March 2004


Does moving to an adjacent opponent's location fatigue a character?

No, it does not, unless the adjacent location that you're moving from is Sunnydale Park.


Vampires may move twice at night, but not twice in a row.

This whole game is based around the concept of "I get a chance to do something, then you get a chance to do something.”  So, I move my vampire to an adjacent location, then you get a chance to move one of your characters (vampire or not). Then, since my vampire has moved only once and still has one more move, I can move again to a second adjacent location. Then you get a chance to move one of your characters again. And so on, until we both pass consecutively and go to the Resource Step.


When a card says may move to any location or any other location, does that mean adjacent locations or any where in play? For example Fast Pace and High School Lobby.

On the cards you mentioned, it's a different ballgame for both.  Fast Pace lets the character move anywhere, while the School Lobby lets the character move to any school location he/she could NORMALLY move to, without using up a move.  Normally, this would only apply to adjacent school locations, but a character with Fast Pace COULD in fact move to any school location from there without using a move. The difference between Lobby and Fast Pace is subtle but crucial. While Lobby gives you a special benefit if  you are moving to any school location, it does not say you can  move to any school location. Lobby does not allow you to move anywhere that you could not otherwise move; it only gives you a special benefit if the place you are moving happens to be a school location. By contrast, Fast Pace actually allows you to move to any location. Fast Pace is basically allowing the character to move to any location instead of an adjacent location.  Lobby is giving you a special benefit if you move to another School location, but it doesn't override the normal "You can only move to adjacent locations" rule.


During the Movement step, do you have to move to a location that is next to where you are? Or can you move to the park? Or can you move to a location across the board?

Normally, you can only move to an "adjacent" location- one that's next to your current location.  The park is adjacent to all locations.


Since vampires can move twice at night, does this mean they can move anywhere via Sunnydale Park?

Yes. However, if they move into an opponent's location from the Park, they will fatigue.  See the example on p.22 of the rulebook.

Does moving fatigue a character?

Moving to adjacent (non-Park) location - Does not fatigue.

Moving to Park - Does not fatigue.

Moving from Park to your own location - Does not fatigue.

Moving from Park to opponent's location - Fatigues


Can a fatigued character move?

No, unless using a does not count as a move card


Move X to Y's location. This does not count as a move, for example Angry Mob, Surprise!, Two Gun Woo, #1 Alternate

Unless the card text specifies that it must be an adjacent location, it can be anywhere that complies with card text.


Is there a limit to how many people you can move during the movement step per turn?

There is no limit to the number of characters you can move. However, you can still only move one character one space at a time, and then you have to give your opponent the chance to do something before you can move again.


When a card moves a character and counts as movement, like Electrical Tunnels Schematic, Public Restroom, or Dragon's Cove Magic Shop, are there any restrictions based on normal movement?

If the card counts as a move all normal restrictions apply (unless the card says otherwise, of course).

·                     Can a Vampire use it during the day?

·                     No, unless the Vampire is able to move during the day via e.g. Spikes car.

·                     If you use it to move from Sunnydale Park to an opponent's location, do you fatigue?

·                     Yes.

·                     Can you get to/from The Nest and Sunnydale Park?

·                     No

·                     If you go from Sunnydale School Hallways (or the Lobby) to a school location...

·                     The card effect used to move counts as a move - the fact that SSH gives a chance for a 'free' move doesn't mean all moves from it to school locations are free – You either use the Lobby text or the Tunnel Schematic text.

·                     The Alley?

·                     Good guys would fatigue.

·                     The Auditorium?

·                     Bad guys would fatigue.


If a card says that this does not count as a move then can I still move again?  (EX. I'm on SHS Lobby, this movement can I move to the Library, this does not count as a move since it's to another school location, then to another location?  Or even Move to the lobby, then go straight to the library or other school location since this does not count as a move?)

Yes, you can move again as long as the character hasn't used its move action(s) up.


Does not count as a move means the movement rules - such as the rule that fatigued characters cannot move - do not apply. When a card says, “this does not count as a move”, you do not suffer or gain any effects that happen when a character moves Therefore:

Ř       You can move a fatigued/Grounded character

Ř       You can move a vamp during the day

Ř       It does not count towards the movement total of that character.  This means that you can move Buffy to a location and then use a card like Hit the Streets to “move” Buffy again.

Ř       Moving from the Park to opponent's location or to/from the Auditorium does not result in the character fatiguing.

Ř       You can move to the Nest from the park


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