls  can only attempt Good Challenges. So Lily would need her own Spellcasting Dolls  to help Buffy and go for the extra point. Every character would need their own Dolls  to partake in a Challenge that was against their nature.

Likewise, Angel would need Spellcasting Dolls  to help with the Good Challenges if he's been turned by Moment of True Bliss .


New kid on the block

has no effect on Spellcasting Dolls as all the dolls do is allow a character to enter a challenge. Once in, the dolls have no other effect, and so there is no point in cancelling them


Symbol of Anyanka      

This says must be attached to Anya or Anyanka.  Does this mean that she does not have to be your main since it does not say Anya or Anyanka only?

Yes, you can use the Symbol of Anyanka if she is not your main


Tome of Mediocrity (See Glove of Myhnegon)



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