March 2004


If I ascend a character and then lose enough Destiny Points to put me below the Destiny Requirement for ascension, does my character lose a level?

No. After you ascend the character, you do not lose levels if you go below the Destiny Point requirement.


If I ascend a character, can I use any effects of my lower levels?

No. You may only use the talents, traits, and effects on the highest level of that character.  Once you ascend, you do not get to use anything from the previous levels.


Can a fatigued character ascend?

If they can, does that next level of character come into play also fatigued or lemony-fresh?

Ascending a character does not fatigue or refresh it, it just replaces the current level with the next one higher. So if they're fatigued, they stay fatigued after the ascension.


If you can put challenges into play at Sunnydale Park, can you put characters into play at Sunnydale Park?

Nope.  You can put challenges into play anywhere, but can only place you people at your locations, not at your opponent’s or at the Park. Characters can only be brought into play to your 4 locations. Items and skills can be brought into play any where. Challenges can go to any location, your opponents and the park. Unless you have a card like the WW1 Spike which lets you bring a character into play at that card's location, wherever that may be at the moment.


The Rule Book stats: "If a Hero or Villain is a Main Character and they are placed in the discard pile, they are still unique because their Essence is still in play."

This means that you can never player a copy of your opponent’s main character, unless it is also your main character.


Higher levels in hand

If you have enough Destiny Points for a Buffy level 3, but you don't have the card in hand, then you cannot go up a level.  You need to have at least x Destiny Points (x being noted on the Level 2 and Level 3 cards as a Destiny Point Requirement) and the card in your hand in order to go up.


Are different levels of the characters considered the same card? Can I have 3 level 1 Buffys and 3 level 2 Buffys and 3 level 3 Buffy in a deck? Or is it one L1, one L2, and one L3.

They are considered different cards. You may have up to three cards of each character level in your deck. So, three L1, three L2, and three L3. However, if there are multiple version of a character at the same level (like Spike, with his PP L1 and the promo L1), you can still only have three cards of that level. So, playing two promo Spike L1s and one PP Spike L1 would be legal; playing 3 promos and 3 regular would not.  Note this means that you can have both versions of Spike Level 1, and choose which version to start with on a game-by-game basis.


Can fatigued characters be given items?

Yes. Fatigued characters can be given items.


I play Buffy as my main character and start with her AC level 1. Am I allowed to exchange it with the PP level 1 when I have it in my hand during the Resource Step?

No. There is no swapping of characters while the character is in play. If however, Buffy’s AC Level 1 is trashed in a fight and you have Buffy PP Level 1 in your hand, you can then bring it on out. You can resurrect either version of your L1 main character. The only way you are able to "swap" your level 1's is if the in play character leaves play, you can then replace it with a different version in hand.

The only restrictions placed on resurrection are:

1) your main character's lv 1 must be in your discard pile

2) you may only resurrect your main character's lv 1 card once per turn


If I only have (for ex:)Angel L3 and no Angel L1 or L2, can I still play him, or does every character start off with L1 and ascend?

Only L1 characters can be brought into play, even if you have the destiny required to ascend the characters. Once the L1 card is out, you may then ascend them as soon as you meet the Destiny requirements. Oh, and yes, you have to ascend them in order. No skipping a level.


Main character

Your main character is the same as your essence card, and your starting level 1 character is the L1 version of your main character.


Can there be multiple copies of character cards in play?

The only personality you can have more then one of in play is The Three.  If the personality is a supporting character you can both have 1 copy of that personality in play.  You can only have your opponent’s main character if it is also your main.


If a main character dies in a fight and they had skills or items do they lose the skills and/or items when they go to the discard pile and then when they are resurrected?

Characters that are resurrected come back with nothing on 'em.


How can supporting characters (heroes and villains) ascend? Can I use the main character's Destiny Points for this?

Characters don't have Destiny Points, players do.  You can ascend a character if YOU have enough Destiny to do so.


Fatigued characters have -1 on all talents. Is this only valid for the attached cards and the whole talent points? Or also on each card in a fight when I'm boosting talents?

The character gets -1 from the total talent value whenever it's checked. 


How do essence cards work, do you have to play the character as your main to use their essence, and do you get the power for the entire game

Your essence card stays on the table at all times and provides the benefit of its text at all times. Your opponent cannot play a copy of that character unless it is also his main character as well. And yes, you must use the character depicted on your essence card as your main character.


Can any character "Ascend" or just the main character? Also, can you ascend more than one character per turn?

All characters can "Ascend", and only 1 level a turn.


When A level above one character is loses a fight and is place in the discard pile, all copies below it are place there too, correct?



When you "Resurrect" a main character is it just the level one character, all the characters, or the one just discarded?

Only level 1


Can characters have negative talent values?

Yes. Characters can have negative talent values.  So, if you had a character with 0 Butt-Kicking with Morning Person they would have -1 Butt-Kicking during the night.


If your main character is Master and you have a Collin card then you do  "control" Collin?

Any character you have in play is a character you control.


Fatigued characters

Fatigued characters can still use their card text, including traits. Fatiguing only affects your talent values (-1 to all) and prevents you from moving (to opponent’s location from the park), initiating fights or challenges, or doing anything that requires you to fatigue.


Varsity Training and discard - Sucked Dry's card text reads Minion or Companion.  Is a Varsity Trained Uncle Enyos who dies in a fight is now  vulnerable to Sucked Dry?

Varsity Training and Animal Intensity don't affect Sucked Dry, because once a character is in your discard pile, no items or skills remain attached.  So if you give Uncle Enyos Varsity Training and he dies in a fight, your opponent can still play Sucked Dry to move him to your crypt. As Sucked Dry is played in the Resource phase, any defeated Minion or Companion would already be in the discard pile, hence no attached cards, hence off to the crypt they go


Fatigued characters & Skills?

If fatiguing is the cost of an effect, and that cost is taken away, ignored, or otherwise blanked, a fatigued character may use that effect. In the case of skills, the character must of course still follow the rule that she may only attach one skill per turn.


Does a Lv 2, 3, or 4 version of your MC count as your MC? Can you resurrect Lv 2, 3, or 4 of your MC?

Nice try, but no.


Can I resurrect a MC that was not killed? (i.e. Discarded for one reason or another)

Yes. To "resurrect" means to take a copy of your main character out of the discard pile and into play.


Can I resurrect my MC if he or she is in play? (i.e. I play another copy of my MC before resurrecting or another copy was discarded earlier)

You cannot resurrect a copy of your MC if your MC is still in play


Giles is the main character. Is it possible to use his lvl 1 ability (Essence card keeps him from fatiguing), ascend him, then use his lvl 2 ability? He didn't fatigue any of those times, and are different  abilities.

You can use his ability after you ascend him. Each version of Giles says once per resource step, but since it's a new card with new text you're still only using each text once per resource step.



You put you MC on top of your discard pile. If your discard pile has not been reshuffled into your draw deck, you can resurrect him/her as a resource step. The MC is placed directly into play at any of your locations. If your discard pile has been reshuffled into the draw pile, then you have lost your MC until you draw him/her naturally back into your hand (you can not look through the draw pile for him, just the discard pile).


You cannot play any supporting Heroes or Villains if you already have 5 or more supporting Heroes or Villains in play

Whenever you want to put a Hero or Villain into play, ask this question: "Do I have 5 or more supporting Heroes or Villains in play?"

If the answer is yes, you cannot play the character.

If the answer is no, then the character may be placed into play.

The rule doesn't force you to discard characters in play, it only restricts your ability to put new characters out on the table.

Anytime a companion or minion becomes a hero/villain (via AI, VT, or MotB), you're changing a Trait on a character that's already in play. You are not playing a new character.

It is possible to have as many as 12 H/V in play at one time (Main Character + play 5 H/V + use 3 Varsity Training/Animal Intensity + 3 Candy bars which are then discarded), as long as you use VT/AI and discard the bars after you put the others in play. Also playing L2 heroes onto L1 companions does not count as a hero play so you can use this upgrade after you reach your 6 hero limit


With 5 supporting H/Vs already in play, you couldn't play the Companion Angel if Moment of True Bliss was in play, because he has already been upgraded to Villain status. Likewise, putting Snyder into play at a School location counts as putting a Villain into play.


These count as putting a villain into play:

Putting Companion Angel into play if Moment of True Bliss was out

A hero/villain at the Band Candy Warehouse location


These do not count as putting a villain into play:

Putting Snyder into play at a school location


Essences for different sides

Harmony, Spike, and Faith.  Since the '99 essences don't have hero/villain specific effects, can you use the good Harmony and evil Spike characters with those new essences, like you can with Faith?

Notice how some are blue and some are red? Essence cards are linked to "alignment", for lack of a better term. Faith has a special rule for her ability to switch sides [Co99 rulebook p. 43], but Spike, Harmony, and Maggie don't have that rule.


Mayor’s essence

L1 and L2 are human; his L3 is a demon. Compare with Snyder's essence. It says Principal. The "species" on the Essence doesn't affect gameplay.


Same/different characters

These are different characters:

Vamp Willow is not Willow

Vamp Xander is not Xander

Bizarro Buffy is not Buffy

Both Spikes & Hostile 17

As they are different characters, they cannot use X-only cards, or the essences of Willow, Xander and Buffy. Bizarro Buffy does not count as Buffy in terms of uniqueness, therefore you can have both Bizarro Buffy and Buffy in play on your team. You cannot use Buffy Bizarroland to meet the "Buffy must be used to defeat this challenge"-requirements, you also don't get to benefit from Lily, Owen, Scott, or Riley with BB.

While Hostile 17 was Spike, Spike meant nothing to Riley and the Initiative. To the Initiative, Hostile 17 was just another vampire they had captured. Our esteemed game designers obviously intended to make an Initiative Vampire for Riley. However, if that Initiative Vampire's name was Spike or was otherwise unique like Spike,  he couldn't be played if Riley's opponent was a Spike Essence. Therefore, we had to make an Initiative Vampire who wasn't Spike. Hence, Hostile 17. We all know that Hostile 17 is Spike but the game text explains that the card is not Spike. This means that Hostile 17 can be played if your opponent's MC is Spike, nor may the Spike only cards be used with Hostile 17, nor may Hostile 17 be used to defeat Festival of St Vigeous.


These are the same characters

Ripper Giles & Giles

Xander the Zeppo & Xander & Private Harris

“Good” Spike and “Evil” Spike

“Good “ Faith and “Evil” Faith

Willow and Ghost Willow

Buffy and Lady of Buffdom

“Good” Maggie Walsh and “Evil” Maggie Walsh

“Good”  Human Harmony and “Evil” Vampire Harmony

As they are the same character, Ripper Giles may use Giles only cards, and counts as Giles for Challenges and in terms of uniqueness.


These are semi-same characters

Angel & Angelus

Anya & Anyanka

Willow & Dark Willow

Angel may not use the Angelus only cards, nor does he count as Angelus in terms of challenges and vice versa. However, Angle counts as Angelus in terms of uniqueness.


If your main character Essence card refers to your main character by name, e.g. Cordy’s 99 essence, then it means YOUR COPY of that character.  Any other characters mentioned on the card (e.g. Dru’s essence mentions Spike), can be controlled by any player.

Furthermore, if a card mentions its own name in its text, treat it as though it said "This card".  Thus, The Master L3 would read as "Whenever this card defeats a challenge, gain 1 extra Destiny Point."


If I have Darla at the same location as a challenge I am attempting, but do not use her in that Challenge, do I still get the +1 bonus that her card gives?  If Darla and another vamp are at the same location and one or both are fatigued, does the vamp still get the +1 bonus?

Darla gives all other vampires at her location +1 Butt-Kicking, regardless of whether or not she is participating in a challenge, fatigued, etc...  Her card power only requires that she be at the same location.


If I'm doing a Kakistos deck, and my Kakistos has been killed and discarded, in the Prologue step Can I use his essence to 'choose' a character, or does Kakistos actually have to be in play to choose?

Since it is the Essence power you can use it even if Kakistos Lv.1 is not in play.


What would happen if I am at 3 destiny playing a Halloween Scooby and they get crypted?

The Halloween Character goes out of play (under the Essence) and the Lv.1 Character gets crypted.


Ghost Willow's Level 1 doesn't have a BK icon; does that mean she can't even boost BK? Can she learn and use Watcher Training?

She will never have BK. So, if she faces a challenge with BK alone, she will fail. And Watcher Trainings are somewhat wasted on her. Ghost Willow was intentionally designed with NO Butt-Kicking icon.  This doesn't mean that she has zero, instead she has NO BK.  In other words, while you certainly can attach Watcher Training to her, she gains nothing from it.  If she was the only character attempting a challenge and it had a BK number on it she could never complete it by herself.  Again, you could boost BK during a challenge but when you resolve you add the boosts to a characters talents.  Since Ghost Willow has NO BK (not zero BK) you can't add BK to something that doesn't exist.  You can think of her as having a permanent CHAINS on her.  If she had another character with her, that character's BK talent could be used and boosted.  No BK was intentional - Ghost Willow is very strong but you don't want her to be broken.

If Ghost Willow is attacked at Sunnydale Funeral Home, and the final resolving talent is BK, then she loses the fight regardless of opponent’s BK total. In a ghost V ghost fight, with BK as the talent, both characters lose.


After starting a fight with Ripper in the Resource Step, losing the fight, and resurrecting him, can you then start another fight because this is a different card then the one that already started a fight this turn? I know you could look for an item or skill with a Smarts requirement with PP Giles lv 1, ascend to PP lv 2, and then look for any item or skill. Is this the same type of situation or different?

As long as Giles is losing all the fights, there is no reason he couldn't continue to attack.





When playing a Halloween Scooby Essence card, place the Halloween Scooby level 1 card under your Essence card. You begin the game with a normal level 1 card (that matches the character on the Halloween Scooby Essence card) on the table. When you have 2-8 Destiny Points, your normal Main Character card on the table is replaced by the Halloween Scooby level 1 (the normal level 1 is placed under your Essence card). If your Halloween Scooby Main Character card is discarded, place the Halloween Scooby Main Character card under your Essence card and discard your normal level 1 Main Character. If your Halloween Scooby Main Character card is in play while you have 0, 1, 9 or more Destiny Points, your Halloween Scooby level 1 Main Character is replaced by your normal Main Character level 1 (the Halloween Scooby level 1 is placed back under your Essence card).


The Halloween essence applies even during those turns when the standard character is in play.

The Halloween characters can use any card that the standard characters can use. I.e. Lady B can use Choke Hold and if Private Harris had Formal Wear attached, he would get the full +3 Charm as Xander. All of the Halloween characters are considered the same character as their standard versions, and so the uniqueness rule would apply.

Resurrect main: Xander goes to board, then next player, then back to you and then you swap Xander for military Xander from essence because you have 3 points.


Halloween Characters as Supporting Characters - SPECIAL RULES

Example: I build my normal Buffy Deck, but have Xander the Zeppo as a supporting Hero.  I need to declare to my opponent that I have Halloween Private Harris ready as a 'virtual ascension' and would have his card under my Buffy Essence, and then upon reaching 2 through 8 Destiny Points, I would virtually ascend Xander the Zeppo. At 9 Destiny, the Halloween character Private Harris reverts back to whichever Level 1 Xander you started with. (Place Private Harris back under your essence card). NOTE THAT THE HALLOWEEN CHARACTER CARD DOES NOT GO INTO YOUR RESOURCE DECK, AND SO DOES COUNT TOWARDS YOUR BIULD TOTAL.


Ascending companion Xander to Private Harris, means he is now a hero, and so counts to hero limits, Rivalry etc.


Main character sent to crypt      

You can only resurrect a Main Character from the Discard Pile.  if some how, your Main goes to the crypt, then you cannot resurrect that Main character card.  That does not prevent you, however, from resurrecting another copy of your main, as long as it is in your Discard Pile.


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