March 2004


If you have a companion at the Football Field location (which allows you to add a skill to a hero without having to fatigue them) and you give that companion Varsity Training and make them a hero, do you have to fatigue them since they were a companion up to that point?

Yes, you'd have to fatigue them. They're not a hero until the process of playing Varsity Training on them is completely resolved and done with, and fatiguing the character is part of that process. Similarly, you have to fatigue to put Real Literary-Like on a character.


If my character hasnít attached a Skill this turn, but is fatigued, can that character still attach the Skill?

Fatiguing the character is part of the cost of attaching the Skill, so the character must be refreshed to attach the Skill, unless the fatiguing cost has been removed via Real Literary Like etc


Can characters possess multiple skills?

Yes. The bonuses are cumulative (2 Watcher Trainings give +4BK)


Is there a limit on how many skills you may equip to one person?

There is no limit to the total number of Skills a character may have.


Can you add more than one skill per turn if you have a card that allows you to attach a skill without fatiguing e.g. Lair of the Master?

No. The rulebook specifically says you can only learn one skill per turn.


When a character attaches a skill and therefore fatigues to get it, they are considered to have fatigue reduced talents to consider for a skills talent requirements?

No. Fatiguing is part of the cost of attaching the Skill, and happens after the Skill is attached. Attaching skills fatigues the character. Conceptually, Buffy learns her Watcher Training, and then she gets tired. She doesn't get tired in order to learn it. The difference being that St. du Lac's is a "fatigue to do X" effect... you fatigue first, then you use the effect, while attaching a skill is "do X, then fatigue" effect...


Can you remove a skill once it has been attached?

No, unless you play a card that allows it, e.g. lounging about with imbeciles.


If a card needs a trait to attach and you attach it but then later lose the trait from that character, do you lose the attached card too?

No, you only need the trait/talent requirement when attaching the skill/item


My character has two skills, "Ritual Of Restoration" fatigue to put a character from discard to resource, and "Diana's Touch" fatigue to give 3 charm to someone. Now, when I choose to fatigue in order to use these powers, can I do them both at once, give someone the charm AND put a discarded character into my resource? Or do I have to fatigue, do one, and find a way of refreshing in order to fatigue to use the 2nd?

You would have to choose one or the other. Since the costis to fatigue for EACH skill, you can only fatigue once so you have to choose only one skill to take effect. Now if you were able to refresh that character somehow (Jenny L1, Hospital), then you would be given the opportunity to fatigue twice and would be able to fatigue for the second skill.


Using Doug Perren / Bizarro Sunnydale High School to attach more than 1 skill per turn

You must be refreshed to learn a skill. These cards only lift the one-skill-per-turn restriction, which is separate from the problem of refreshing the character so it can take advantage of that opportunity.



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