March 2004


Army Base      

Army Base says, "During the Prologue Step, if you have at least two refreshed characters here, all your opponents must discard two cards, if possible." Is this discarding an action taken by me or by my opponent? Example: I'm the active player so I have the initiative. My opponent has 1 card in his hand. That card happens to be an Event. Can I as my first action during the Prologue Step force him to discard, or can he first play the event and then choose to discard?

It would be your action, with the discarding being the effect of the action. Your opponent would have to discard the cards before he got to play any cards or take any actions. Unless it's specifically stated otherwise, your action resolves completely before your opponent has the chance to take an action.


Bizarro Streets of Sunnydale      

The character is only considered to be in the park for the purpose of controlling the park, nothing else. I.E. He can move from the streets to “the Nest", but can not attempt a challenge in the park from the streets. As for controlling the park, characters at Bizarro Sunnydale Street are considered to be in the park. So you need to control both locations.


Primal connection

Primal connection doesn't check to see if you control the park, it checks to see if 1. the character is in the park, and 2. if there are no opposing characters. Therefore the Bizarro Streets do not activate / has no effect on Primal Connection.


Bizarro Sunnydale High School

Do you have to refresh after the 1st skill to get the second skill before that resource step ends?

Yes, you need to refresh, same as using Doug Perren. E.G. use Confrontation, Real Literary Like, Jenny Calendar. Combine that with Book Cramming and you can get 4 skills in one turn.


Espresso Pump location

If you have one fatigued character there your opponent MUST refresh that character at the end of the Resource Step?

This would seem to be the case. There is no "may".  The timing is indicated, and the "if possible" only kicks in when your opponent has a character there.


Hyena Exhibit / Library

A character gains the +1 weirdness only at this location. Moving away from the location means to loose the +1 weirdness.


Initiative base  - See SHS Lawn


Lowell house

The word "place" covers any possible way a character card could be physically relocated to a new location (whether it be a normal move, a relocate-move, or "place" in the case of Ken, placed from hand or placed at the beginning of the game or resurrected). Basically, Ken gives us the precedence to use the word place. In this case, whenever a Buffy or Faith card is physically relocated to the Lowell House, they fatigue. Note that if using the compound bow to get there, the fight has already started before Buffy moves, so she is refreshed when the fight stats, but counts as fatigued when her combat total is worked out.


Can buffy or faith move this opponent's location from the park - they fatigue from moving from the park and again fatigue to move to the house so can they double fatigue?

Yes. The effective double fatigues results in one fatigue.


Natural History Museum

Any challenge that can be played to the "Natural History Museum" must be played there. My opponent has a challenge at the museum. I want to move it to my location using "Oh, The Other Cemetery". Once I pick it up there is an open spot at the museum. Do I have to play the challenge back to the museum?

 With regards to OTOC and the Natural History Museum, the distinction lies in the difference between "play" and "relocate".  You cannot relocate a location-specific challenge with OTOC because there is no other legal location to relocate it to. 

With regard to Natural History Museum, "play" as specifically referring to when the challenge is taken from the top of the challenge deck and put into "play" at a location on the board.  "Relocate" refers to changing the location of a challenge that is already in play.  Therefore, NHM's ability only works when a challenge is put into play and would not effect a challenge that is moved with OTOC.


Sunnydale City Morgue –

Can you only do the search during the resource step, or at any time?  Right now, I could fatigue a character during my Draw Step and then have them Refresh in the very next step.

It's any time


Sunnydale Funeral Home      

Does this hide who is a minion so when Join the Pep Squad is played you don't have to discard minions who are there?

The Funeral Home does not cancel out Traits, including Human, Vampire, Villain, Hero, Minion, Companion, Spellcraft, Demonology, Occult, etc. It only cancels out effect text. Nor does it cancel out character manes, so Buffy can still use Confrontation


Does this location allow Charm Buffy to start fights?



Sunnydale School Hallways

Moving to a school location from this location does not count as a move". Does the school location you're moving to have to be an adjacent location? Or can it be on the opposite side of the long as it's a school location?

You still have to go adjacent, it doesn't say you can go anywhere. However, if that adjacent location is also a School location (or you use Fast Pace to go to a non-adjacent school location), it does not count as a move for your character.


SHS Lobby

Let's say my locations are set up, clockwise, as follows:  SHS Football Fields, SHS Lobby, SHS Hallways, SHS Auditorium.  When it is my turn to move, I move Buffy from SHSFF to SHSL.  My opponent moves.  Can I now move Buffy from SHSL to SHSH?  I have no moves left with Buffy, but the card text says it does not count as a move.

You are correct.


SHS Lawn

Does its forced movement use up your opponent’s character move for the turn or not?

The school lawn wouldn't use up the character's move, since the movement originates from special text rather than as an action of the player controlling the character.


Can you pull characters from non-adjacent sites with this?

You can move minions or companions form anywhere on the board.



It can get vampires during a day


What about if Xander had been at Sunnydale Park when I summoned him to the Lawn?"

The Lawn doesn't count as a move, so even coming from the Park would not fatigue the character.

Also, as it is not a move, it can get already moved/fatigued characters


St Du Lac Mausoleum

When a character at the Du Lac Mausoleum wants to go get an item they are considered fatigued when they get it and therefore need consider their reduced talent ratings when considering the talent requirements of the item they fetch?

Yes. Therefore, a 3 BK character like Spike, Luke, and Buffy cannot use the Mausoleum to attach a Quarterstaff (unless they had another Item, Skill, or effect raising their BK above 3). I.E. you fatigue the character as soon as you announce that you are using the St Du Lac


The nest

Does the nest count as a movement restriction?

The Nest only applies to "regular" movement, not to movements that don't "count as a move".  If it "doesn't count as a move" (like Hit the streets) then you ignore the movement restriction on the location.


Vampire Mansion      

I have boost both Spike and Dru if they're both in the Mansion?



If I have Spike at the Vamp Mansion in the prologue step and move him, does he still get the +1 to the talent of his choice when he moves?

He retains the +1.  The character only has to be present at the Mansion in the prologue step.


Can I choose a different talent for each character?

Yes.  If you have Spike, Drusilla, and Angelus all at the Vampire Mansion, you can choose to give each one of the characters +1 in a different talent if that's what you wish to do.


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