March 2004


Can  fatigued characters face challenges?  Can fatigued characters start fights?

No to both.  Fatigued characters may not face challenges or start a fight. All characters that initiate the challenge must be refreshed. You cannot have any fatigued characters participating in the challenge at the time it is initiated. However, after the moment of initiation, you can have fatigued characters participate in the challenge. This can happen in two ways: either a participating character becomes fatigued (e.g. Bad Alcohol) or a fatigued character joins the challenge after it has been initiated (e.g. Surprise).


When I place cards into the talent stack, do they immediately boost the character(s)?  Can I use cards placed in the talent stack to meet Talent Requirements on cards?

No. When you place cards into a talent stack, they are not added to any character’s talent until you resolve the fight or challenge. For example, you cannot use your talent stack to boost the Butt Kicking talent of your character from 3 to 7 so that you can use the action card Superior Fighting that has a Talent Requirement of 7 Butt Kicking.


If I lose a fight, what happens to my character?

You character becomes discarded.  If it was your Main Character, you lose 1 Destiny Point.


Can I play challenges in Sunnydale Park?

Yes.  As long as the challenge does not specify where it has to be played, you can play it in Sunnydale Park.


If my opponent uses a card during a fight like I Quit so that she no longer has a character in that fight, what happens?

When you resolve the fight you automatically win since you no longer have an opponent to fight against. Because you won the fight, you still gain your 1 Destiny Point.


The challenge "Breaking the Bones" says that "Buffy must be used to defeat this challenge.  If I don't have Buffy in play can I still attempt the challenge (for the card drawing) even though I know that I can't defeat it?

Yes, you can in that example. The difference is in the wording, whether the requirement is something needed to face the Challenge, or just defeat it. If the Challenge says "X must be used to defeat this Challenge", you can attempt it without X, knowing you will fail.

In instances like "This Challenge may only be faced at night" or "X must be present to face this Challenge", the requirement takes precedence and you can't even attempt the Challenge without first meeting the requirement.


If during a fight a few cards are used to boost Butt-Kicking then a Creep Factor and then a Testosterone is used are the original boosts to BK still in play or were they discarded when the Creep Factor came into play?

The original BK Talent Stack is still in play. Talent Stacks are not discarded until the Resolve Step.


The "Oh, May Queen" challenge says that a trait requirement is Spellcraft.  As long as one of the characters has Spellcraft can six of my characters combine to attempt the challenge even though only one has the Spellcraft trait?

Yes.  Only 1 character has to meet trait requirements.


If you don't complete a challenge does it stay or go?

Stays right where it is so you can try again later. But just to be clear, you can only try it once per turn.


Can someone clear up for me what "legal location" means? (ie: Can I move Pergamum Prophecy using Oh The Other Cemetery?)

 Legal location means if the challenge text specifies anything about the location, then that requirement must be met even when using OtOC. If challenge says subterranean location, you can't move it to School Lawn. If challenge specifies school location, you can't put it in Pool of Blood. Mayhem at the Bronze has to be at the Bronze only. So location-specific challenges like that are unaffected by OtOC.


I wanted to know 1)how the effect of using an action card to BOOST a talent applies when multiple characters are combining their talents to face a challenge. Let's say that you have the Three and Luke in play. respectively, they have 2 BK and 3 BK. They both participate in a challenge to combine their BK talents. I play the action Priority Check, which gives a +2 to BK. Does the +2 go to one of the characters and I pick which one i.e. Luke goes up to 5 BK and Three stays at 2 BK, giving them a combined BK total of 7? or is the +2 bonus only a general modifier to their base BK total and doesn't apply to Luke or Three specifically?

Think of your talent stack (see rulebook, p. 33-34) as an extra character. Your total for the challenge is 3+2+2, where Luke adds 3, The Three adds 2, and your talent stack (with Priority Check) adds 2.

When you play an action to boost talent, it boosts your total for the fight or challenge, not the value of any particular character. Thus if Luke (BK 3) and The Three (BK 2) are in a challenge, their total BK starts at 5; if you play Priority Check to add 2 BK, their total BK is now 7. But Luke's individual BK is still 3 and The Three's BK is still 2. Talent Stacks add to the overall for your group, and not an individual character, including fights.  So, you could not boost a character up to 3 Charm and then use I Quit, or boost Butt-Kicking to 7 and use Superior Fighting.


Do I have to fatigue (rotate) them to indicate they are now participating in the challenge, or do I just say they are participating and leave them alone? 

They stay refreshed until the challenge resolves, then they fatigue, so the –1 to all talents form being fatigued does not apply to the challenge.


The rules state that two copies of the same challenge can not be in play at the same time. Once that challenge has been completed can it enter play again? If, for example, you and your opponent are both playing evil could Abduction be played again if it's already been completed once?

Yes, once a challenge has been completed, another player may play that challenge. Note that as 2 copies of the same challenge may not be in play, the second copy of challenge is placed below your challenge deck and you do not place a challenge into play that turn


Can I put a challenge at any location (challenge permitting) including a location that already has a challenge on it?

You cannot put it on a location that you already have a challenge on. You CAN put it on a location that has one of your opponent's challenges on it. Each location can have one of your AND one of your opponent's challenges on it. If you have a site-specific challenge (like Mayhem at the Bronze)and that site already has one of your challenges on it, then you can't play that particular challenge until the site is cleared by successfully completing the first challenge.


Can my characters "gang up" and beat up the Slayer?

 You can only have 1 person in a fight on each side.


If both people are Hero's can you complete the challenges that your opponent plays?

Yes. Good characters can attempt *any* good challenge. Likewise for evil characters and challenges.


Can you lower the destiny value of a challenge below zero (for example using multiple Shaky on the Dismount)?

No, as destiny points can not have a negative value, the lowest that a destiny value can be lowered to is zero.


Can fatigued characters count in challenge totals? See the rules say that fatigued characters can't attempt, but it doesn't say anything about not helping out.

If the character was fatigued before the challenge began, that character cannot participate in the challenge. During the choose step, which is the first step of the challenge, you must choose only refreshed characters. However, if somehow one of your characters becomes fatigued during the challenge at a later time - for example though the use of a character's special ability - that character continues to participate in the challenge, at the normal -1 to all talents. So yes, fatigued characters can, in rare circumstances, participate in challenges, so long as they were refreshed during the choose step.


When you enter a challenge or conflict and you draw cards for entering do you just use those cards in the challenge/conflict or do you use your entire hand.

Your entire hand. And when you discard down to 5 afterwards, you can keep ANY five cards.  This means that a deck that does a lot of fighting or faces a lot of challenges gets access to a whole lotta cards real fast In fact, since you lose nothing for attempting (at the start of the game as you have 0 destiny) a challenge and failing (except fatigue,of course), it can be smart strategy to attempt a challenge you know you'll lose, just to draw the extra cards


Do you have to go to the location that is holding the challenge or to a fight/battle?

Yes.  You have to have characters physically at the location where you want them to attempt a challenge or fight.  You may not attempt a challenge or a fight from a geographically separated area.


If you run out of challenges, do they recirculate from your crypt?

Challenges go to the crypt and stay there.  You don't cycle them back out again


If you had 5 characters at a single challenge, could each of them attempt the challenge one at a time (for massive card drawing power) or can you only attempt a particular challenge a single time during a turn?

Page 38 in the rulebook states: Although you can face multiple challenges per turn, you can only attempt each challenge once per turn.


During the Prologue step, do both players pull out a new challenge, or just the active player?

Both players can put out challenges and inititate challenges/conflicts. Its just that the active player gets to do things first.


During the Battle/Conflict step, do both players get to initiate a battle and/or conflict, or is the active player the only one who gets to?

Both players can put out challenges and inititate challenges/conflicts. Its just that the active player gets to do things first.


If the villains have one character at the site where the heroes have 3+ and the villain initiates a battle against someone, may more than one person stunt double against the one villain?

Nope only one of the characters (refreshed of course) may step in to stunt-double.


For Talent Stacks, what Icons add to the talent stack, just the ones in the Top Left of the Picture, or the one in the bottom right of the pic or both?

You only get to use one icon, but you get to choose which. When you put the card in the talent stack, you announce which of the two icons you're using. There is no difference between an icon in the upper left and an icon in the middle right.


Do characters fatigue after winning  fights?

If they were the attacker, yes.  If they were the defender, no.  If they were a Stunt-Double, they fatigued at the beginning of the fight.


Blind Panic cannot be played in the middle of a Fight or Challenge.

Basically, in the Conflict Step, your choices are:

1) Start a Fight

2) Attempt a Challenge

3) Play Blind Panic (or any future Conflict Step Actions or abilities)

4) Pass



Both trait requirements and item requirements must be met at the resolution of the challenge. For example, if a challenge requires "spellcraft" the requirement needs only to be met to defeat the challenge. You can still face the challenge without a character having the trait, but you will not be able to win the challenge and if possible you will lose a Destiny Point


Can a fatigued character start a fight?



Can the same character start multiple fights in a turn?

If you can refresh the character between fights you can start multiple fights, like confrontation with Buffy, or the Master's essence...


Do you add the 5 cards you draw to your hand when fighting? Or keep them separate?

The five cards you draw in fights, go with the cards in your hand, so if you don't draw that testosterone in your 5 cards, you can use the one you already had...


Is there a limit to how many hair flips, testosterone, book learning, or creep factors can be played in a fight, or is the limit just three of each type in a deck?

No limit, just what's in your hand


If I initiate a fight, and I win, can my same character initiate another fight during the same turn?

Normally, your character fatigues when they win a fight.  However, if you can refresh your character, e.g. via Confrontation, Wrath of Angelus, Master’s essence, then you can start another fight.


Is there a limit to how many characters may attempt a challenge?

Any number of characters can attempt a challenge.


Does winning a challenge fatigue you?

Attempting a Challenge fatigues all the characters participating, whether you beat it or not.


If you attempt a challenge and fail, you lose some destiny points?  And does it fatigue you?

You only lose on destiny point. And all of your characters are fatigued.


In a fight if your essence (MC) loses, you lose a destiny point.  Do you win a destiny point no matter who you beat (hero or companion or villain or minion)?  Also, do you lose a point if a minion or  companion lose the fight?

If your essence loses a fight you do lose a destiny point but that is the only time you lose one in a fight. If you win a fight you gain one destiny point no matter who is fighting or who started it.


Choose step

You choose characters who fight, or the challenge and character(s) participating in it, when you ANNOUNCE a fight or a challenge - this also starts the fight or challenge. The Choose step happens after this and is for stunt doubling and for cards that are played during the choose step.


Do you lose a destiny point for tying a fight?

Normally, you only lose a destiny point in a fight if the character was your Main Character.  Cards such as Computer Threat may change this. In a tie, you would lose a Destiny Point only if it was your main character, since both characters “lose” the fight and are killed.


During a fight, is only the buttkicking added up, unless a card is played using something different (ex. Creep factor.)?

Only the Resolving Talent in a fight is totalled. The default resolving Talent is Butt-Kicking, so unless a card (like Creep Factor) was played to change the resolving Talent, you would only need to total up Butt-Kicking.


How exactly do you stunt double?

Any refreshed character that's at the same location as the character that was attacked may Stunt-Double. You do not need a card for this, although there are cards that let fatigued characters Stunt-Double or let you bring a Stunt-Double in from another location. If a Stunt-Double loses a Fight, the Stunt-Double is discarded, not the original defender.


Its the Fight/Resolve step of a fight.  My minion presently has the lead in butt-kicking and will be winning the fight.  At what point during the resolve step is victory determined and when does fatiguing occur during the step.  Or in other words can the minion be considered the victor and before fatiguing be discarded to refresh the master or fatigue for St du Lac?

The winner is decided before fatiguing so you could discard your fighter to refresh Master. And here's why: at least one card (Been There, Killed That from Co99) is played AFTER the winner is determined but BEFORE the character fatigues.


Conflict stages

The Conflict step is divided into 4 smaller phases:

Announce the fight/challenge - attacker and attackee are named

Choose- Play Choose phase cards (Unwelcome Surprise). Stunt doubling occurs.

Draw Stage – Draw 5 cards (3 if defending a challenge)

Battle-where the Fighting actually takes place (ie talents stacks, talent changers) until a winner is determined or until both characters will die.

Resolve-any cards such as The Dead Have Risen get played; also when the losing character(s) actually die.

Discard-discard down to 5 cards.


Cheerleader Tryouts. If I'm trying for this challenge and my opponent uses Homeric Insensitivity  on my Cordy, can I still get the +1 Destiny since I started with her?

Nope. All Destiny bonus type effects are checked at the Challenge/Resolve. Since Cordy isn't helping the Scoobies at the Resolve, you can't get the extra point. She wasn't with them to "defeat" it.


Homeric Insensitivity Say you have initiated a challenge and you are at the challenge/choose stage and you announce who will participate, then your opponent plays Homeric Insensitivity. Can you then change who will participate in the challenge, to compensate for the lost character, or do you have to battle the challenge with just those you originally announced (minus the one taken away with Homeric


No, you can not change the number of people in I challenge unless a card lets you (I Quit). It also stops people taking characters out of a challenge that they have now failed via HI to stop them being hit by Hide until it goes away.


This challenge and Grad day part 2

With the use of THIS talent and THIS challenge we indicate that those two words are recursive to the first sentence. So it only works on Ascension of Olivikan and Commencement Ceremonies. It also says FOR this challenge, not DURING this challenge indicating that only the challenge itself is influenced, not any other cards. So you can still play "I Quit".


Talent boosting

As far as boosting Talents goes, you may only boost printed Talents on the card you're boosting. In a fight, both players are boosting Character cards and therefore may boost all 4 Talents (because all characters have all 4 Talents printed on them).

When defending a Challenge, you may likewise boost any Talents printed on the Challenge card. You may not boost Talents that do not appear on the Challenge. The person attempting the Challenge, however, is again boosting Characters, and therefore may boost any of the 4 Talents and therefore can make use of the Love Tattoo. That's why I use the idea of a player being able to make Talent Stacks for the Talents printed on the card they're boosting (and only those Talents).


After I Homeric Insensitivity someone, can they choose to unselect other characters, in order to keep them refreshed for a different challenge or fight?

When you play Homeric Insensitivity, your opponent is already in the Challenge/Choose phase. The Challenge has begun, and will continue through until completion. So you cannot un-select the characters facing the challenge.


When you're defending a Challenge, you are boosting the Challenge card itself. Any characters you may have at that Challenge location are not technically participating in the Challenge. Though some character's game text (like Villain Faith) and some Action cards (like Ambushed) are only applicable if you have a character at the location where your opponent is facing a Challenge, your characters are not participating in the Challenge. Likewise, the items on those characters are not participating in the Challenge, and you could not use Love Tattoo or Disturbing Features while defending in a Challenge. Only items attached to characters participating in a Challenge or Fight may be used in that Challenge or Fight.

If I start a fight and win, does that character fatigue?

Under normal circumstances, the attacking character fatigues when they win a fight.  A notable acceptation is Octarus, whose card power allows him to stay refreshed.


If I am winning in a challenge and my opponent passes, can I still play a card into a talent stack even though it is not necessary to win the challenge?

You could continue playing cards into talents stacks until you had no cards left to play into a talent stack if you so desired.  Why would this be beneficial?  Spike and Competition Appraisal, so you can attach a skill to him. Gwendolyn Post - even after you have won the fight, you may want to play an item or two into your talent stack to be able to attach the items to her when the fight ends.  It's important to remember, though, that as soon as all players pass consecutively the battle step is over. That means if you want to play a card in the battle step, you can't wait to see whether it's beneficial or not unless you're willing to take the chance that the step will end and you won't get the chance to play it. The important example I'm thinking of here is Demon Theory.

Until both players pass in each phase of every stage of every step, play does not progress.


If a challenge is already on the table (ie: Your opponent has their Oh May Queen out when yours comes to the top of yoru challenge deck) then your challenge gets placed on the bottom of your challenge deck, and your next challenge is flipped (and not placed).  As a result, you play no challenge that turn. Note that when your May Queen again reaches the top of your challenge stack, it can be placed into play if your opponent's May Queen has been completed.


Gingerbread does require 2 characters who have the Spellcraft trait. However, there is a distinction within the Buffy CCG between a capitalised Trait Requirement that is at the bottom of a challenge card and an uncapitalized trait requirement that is in the game text of challenge. Willow's Essence card refers to capitalised Trait Requirements. Since Gingerbread doesn't have a capitalised Trait Requirement, Willow's Essence doesn't have any effect if Willow attempts Gingerbread. To further illustrate the difference, let's say we made a card that said, "For the remainder of the turn, ignore all Trait Requirements on challenges.". If you played that card, you would still need 2 characters with Spellcraft to defeat Gingerbread, right? But you wouldn't need any characters with Spellcraft to defeat A Soul's Revenge, right? There are no such things as capitalised Location Requirements or Character Requirements. However, there are obviously uncapitalized location and character requirements.


After losing a fight If Ted goes back to the 50s Time Capsule, The Pack goes back to the Hyena House and Ampata goes back to her side of the board. If they were your main character would you or wouldn't you lose a point?

The rulebook states "If a player's Main Character is discarded from a fight, that player loses 1 Destiny Point." It doesn't say you lose a point because you lost the fight, it says you lose a point if you discard your Main Character as a result of losing the fight.  Since your Main Character is not discarded in the examples you state, no point is lost. A similar situation occurs when you use or I Quit on your Main Character.  The opponent wins the fight and gains a point, but you don't lose a point because your Main Character is not discarded. That's also why if a fight involving your Main Character ends in tie, you still lose a point from discarding the character.

Lady of Buffdom and characters using I quit do not lose a destiny, as they are not discarded.

Ted and The Pack, as they relocate instead of being discarded, do not lose a point.

Ampata loses a Point as her essence says that she is discarded and then is placed back into play.





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