March 2004


A Thing

A character with 3Bk and fire axe wants to attach the compound bow (needs 4BK). Now, I have A Thing attached to my main. What happens?

From the item FAQ: the old item is discarded only after the new is attached. Therefore, A Thing is used after the bow starts to attach. This results in the fire axe not discarding, which means that the bow cannot complete its attachment to the character, and hence the compound bow must be discarded


If I have Quality Rage on my Main and my opponent tries to add a Compound Bow to his Evil Faith who has a Stake & Crossbow already attached, can I discard QR to stop it?  If so, what happens to the CB?  Does it return to his hand or get discarded?

It has been said that you first attach the item to your character, then discard the one that is too much. So in this case you attach the Compound Bow, then I discard the Skill and he can't discard the Stake & Crossbow (for example) so he has to discard the Compound Bow.


Works on cards like Clumsy Fingers, No More Soul, Chains, Candy Bars, Slayer's Kryptonite, Manacles, Rocket Launcher, Orb of Thesulah, and Silver Locket.


Does not work on An Innocent Guillotine. The discarding of An Innocent Guillotine during the Movement Step is an automatic trait of the item itself, not caused by an action by the opponent.  Quality Rage and A Thing specifically state that it prevents an item from being unattached from a character "whenever your opponent tries to unattach an item from" that character.  It does not prevent automatic discarding abilities that are part of the item itself, as in the case of An Innocent Guillotine.



Can you then have someone stunt-double for the character with Chaperone attached? Example: Hero Cordelia Level 1 has Chaperone attached.  Angelus starts a fight with her.  She wants Buffy to stunt double for her to get the +3 BK.  Can Buffy stunt-double for Cordelia?  And Cordelia would still be the one to fatigue, correct?

There's nothing on the card that states that Stunt-Doubling is prohibited, so Buffy could Stunt-Double for Cordelia in your scenario.  But Cordelia would still be fatigued at the beginning of the Fight/Discard stage.


If I have ghost willow (may not be in a fight) with Chaperone attached, can my opponent attack anyone at her location?

Your opponent could not start a fight at all at the same location where Ghost Willow has Chaperone attached, while she is refreshed


What happens when Chaperone is used in multi-player - If player A has Buffy with Chaperone, can player B attack player's C character who is at Buffy's location?

Your opponent must attack Buffy with the Chaperone attached even if the other opponent has a character available to attack because the card does not specify that the opponent cannot attack any of your characters if you have a character with Chaperone attached.  It says that your opponent cannot attack ANY characters at the location where the opponent with Chaperone is.


Class Protector    

Slayer's Burden and Unwelcome Surprise over rules Class Protector therefore you can not stunt double if SB is in play or if he plays US


Cross-Referencing / Demonology PhD / Necronomenclature

Skills like Cross-Referencing , Demonology, Ph.D, etc.... Are those cumulative or total.  For ex.  If I've got Jenny Calendar, Willow and Xander with the Computer trait and all have Cross-Referencing attached, do I get 3 extra Destiny points for a challenge requiring Computer trait (provided they all do defeat it) or is it just the one extra point?

The effects of all skills are cumulative. So, yes, 3 Characters with the Computer Trait defeating You can Trust the Technopagan would result in 3 extra Destiny points. And if a single character had multiple copies of the skill, he would also benefit per skill as well


Let's say it is night and Bizarro Buffy (with Scully Me) and Ripper are at Football Field, and An American Werewolf in Sunnydale is at this location. I attach Necronomenclature to Bizarro Buffy (since she has Scully Me) without fatiguing (via the card power of Football Field). Next, my opponent uses Lounging to discard the Scully Me. Bizarro Buffy and Ripper attempt and beat the challenge. Do I get the extra Destiny Point from Necronomenclature?



Demonology PhD (See Cross-Referencing)


Fast Pace      

If you put Fast pace on a Vampire can he move during the day?

A vampire with Fast Pace attached can move during the day if they have either The Ring Of Prophecy or Spike's Car attached as well. Fast Pace does not affect whether your character can move, it only affects where your character can move to. So if you can't move without it, you can't move with it, either. But if you can move, it lets you go anywhere you want to go. Also, at night vamps can use it twice


You move into one of your opponent's locations from the Park, does the character still fatigue?

Yes as you are still moving from the park to an opponent's location. Likewise moving a villain to the Sunnydale High School Auditorium using Fast Pace fatigues the character


Does Fast Pace  let me move to any location as many times as I want?

Fast Pace allows you to move to any location in Sunnydale during the Movement Step, but your character still uses a movement to do this. For example, a vampire cannot use Fast Pace to move during the day, but he can use it for the two times he can move at night.


Cards like Run, Fast! that do not count as a move, do not work with Fast Pace.


Knife Practice

Bizarro Buffy (with a Watcher Training, Knife Practice, and 2 Stake & Crossbows) and Ripper (with Knife Practice and a Fire Axe) are both refreshed at the Hospital. It is Resource Step, so I fatigue Bizarro Buffy to give Ripper +8 Butt-Kicking (via Knife Practice), giving Ripper 12 Butt-Kicking for the remainder of the turn. Then, I discard an Action card from my hand to refresh Bizarro Buffy (via the card power at the Hospital). Next, I fatigue Ripper to give to Bizarro Buffy +12 Butt-Kicking (again via Knife Practice) giving her 20 Butt-Kicking for the remainder of the turn. Is this legit?


Major Wiggins

Counts as their skill for the turn. Conversely, if they've already attached a skill, Major Wiggins can't be attached unless a card effect changes that


Necronomenclature (See Cross-Referencing)


Quality Rage (See A Thing)


Slayer's Fortitude

If I have 3 Slayers with Slayer's Fortitude on them at my opponent's location as she is attempting a challenge will I draw 5, 7 or 9 cards?

Slayer's Fortitude is cumulative, so it'd be 9.


Machiavellian Ingenuity (See Wisdom)


Primal Connection

"While this character is at Sunnydale Park, and your opponent has no characters there, you are considered to have 2 extra Destiny Points you can use to ascend your characters and/or win the game"

does not actually give you destiny points. It just says you are "considered to have" two more points for all purposes. You don't actually move your destiny point counter up by two. The ones from Primal Connection are not permanent as they go away if you're not alone in the park or conditions on the card are not met.


Will multiple Primal Connections on the same character have a stacked effect?

Primal Connection DOES stack... so, if you have 3 Primal Connections in the park, and your opponent is nowhere to be seen, you have 6 "almost real" destiny points. You would get 2 for each card. So, if you had 2 PC's in play on one or two characters in the park unopposed you would have 4 destiny to use to win the game or ascend characters. If you have 3 PC'c you would have 6 destiny to use.


1) Spike with 2 Primal Connection (PC) attached = +4D

2) Spike with 2 and Darla with 1 PC's attached = +6D

3) Spike, Darla and Drusilla with each 1 PC attached = +6D


When does this take effect?

It takes place as soon as you enter the park.


Real Literary-Like

If you assign Real Literary-Like to a character can that person have more than one skill attached per turn?

Still only one skill can be attached per turn.


Slayer's Training

It lets you ascend a level 1 straight to level 3 without having to go through level 2 first.  You still need the required DP to get the level 3 in play, though.


Spells, Curses and Whammies (See Knife Practice)



I thought we could already swap items so what does this card do?

This skill allows maxed-out item carriers to trade items as well. Swapping allows only one item at a time. Two characters with two items each used to be stuck with they had unless they brought in someone to swap around with or discarded an item.


Swapping vs Trading? Is there a distinction between "Swapping" an item and "Trading" an item? Example: Candy Bars states that it cannot be SWAPPED. Can it then be TRADED i.e. reassigned? Say I have Willow, as my main, equipped with Telekinesis and she has Candy Bars attached to her. Can I then reassign Candy Bars to another Hero at the same location? Example, I have Kendra out with a Bat Sonar, I use the Telekinesis' card power to reassign Candy Bars to Kendra and have the Bat Sonar be assigned to Willow?

That's what Telekinesis is for. Yes, Candy Bars, Mark of Eyghon, and Love Tattoo can all be TK'd.


You cannot reassign Candy Bars to a C/M. It must be reassigned to a H/V. Correct?

it means that you couldn't reassign if the character has one item that's illegal for the other character, even if all the other items are legal.


Telepathic Block
How does this card interact with cards like Manacles or Hypnotic Grasp?

The player wouldn't get to look at your hand, just choose which card(s) to discard, randomly


The Look (See Wisdom)


Tutoring (See Knife Practice)


Wavering Power

skill it states; "Drusilla only. Whenever Drusilla uses her card power to draw cards, she draws 1 additional card. Limit 1 per deck." Now, I know how this works for the basic draw cards effects (Drusilla lvl 1 and new Dru lvl 2), But how does this work for the PP Drusilla lvl 2 and 3?

It does nothing for the PP Dru L2 and L3, as they say look at the top 5 cards.... Choose one of those cards and place it into your hand. There is no statement saying choose one and draw this card. This is one of the very good and exact wordings.


Weapons Expert      

Stake and crossbow, reads "Character gains +1 Butt-Kicking, and an additional +1 Butt-Kicking against vampires

The crossbow gives +2BK against vamps, so Weapons expert doubles it to +4. If Spike - as your Main - has the Stake & Crossbow  and Weapons Expert  while facing a vamp, he gets a +6. (S&C for 2 + Essence to make it 3, then doubled to 6.)


Wisdom / The Look / Machiavellian Ingenuity

I have the AC Buffy (0BK, 5C) with The Look skill attached, and a fire axe (1BK). Now the look says replace her Bk with her Charm, does this include items/skills/actions, so in the above example would she have 5 or 6 BK.? If it does also affect skills, does the Diana's Touch skill (+3C)?

LOOK replaces 1BK(from axe) with the 5CH so now you have 5 BK. Diana's touch and Look lets you replace the 1BK with 8CH so now you have 8BK. Basically, when using The Look and the other "talent changers", add up all modifiers other than talent stacks, then switch numbers, then add in talent stacks. (The reason you add the talent stacks last is because the cards say "talent stacks are excluded from this effect."). Note that you do not have to discard the card (see the Current Rulings Document for an errata), its just an option you have to boost your fight total. Therefor, the character’s talents, his items and his skills are affected by Wisdom, but not the talent stack.


Machiavellian Ingenuity, The Look, Wisdom - You can activate this card during the resolution of the challenge or fight.  So can your opponent respond to your activating it by playing more cards to the talent stack?  If not, these are very powerful, because your opponent must always make sure their talent stack is high enough to beat you even if you activate these skills.

 Machiavellian Ingenuity et al- Once you're in the resolve step, there's no more boosting.  So these skills are great bluff cards.


Machiavellian Ingenuity (or wisdom or the look) Affects only the character that had it attached, right?  So the whole fight then wouldn't be changed to weirdness or whatever.  It would be my weirdness v their buttkicking?

Yes, you are correct. Note that your weirdness includes bonuses from essences, attached items and skills, which boost weirdness. Talent stacks are excluded from this effect


In layman's terms, how do you play Machiavellian Ingenuity?

Machiavellian Ingenuity is attached to a character during the Resource Step, like any other Skill, as long as the character can meet the 3 Weirdness Talent Requirement. Then, whenever that character is participating in a Fight or Challenge, you have the option of discarding MI to replace that character's Butt-Kicking total with his Weirdness total. You may only discard MI, The Look, and Wisdom during the Fight/Resolve or Challenge/Resolve phases, after Talent stacks are made. You do not have to use MI if you don't want to, you can save it for a later Fight or Challenge; but you DO have to discard the card in order to use its effect.

Example: Your copy of The Master is in a Fight against your opponent's Buffy. The Master has Machiavellian Ingenuity, Body of a Dead Cheerleader, Bat Sonar, and Watcher Training attached. The Master has 3 Weirdness and 2 Butt-Kicking printed on his level 1 card, so going into the Fight he has a total of 5 Weirdness (3 + 1 for BoaDC +1 for Bat Sonar) and 4 Butt-Kicking (2 + 2 for Watcher Training).

You each draw 5 cards in the Draw phase of the Fight, and then move into the Battle phase and start playing Talent Stacks.

Buffy has 3 Butt-Kicking and 2 Weirdness, but she plays Choke Hold to raise her Butt-Kicking to 6. Choke Hold raises her BK directly, and doesn't count as a card in a Talent stack. Buffy's winning, 6 BK to 4 BK.

You play Old Madison Body Switch into a Talent Stack to boost your Butt-Kicking by 2. Now you're tied, Buffy's 6 BK to your 6 BK (4 + 2 from a BK Talent Stack).

Buffy plays Anywhere But Here into her BK Talent Stack to boost her BK by 2. Buffy's winning, 8 BK (6 + 2 from BK Talent Stack) to 6 BK (4 + 2 from BK Talent Stack).

You play Creep Factor and change the resolving Talent to Weirdness. Now, you're winning, 5 WE to 2 WE.

Buffy starts a new Talent Stack, this one for Weirdness, by playing Oh, the *Other* Cemetery to boost her WE by 2. You're still winning, though, 5 WE to 4 WE (2 + 2 from WE Talent Stack).

Because you're winning, you Pass.

Buffy plays an Item, Empty Puppet Case, into her Weirdness Talent Stack to raise her WE by 1. Now you're tied, your 5 WE to her 5 WE (2 + 3 from WE Talent Stack).

You discard Bat Sonar to use it's effect. This immediately raises your Weirdness by an extra +1, since instead of giving a +1 WE boost, the Bat Sonar now raises your WE +2 until the end of the Fight. This does not count as a card in a Talent Stack. You're winning again, 6 WE to 5 WE (2 + 3 from WE Talent Stack).

Buffy plays Flashy Sword Fight for it's effect... this boosts her Butt-Kicking by 1 and changes the resolving Talent of the Fight back to Butt-Kicking. Buffy still only has one card (Anywhere But Here) in her BK Talent Stack. Buffy's winning again, 9 BK (7 BK + 2 from BK Talent Stack) to 6 BK (4 + 2 from a BK Talent Stack). 

You play the last BK boosting card in your hand - Thrown to the Hyenas - into your BK Talent Stack to raise your BK another 2. Looks like trouble, because Buffy's still winning, 9 BK (7 + 2 from BK Talent Stack) to 8 bk (4 + 4 from BK Talent Stack).

Buffy's winning, so she passes.

You have no more BK boosting cards, so you pass. Since you both passed, you go to the Resolve phase.

Now, going into the resolve phase, The Master's Talents look like this:

The Master has 4 Butt-Kicking.

The Master has a Butt-Kicking Talent Stack worth 4 BK.

The Master has 6 Weirdness.

The Master has no Weirdness Talent Stack.

So, you can now discard Machiavellian Ingenuity to replace your Butt-Kicking with your Weirdness. The Butt-Kicking Talent Stack is not included in this, and, if you had a Weirdness Talent Stack, that would not be included either. Only your base talents (character card plus Items, Skills, and effects like the discarded Bat Sonar) count.

You discard Mach. Ingenuity, and your 4 BK becomes a 6 BK - the old Bk value being replaced by your Weirdness.

Now, when resolving the Fight, you can add your shiney new 6 BK to your BK Talent Stack worth 4 BK. Your new BK total for the Fight is 10... The Master wins!!!


Wisdom replacing BK

MI, Wisdom, The Look only replace Butt-Kicking with another Talent, they don't switch the Talents. So if Collin (0 BK, 4 Smarts) discarded Wisdom, he would have 4 BK and 4 Smarts, not 4 BK and 0 Smarts.


AC Buffy with Slayer Kryptonite

AC Buffy versus Faith in BK fight AC Buffy has 0BK plus slayer's kryptonite so she has a total of         -2BK to Faith's total of 4BK. Still in resolve AC Buffy discards Look replacing her -2 with her 5 from Charm- now you total the scores and AC Buffy beats Faith with 5BK to Faith's 4BK



Chains makes your character's Butt-Kicking 0.  Using one of the replacement skills, you replace 0 BK with X CH, We, or Sm



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