March 2004


How  many Destiny Points do I start a game with?

You start off a game with 0 Destiny Points.


If I have 0 Destiny Points and I lose a Destiny Point, do I go below 0?

No.  Your Destiny Points will never go below 0.


When do I reshuffle my discard pile back into my Resource Deck?

Whenever you try to draw a card and there are no more cards left in your Resource Deck.


At the beginning of the game, can I wait for my opponent to reveal her Essence card before choosing which level 1 I want to start the game with?

No.  Both players reveal their Essence card and their level 1 at the same time, so you cannot change your level 1 after seeing what your opponent is playing.


Items and skill placement

While characters can only be played at your 4 locations, items and skills may be placed on your characters no matter what location they're at.


When my character has a skill or item with a Talent Requirement, and my character’s talent goes below that Talent Requirement do I lose it?

No. You only have to meet the Talent Requirement on a card when you attach it to a character. If your character’s talent goes down you still keep your skills and items.


Does king of the hill (Sunnydale Park) have to be your main character, or can it be a supporting character?

Any character


If I try to use a card with a Talent Requirement, does 1 specific character have to meet the requirement, or can I add up the talents of all of my characters in play to meet the requirement?

Talent Requirements on cards have to be met by 1 character, and you cannot add the talents of multiple characters in play to meet Talent Requirements. During fights and challenges, if you want to use a card that has a Talent Requirement, one of your characters in the fight or challenge has to meet the requirement on the card.


What does Fight/Choose on the bottom of some cards mean? Dose it mean that you can use it in a Fight as well as use it during a Challenge?

A fight is divided into 5 steps.


A. Choose: You Choose a character, which you want to attack and a character you use to attack.

B. Draw: Each Player draws 5 Cards

C. Battle: you build up a talent stack to win the fight

D. Resolve: who won the fight, discard the talent stack, add, subtract the Destiny Point, discard the character which lost the fight and

E. End: Discard if necessary.


An Action Card that says Play only in Fight/Choose can only be played in the Step A. when you choose the two fighting Characters or get chosen by the opponent.


When exactly do I reveal the next Challenge? Is the Challenge considered to be on the top of the Challenge Deck a) until it is played on a location or b) as long as it physically is there? Example: Do I get to see my next Challenge before or after I've played the current one? whether you get to flip over your next challenge the moment you take the first challenge off the top of the deck, before you even put it down?

You reveal the next Challenge at the end of the Prologue phase. I would have to say that the wording on both p. 19 and p. 20 would prevent you from seeing the next challenge before you play the current one. Taking the challenge card off the top of the deck and putting it into play is a single action - you can't stop in the middle of that process and do something else, e.g. turn over the other card.


In Buffy CCG, requirements only have to be met at the time the card is played.

You do not constantly check to see if the requirements are met.

For example: You have 3 Destiny and play Drusilla Level 2. If you then lose a Destiny Point and go down to 2 Destiny, you do not have to discard your Dru Lvl 2, because it was a legal move when it was played.


Talent stacks

Items may be used to boost ANY of the four Talents by one point.

Skills may be used to boost ANY of the four Talents by one point.

Action cards may be used, if they have a Talent Icon in the top left of the card, or in the middle right of the card (next to the word ACTION), to boost the Talent shown in the Icon by the amount printed.

Character cards may NOT be played from your hand to boost Talents in Talent Stacks.

Event cards may NOT be played from your hand to boost Talents in talent Stacks.


Note that playing Items, Skills, and Actions into Talent Stacks is NOT the same as playing the cards normally. The card's normal game text is irrelevant.

The Item Fire Axe, when played in the Resource Step on to a Character, adds +1 Butt Kicking to that Character. However, you can play Fire Axe (or any other item) into a Talent Stack to boost any of the four Talents by one point. When the card goes into a Talent Stack, it's not really a Fire Axe anymore, it's just an Item boosting a Talent.


The stacks boost the talents you think you will need but it still doesn't count during the battle portion of the fight/challenge.  That is important because you can't I Quit or Superior Fighting someone with talent stacks.  During the resolving step of the fight/challenge, you count all your talents that you add up to your character(s) facing the fight/challenge.  The talent stacks only count during resolution of the fight/challenge.  After you completed that, all your talent stacks goes into the Discard pile.  When you start a new fight/challenge, you create new stacks starting at 0 and not with the old ones.


For example, your Spike attacks my Buffy. We each have BK of 3. You set aside a card (an item or skill, or an action with a BK icon) to raise your BK to 4. This creates a BK talent stack for you. I set aside a card to raise my own BK to 4. This creates a BK talent stack for me. You set aside another card into the same stack to raise your BK to 5.

Then I decide to turn the tables. I play Hair Flip, and the resolving talent for the fight is now Charm. My charm is 2 and yours is 0. You set aside a card to raise your charm to 1. This creates another new talent stack for you, this one devoted to charm. I pass. You set aside another card to raise your charm to 2. I set aside a card to raise my charm to 3, which creates yet another new talent stack for me, for charm.

Then - and this is important - all existing talent stacks get discarded. During the next fight or challenge we start over fresh with brand new talent stacks.

If you play one of the cards that changes the resolving talent (Hair Flip, Creep Factor, Book Learning, or Testosterone) you can create new talent stacks to raise the new resolving talent, in exactly the same way you created the former talent stacks.


I should probably mention that the original talent stacks stay on the table and continue to raise your totals until the fight or challenge is over. So, in my original example, where Spike raised his BK to 5 and I raised mine to 4 and then I played Hair Flip, if Spike then played Testosterone (changing the resolving talent back to BK) he would still be in the lead, 5 to 4.


The cards you draw at the beginning of a Fight or Challenge go into your existing hand, and you may use both the cards you just drew and the cards that were in your hand at the start of the conflict for either their game texts or in Talent Stacks.


Example: I have Empty Puppet Case, Two Gun Woo, and Vampire Embrace in my hand when the Conflict Step begins.

I initiate a Fight and draw 5 cards: Creep Factor, Scully Me, Fritz, Alone, and Fire Axe.


I now have eight cards in my hand. The three from before and the five I just drew go together, they're not kept separately.


Of those 8, I have 6 that I can use during the Fight to either boost Talents or for their game text (Fritz is a Character, and Alone has no Talent icons and can only be played during the Resource Step).


During the Fight, I may use any of the cards in my hand however I want. I may use Creep Factor to change the resolving Talent to Weirdness, and I may use the Empty Puppet Case to boost my Weirdness by one. It's up to me how I want to play it.


At the end of the Fight (and in Challenges, too) if I still have more than five cards in my hand, I must discard down to five.


When do you check for win conditions?  If I were to move first and move a character with Primal Connection into the Park and I had 8 or 9 Destiny would I win as soon as the character were moved?

The rules say (Page 44) Destiny Victory: When a player reaches 10 Destiny points the game is instantly over.


What happens when your resource deck runs out?  Do you turn it over and start it again?  With or without shuffling?

You simply shuffle your Discard pile and place it as your Resource deck.


Does "in play" include  my discard deck?



If the text on a card does NOT specify when it can be used, e.g. Blayne Mall, can it then be used at any time? 

If a card text does not specify when it can be used, then you may use it at any time i.e. step, watch, sub step, combat phase etc. Note that, this has caused the text on some cards to be clarified (Hospital, Tunnels, Sunnydale School Hallways, etc.) as to when they may be used.


Drusilla Lvl 1. "Fatigue Drusilla during the Resource Step to either draw a card or make your opponent discard a card." it doesn't specify that it has to come from your hand so can you discard a card that is already play?

No, it has to come from your hand. Any time a cards says "discard X cards", you discard from your hand.


Do you shuffle the deck after searching?      

Yes, you need to shuffle your deck anytime you look through it, including the Collin L2 text, Giles' text, A Friend in Need, Trading Clothing, etc. etc.


What happens if I use Stake 'em High to play 2 different talent changers at once?  Say, Book Learning and Creep Factor.  Since they're both played at once, the resolving talent is now Smarts AND Weirdness?!

Even though you play them one after the other, they are still to phases to the same step.  Just that you are playing 2 back to back rather than being interrupted by your opponent’s 'action'. The way the actions are stated is. The resolving talent is NOW (Smarts or Wierdness) The second one you play would cancel the first one.  So originally the resolving talent would be Smarts, then the resolving talent would be Weirdness. There can be only 1 resolving talent in a fight. it would be good idea to clarify the card to say that the actions ARE  played one at a time.


Willow Lvl2 and Gone Binary.  Does a Willow L2 with a Gone Binary on her fatigue and gain both at the same time (e.g. fatigue to get 1 destiny point and draw 1 card in the same action)

You couldn't do both at the same time. If an action requires you to fatigue as a cost of performing the action, you can't "pay" that fatigue for another action as well. You could, however, fatigue Willow to use her text, then refresh her by some method (say, Hospital text), then fatigue her again for Gone Binary.


Talent bonuses

Spike does get +1 on any talent when you fatigue a minion at the same location. The question is for how long? Is it a permanent +1 to this talent or is it just until the end of turn? What happens if I play this  ability and then upgrade Spike to Lv2? Does he still have the +1 from his former ability or does he lose the bonus with the ability?

The bonus is until end of turn. Any bonus/action that states that it isn't permanent or doesn't last for a set period of time lasts until the end of the turn. Therefore the bonus lasts until the end of turn. It is still in effect if Spike is upgraded. However, unlike talents, destiny points are permanent (except for primal connection) so Willows Lv 2 power is permanent, while Spikes power is temporary. A little bit confusing. Destiny points are generally permanent, while talent bonuses are generally temporary.



To "play" a card is to put it into play. Merely "using" a card is not the same as "playing" it. That should clear up any confusion on cards using the word "play


You. The Nest  states: You cannot move directly from Sunnydale Park to this location or vice versa. Public Restroom  states: You may move to any school location instead of moving to an adjacent location from Public Restroom.

Who exactly does "You" refer to? Only the characters controlled by the Location's owner? Or any Characters? (In which case the cards should read "Characters..." instead of "You...") In both cases, the game text applies to any character at that location, no matter who controls it. Why say "you" instead of "characters"? Not sure... maybe because "you" has 6 fewer letters? (and game text space is always at a premium.) I don't know if that's why the card reads "you", it's just a guess.


Facing a challenge

 means a group of characters (minimum one) are trying to defeat a challenge. If on a challenge there are requirements that have to be fulfilled to start a challenge then it would e.g. look like: this challenge can only be faced at night. This Challenge can't be faced in a day turn.


Defeating a challenge:

A Challenge is defeated, when all the needed talent values (including the talent stack of your opponent) have at least been reached (including your talent stack) and the requirements to defeat the challenge have been met. Example: One character needs the Pergamum Codex attached in order to defeat the challenge, Traits Requirement: Spellcraft - this means you can face the challenge any time, but in order to defeat (win) the challenge you will need one character carrying the Pergamum Codex and one Character facing the Challenge needs the spellcraft trait.


Resolving the Challenge:

With Resolving the Challenge the Talent values are evaluated and compared and the Requirements needed to defeat the challenge are checked. it is then determined if you won the challenge or lost it.



that's where you try to rise your Talent Values by the boosting talent Stacks. Your opponent tries to make the Challenge more difficult for you by increasing the needed talent Values.



The Phase of the Challenge, where you as the player facing the Challenge can draw 5 Cards while one opponent (multiplier game you get to choose which opponent) draws 3 Cards.


The Phases are in following orders:

1. Choose - which players are facing the Challenge (minimum one)

2. Drawing - the players draw Card as according to the status in this challenge (5 Cards for the player facing the Challenge, 3 Cards for the opponent defending the Challenge)

3. Battle - You try to defeat the challenge by boosting the Talent values, your opponent does the same for the Talent Values of the Challenges to defend it.

4. Resolve - The values are calculated and the Requirements are checked.

5. At the end the Characters are fatigued and the challenge if defeated is moved to the crypt and wins the appropriate number of Destiny Points, or the facing player is loosing one Destiny Point if he has lost the challenge (Destiny Points can't be negative)


Varsity Training and Animal Intensity in discard pile

Sucked Dry's card text reads Minion or Companion. Varsity Training and Animal Intensity don't affect Sucked Dry, because once a character is in your discard pile, no items or skills remain attached.  So if you give Uncle Enyos Varsity Training and he dies in a fight, your opponent can still play Sucked Dry to move him to your crypt.


Refresh Step

All your characters refresh simultaneously. I.e. Refreshing everything on your side counts as one action. We apologise for the confusion regarding the card Total Lecture Overload. As you all know, this card is, I believe, the only Buffy CCG card that uses the wording "Before", which is what causes all of the confusion. By using the word "Before" we have inadvertently given the impression that because TLO is played "Before" any characters refresh, that it must create a special "Pre-Refresh Step" that would allow a player to play multiple TLOs before any characters refresh. Total Lecture Overload does not create a Pre-Refresh Step. The Refresh Step is still composed of alternating actions. Total Lecture Overload is an action that may only be played before any characters have refreshed. If as the active player I take any action that would cause any character to refresh, my opponent may not play TLO. Examples; Refreshing all of my characters; Playing Confrontation; Using Blayne Mall or Chris Epps to refresh another companion or minion; etc. If as the active player, I take an action that does not refresh a character, my opponent MAY play her own TLO. Examples; Playing TLO; Playing Computer Invasion; Fatiguing a character with Diana's Touch to give a character +3 Charm; etc. In addition, it is still possible to play multiple TLOs during one particular Refresh Step, however, it will be rare. For example; I play TLO, you play Computer Invasion, I play TLO, you play TLO, I use Diana's Touch, you play TLO, I refresh, you refresh. If you are active and you refresh your characters first, you can still do any other Refresh Step capable actions until there are 2 consecutive pass actions, ending the Refresh Step. However, neither you nor your opponent may play TLO.


Do you take turns refreshing everyone, or does everyone refresh at the same time?

When you refresh, all of your cards refresh at the same time. Likewise, when your opponent refreshes, all of his/her cards will refresh at the same time. This includes fatigued characters as well as any fatigued Items or Skills


Talent requirements

can be met by any character you control.

In a Fight or Challenge, Talent Requirements can be met by any character you control that is participating in that Fight or Challenge.

If a card says "this character", then the character using the card's effects must be able to meet the Talent Requirements him/herself.


Fatigue overrides

These effects can still be used if the target character is fatigued:


Giles searching via his essence

Hero/villain attaching a skill at the Sport field/Lair of the master

Jenny L1 using her game text

Claw once in the movement phase

Learn a new skill if you have the real-literary like skill attached.

Moving via a "does not count as a move" card like Sunnydale School Hallways and Hit the Streets


 If fatiguing is the cost of an effect, and that cost is taken away, ignored, or otherwise blanked, a fatigued character may use that effect.


Destiny changers

All destiny changing from any means, except via Primal connection is permanent


Cards like Watching Hyenas Mating/The CPR Thing etc only target cards in a talent stack. As such items and skills like the Disembodied Arm and Watcher Training are immune to these cards. What about the discard to add talent items and skills like the Rocket Launcher, Wisdom etc?

Since cards like Rocket Launcher and Silver Locket are discarded to get their bonuses and are not placed into talent stacks, then they are not affected. Anything that reads "set aside to boost X" simply means "in a talent stack to boost X".


Are the four starting locations drawn in a random order?  Or, do you select the order?

You pick one at a time, going in order of who gets initiative (Villain or whoever rolled highest if both are same side) Because if your opponent gets first choice and he puts down the Hospital for example, you can't play yours (if you got one) due to the 'Unique' trait. This is why you have 8 locations to choose from.



The only way that Spike's Car or Ring of Prophecy would be cumulative is if one or both of them read "vampire gains one extra/additional move". Extra/additional/+1/etc. would make it cumulative. The current wording does not.


Alternate between the 2 players

Card plays during each step in the game alternate between the 2 players.

ex) it's the start of the movement step and it's night.  Since I'm active player, I move my Buffy (one location, cause that's all she can move at a time).  Then you Move your Spike (one location, even though he can move twice, he only moves on location at a time).  Then, I play Grounded (a movement step action) and stop Spike from moving any more.  You play Oh, the "Other" cemetery and move one of my challenges, etc...

We alternate back a forth during each step until we both say pass.  This ends the current step and signifies the beginning of the next step. At the End Step, control (i.e.: who has first card play or game action on each step) switches to you, and the cycle starts all over again.


One could imagine that action cards (at least those with skill requirements) are played by characters (as opposed to the players), and that skill requirements are to be fulfilled by the one character that plays the action.

Cards with skill requirements play "on" certain characters...for actions like Dig Up the Corpses, and Will You GO To The Dance?, you just need to have one character in the game with 4 Smarts/2 Charm.  For Skills, Weapons Expert can only play on a character that has 2 Butt-Kicking.


At what moment during the prologue-step can you play an action card (e.g. Sunset)?

Prologue step: first the active player plays her challenge and the other player plays his.  Then, the active player gets a change to play any other prologue cards (like Events, or prologue actions) is she chooses. If not, she passes and the second player gets the same chance.  If he passes too, then it's on to discard/draw step.


At what time do you play an action card during the refresh step (e.g. Computer invasion?)

Discard/Draw Step: First, discard and draw any cards that you wish to, then the active player gets a chance to play Refresh actions (such as Hot-dog Surprise), or passes. Her opponent then does the same.


I have 7 cards in my hand, at the end of the resource step; do I have to discard down to 5 cards?

No. The only times you are required to have a certain number of cards in your hand are the draw step and the resolve step of a fight or challenge. The draw step requires your to have 5, while the resolve step says you can have no more than 5.


If a card says it can be used during the resolve step, etc., can it only be used during that step?

If you're talking about the step named in the yellow stripe across the bottom of the text box in an action card, then yes, it can only be used during that step.


Can you start any of your characters at the park? Like, can I have Spike in my hand and when I lay him down for the first time put him in the park?

You may only play a character to one of your 4 locations, you may not play them to the Park or your opponent's locations. However, once your characters are in play, they can certainly move to the park or to your opponent's locations.


Fatiguing a fatigued character, and refreshing a refreshed character?

You can't fatigue a fatigued character, but you can refresh a refreshed one.


Should Ampata ever be involved in a fight against Principal Snyder when he is being used as the opponent's main character, what happens if Snyder chooses to make something other than Charm the resolving talent?

Character cards such as Principal Snyder, Ampata and Cordy Level 2 are very specifically worded so that they only work when one of them starts the fight.  Mr Pointy (for Kendra) is worded similarly, i.e. Kendra chooses the resolving talent (Smarts or Butt-Kicking).  Please note that with the exception of Ampata starting the fight, the resolving talent may be changed by appropriate cards. Cordy, Mr Pointy and Snyder's cards only say that they can choose the resolving talent, not that it cannot be changed once chosen. So, in your example, it depends which character, Ampata or Synder starts the fight.  If Snyder starts the fight, he'd probably choose smarts to start.  If Ampata starts the fight, Snyder can't use his ability to gain +2 to the chosen talent, since he did not start the fight.


“This card”

A card that uses its own name in the card’s text, e.g. Slayer's Lust reads “Faith only. Draw a card. Immediately set aside Slayer’s Lust into a talent stack to boost either Butt-Kicking by 2 or Charm by 1.” Really mean {this card}.  So Slayer's Lust in effect reads "Faith only. Draw a card. Immediately set aside {this card} into a talent stack to boost either Butt-Kicking by 2 or Charm by 1."


You many only play cards on your opponent’s character if the card itself says you can. So, basically you can only play items and skills on your characters.


With the release of CO99 came some new cards that have the identical name and description as earlier ones, such as Testosterone, Hair Flip, etc.  But since they are contained in a new release, having to be purchased separately, and have different card numbers, are they separate cards?

No, the cards with the same title are considered to be the SAME card (I.e. still only 3 in the deck in total). The same goes with I Quit card and Vampire Embrace which have both been re-worded along with being re-printed. The old versions now play as though they are the new versions. It is the same with the different Buffy Lv.1 character cards. even though there is one in each set (PP, AC, 99) they are considered the same card so you are only allowed 3 of them in your deck (AC - only if Buffy is your main character anyway). So for Characters it is the name and the Level.


Talent Requirements on cards

If you are going to play an action card during a step, like Circle of Kayless, or Join the Pep Squad you have to have at least one character that meets that requirement. Run Fast! Has a requirement of 3BK, so you must have a character in play that meets that requirement.

However, it's worth noting that I Quit, Superior Fighting, or other actions that specifically target one (and only one) of your own characters require you to meet the talent requirement on that character. Also if using such an action during a challenge attempt, one of the characters involved in the attempt must met the requirements.

If you are attaching an item or a skill on to a character then that character must meet that talent requirement i.e. 4BK requirement for the Compound Bow.


How do you rule/deal with it if someone forgets to name a character during the Prologue and remembers during the Draw Stage or later?

Too late.  The person controlling Kakistos loses his chance to name a character for this turn.


What does the phrase 'printed on the card' mean? The situations that raised this question follow.

A)            Tiny Victory: Players cannot lose Destiny Points during the resolution of this challenge. The attacking player cannot gain any more Destiny Points for defeating the challenge than what is printed on it. If Xander is my main character, defeats One Man Army alone, and my opponent played Tiny Victory, do I gain 2 Destiny Points or 5? The extra Destiny Points are printed on the card, but not in the Destiny Point box.

You only gain 2 Destiny Points since you cannot gain more than the printed amount (Destiny Points 2) because of the Tiny Victory.


B)            Faith's Knife: Character gains +1 Butt-Kicking and may not be attacked unless the other character has an equal or higher printed Butt-Kicking than the printed Butt-Kicking on this character.

Angel Level 2 (99): 3BK, 3CH, 2SM, 1WE. Vampire. If you have no other characters at Angel's location, Angel gains +1 to all of his talents, and an additional +1 Butt-Kicking.

Question: Assuming he's alone (barring the opponent's character), can the above Angel attack an character with 4 or 5 Butt-Kicking that has a Faith's Knife attached? The necessary Butt-Kicking is printed on the card, but not in the Butt-Kicking talent icon.

Angel can only attack a character with Faith's Knife attached if the character has Butt-Kicking of 3 or less because Angel's printed Butt-Kicking is only 3

However a Pack with BK 2 printed on the character card and a Watcher training has a total BK of 4, but the printed Bk is still 2. Angel has a printed BK of 3 and would be able to attack the Pack, even if the Pack had Faith's Knife.


Say you have a card effect power that allows you to search your Resource Deck. But in the course of the game, there are no cards in the Resource Deck. Would a card ability that allows searching for a card mean that you could shuffle back your Discard Deck back into a Resource Deck, then search from the Resource Deck?  Or could you not use that ability?

No. Only if you draw a card and there are no more cards in the resource deck do you get to reshuffle your deck and draw from the new resource deck. An ability like Collin's that would allow you to search your Resource Deck would mean that you would have to search whatever cards were currently in your Resource Deck.  If there are no cards in your Resource Deck, then you have no cards to search through. Slayers Handiwork and Vision - If there are no more cards (or less then the 5/10 cards you can look at) you only look at the remaining cards in the resource deck. In the Case of Drusilla: Lv.1 and Lv.2 (AC) have card drawing ability, Lv.2 (PP) and Lv.3 (PP) don't have a card drawing ability (I.e. if the card works for A Fervent Wish, it counts as a drew, and so you can reshuffle your discard into your drew deck. If AFW does not work on it, then it does not count as a draw).


If you have no cards in your resource deck do you resuffle your dicard pile to dicard cards due to the Mayor's L1 discard effect or any other discarding effect?

If there is no cards in the Resource Deck, or not enough cards, you do not reshuffling the Discards back into a Resource Deck


Can you send an opponent’s item to the crypt using caught off guard?

No.  Unless the card specifically says it can be used against your opponent, you can only use it on your own characters and items.


"X-Only" cards      

If a card states that it can only be used by a certain character (example: Buffy Only), you are only allowed to include that card in your deck if the indicated character matches your Essence card.

If an Item or Skill is "_____ only", it can only be assigned to your main character, and cannot be swapped or transferred from that character, even by card effects.

With other only cards, like actions, when the effect is restricted to use with the main character, that character is named after the "_____ only" sentence e.g. Choke hold. (Buffy only. Buffy gains…). If the ONLY card does not name the character after the "_____ only" bit, then they are playable even if your main isn't in play. E.g. Hypnotism, Vision, Tremors, Done!.

From the CRD: If you use a card says ______ only” that is used during a Fight or Challenge, the card can only be used for its game text if that character is participating in the Fight or Challenge. EXAMPLE: Buffy is a supporting character in your Faith Main Character deck. Buffy is currently in a fight, but she cannot use Slayer’s Lust for its game effect. Buffy CAN still put Slayer’s Lust into a Talent Stack like any other card, though. This also affects cards like Flashy Swordfight - Buffy must be the one in the fight

If a "_____ only card and/or Essence card refers to specific character, it only affects your copy of that character" So in a Buffy vs Buffy fights, only your buffy gets +3 Butt-Kicking from Choke Hold.


Quentin Travers Essence: "You may Fatigue Giles or Wesley instead of Quentin when you use Quentin's Card power". Does it have to be your Giles or Wesley? Or can it be any player's Giles/Wesley.

You can never use your opponent's cards to pay a cost.  It has to be your Wesley or Giles.


If I play a Dark/Vamp willow deck, and have the other evil Willow as a supporting character, can either evil Willow use Bored Now? Or would only the main Willow be able to use it?

It could only be used by whichever evil Willow you were using as your Main Character.  The "character only" cards specifically say they can only be used by the main characters.  Even though it can be used by both characters, that rule should predominate and allow the Bored Now to only be used by whichever one of the two characters is your Main.


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