March 2004


If I play Go Home and Listen to Country Music in a multi-player game, who looses the 1 destiny? All my opponents or only the one I'm facing?

Go Home and Listen Country Music would affect only the person that you chose to defend the challenge.


I play Computer Threat on Buffy controlled by A. Player B defeats Buffy in a fight. By the wording of CT, do I gain the 1 destiny point from CT or does B or neither? And does A still lose 1 extra destiny?

If you card read, "If you defeat this character in a fight, you gain 1 extra Destiny point..." then the person winning the fight (Player B) in a Multi-player game would get 2.


Abduction in multiplayer

You would choose a companion or minion of the player who defended the challenge.


In Multi-Player, if more than one person uses Pat, would the player(s) not using one have to have his talent requirements raised by two or more?

Their effects are cumulative. E.g. if all four players had either Jonathan or Pat in play, the talent requirements for everyone were +3.


Would A Fervent Wish work on Unknown Outcome in a multi-player game

No, since both players discard their hand and draw 5 cards, there is more then one player drawing cards by this card effect. But AFW states explicitly states whenever another card allows exactly one player to draw a card. So Unknown Outcome is not triggering AFW.



On a player's active watch (their chance to do something during conflict), they first identify the challenge they are facing, choose the character(s) involved and who is defending the challenge. This all happens before the Challenge/Choose Stage. In multiplayer, the player going for the challenge (the attacking player) must pick the owner of the challenge if the challenge is not theirs. If the attacking player is going at their own challenge they may choose the defender. As established in multiplayer rules, only the 2 players involved in the challenge may play cards. The only way you could play Ambushed is to be chosen as the defending player. The naming of the defender happens before the "Challenge/Choose" phase, when Ambushed could be played. Since you have to chose a defender right away when starting a challenge only the chosen Player can play action cards in the different challenge stages. So only the defender of the challenge and the player facing the challenge are allowed to play action cards.


Player 1 uses Chains on Player 2. Can Player 3 fatigue one of his characters at the same location as the affected character owned by Player 2, in order to discard Chains?

Chains doesn't specify who must fatigue a character to remove it, so in a in your Player A - B - C scenario, yes.. Player C could remove Chains from Player A's character. Technically, so could Player B, though they probably wouldn't want to.


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