"Girls' Night Out" Deck

"I don't want to be our only hope. I crumble under pressure. Let's have another hope." - Willow, Season Two: Becoming Part 1.

"Girls' Night Out"

By TalanosVyr

Here is my first attempt at a deck. It's a Smarts/Charm based deck focusing on the School locations.

It started with Willow as the Essence, though I think Buffy might be good here too.

Willow or Buffy

SHS Library
SHS Lobby
SHS Auditorium

SHS Computer Lab
Sunnydale School Hallways
The Nest
Hyena Exibit

Empty Puppet Case x3
Bat Sonar x3
Ashes of Five Dead
Ring of Prophecy
Sentient Cheerleading Trophy

Willow L1
Willow L2
Buffy L1
Angel L1 or Dr. Gregory
Jenny Calendar
Amber Grove

Cheerleader Tryouts
A Dead Cheerleader is a Good Chearleader
Oh, May Queen
You can Trust the Technopagan
Hyenas in the Principal's Office
A Quick Jaunt to the Funeral Home
The Talent Show Must Go On

Expert on Weird x2
Off-the-Charts Smarts
Scully Me
Gone Binary

Demon Theory x2
Aaack! Spiders x2
The CPR Thing x2
Hair Flip x2
Book Learning x2
Dig up the Corpses
I Quit x2
A Friend in Need
Offer of Ugly Death x3
Join the Pep Squad

Talent Stacks:
BK: 13 from 10 cards
Sm: 15 from 10 cards
Wd: 10 from 8 cards
Ch: 11 from 8 cards

I had wanted this to be a girls only deck. However, I think it's lacking in talents without either Angel or Dr. Gregory in there.

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