March 2004


Carrying 3 and more items

If you have 3 items attached, via Pack Rat, and you lose the Pack rat skill, you lose the third item.

Lounging About with Imbeciles cannot target a Pack Rat on a character with 3 or more items if the Pack rat skill is the method allowing the extra item to be attached. For the Buffy’s house/CRD location, when you leave, you keep the extra item attached, but if the item detaches then you'll have to go back to Buffy’s house/CRD to be allowed to attach a new third item.

After using CRD to attach an extra item AND you have Pack Rat attached (meaning you are allowed to carry 4 items) and THEN Pack Rat is discarded, then you must discard 1 item, giving you 3 (retaining the bonus from the location). If you then discard your 3rd item, you can then only have 2 until you either re-attached a pack rat or return to Buffy's House or CRD allowing you to again have 3 items.

If a character has multiple pack rats attached, then each one allows him to attach another item.


Does Buffy's companion version when carrying 3 items loose the 3rd item when she ascends to level 2?

When she ascends, if she already has the three items, she does not lose any


Can fatigued characters be given items?

Yes. Fatigued characters can be given / pass items.


When my character has a skill or item with a Talent Requirement, and my character’s talent goes below that Talent Requirement do I lose it?

A. No. You only have to meet the Talent Requirement on a card when you attach it to a character. If your character’s talent goes down you still keep your skills and items. An item stays in play even if the requirement can no longer be met (otherwise you'd have alot of 1 Smarts characters with Puppet Cases and 3 BK characters with quarterstaffs that would lose their items every time they fatigued). The effects of 1630 Revello Dr. also fall into this ruling.


Can you move an item between two characters if one (and only one) of the characters is fatigued?

Yes, it doesn't matter if a character is fatigued when you move items.  The thing to remember though, is that while the character is fatigued, he/she is -1 on all talents.  So if you are trying to move Empty Puppet Case from Giles to Xander, and you've just varsity trained Xander so he is fatigued, he no longer meets the 1 smarts requirement to carry EPC.


Can I discard items and skills for talents if they are already placed on a character, or does it just apply to cards in my hand?

Just ones in your hand.


Items can be swapped between characters. What if both characters have 2 items? Can the receiving character give an item back? Or is this only possible if the receiving character has only 1 item?

Item swapping is done 1 item at a time.  If Buffy and Willow both have 2 items, and you want Willow to give Buffy one of her items, Buffy has to "drop" one of the items she's already carrying, to the discard pile, to do so.


When I swap items between characters, does the character have to meet Talent Requirements?

Yes. The character that is receiving the item has to meet any Talent Requirements on the card. So, yes, you need something like Off the Chart Smarts first, to give Moloch his Tome. Or, if you play Warehouse, you can play or move him to the Warehouse and take advantage of the +1 smarts that minions and villains get there.  You only need the smarts to assign it. Then you move on and it remains attached.


Can you pass on a fatigued Empty Puppet Case to another character?



Item passing

An item can only be passed once per turn.


Q. During the Refresh Step, do I refresh any fatigued items?

A. Yes.  During the Refresh Step you refresh any cards that are fatigued, including characters, items, and skills.


"X-Only" Skills and Items      

 If an Item or Skill is "_____ only", it can only be assigned to that character, and cannot be swapped or transferred from that character, even by card effects.


lets say I give a slayer who was a BK of 3 a fire axe and raise it to 4. Can I then give her a compound bow, which has a requirement of BK 4 but counts as two items. I.e. Do I put the bow on her and then discard the axe, or do I discard the axe first and not meet the requirement?

The bonus from the previous item(s) is still in effect as the old item is discarded only after the new is attached. Therefore, you would get the +1BK form the fire axe when attaching the bow.


Can I put glove on my opponent, if they can legally hold it, then play clumsy fingers to crypt them by taking it away?

You can only play items on your opponent if it says so on the card, i.e. Candy Bars and Slayer Kryptonite.


Slayer's Kryptonite & upgrading - I have Buffy with a Stake and Crossbow attached, and my opponent gives her Slayer Kryptonite. Can I give Buffy a Cross, and discard the Kryptonite?

Yes.  Page 4 of the CRD states, "You may discard one of your opponent's items attached to your character if you upgrade an item on that character."  Remember that if your opponent has A Thing/Quality Rage attached to his main, he can discard the skill to force you to discard a different item than the one he placed on your character


Buffy has two items attached.  Can I attach Slayer's Kryptonite to her?

You cannot attach an item that specifically allows you to attach it to one of your opponent’s characters if that character already has the maximum amount of items currently attached.

EXAMPLE: Buffy has 2 Fire Axes attached. Her opponent wants to give her Slayer’s Kryptonite. But, since Buffy already has the maximum amount of items she can attach (which is 2), Slayer’s Kryptonite cannot be given to her.


When your character is holding two items, one being Chains, and you upgrade an item, you get to choose which of the three items is discarded.  You can choose to discard Chains because it is an item no different from any other item in that it can be removed by upgrading.  Therefore, you don't need to fatigue another character to discard the item, you can simply upgrade it and remove the item that way.  This makes it far weaker than Major Wiggins because that can't be removed unless you do what the skill says to do to remove it (fatigue the necessary characters) or play a card to remove the skill (like Lounging About With Imbeciles).


Attached items

In order to use an item's power (unless other wise noted on placement) you must attach it. If you didn’t you could fatigue an empty puppet case in your hand to discard a card and draw a card


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