Hero Class of '99 Starter Deck

"You had to tie me up to beat me. There's a word for people like you, Faith. Loser." - Buffy, Season Three: Enemies.

Each Class of '99 Hero Starter consists of one double-sided essence (either Buffy/Riley, Xander/Anya, Willow/Tara or Angel/Spike) with matching level 1 character (either Buffy, Xander, Willow or Angel), one random rare, one random foil and the following cards.

2 (C) Homecoming
3 (C) Eliminati Vamps
5 (C) Percy West
6 (C) Scott Hope
8 (C) April Fools Dress Shop
10 (C) Faith's Motel
11 (C) Garden Shed
13 (C) Formal Wear
21 (C) Knife Practice
23 (C) Slayer's Fortitude
27 (C) Telepathic Block
34 (C) All's Well That Ends Well
38 (C) Cluck-Cluck
40 (C) Discovery
41 (C) Don't Get Killed
43 (C) Drive Like Crazy!
44 (C) Group Support
45 (C) Hair Flip
47 (C) Knowledge Is Power
48 (C) Manic-Depressive Chick
49 (C) Neat Freak
50 (C) Off My Game
51 (C) Full-On Monster Fighting
53 (C) Testosterone
55 (C) Tranquilized!
58 (C) Want, Take, Have
61 (U) Gingerbread
70 (U) Faith
75 (U) Jonathan Levenson
83 (U) Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
85 (U) Xander Harris
87 (U) Sporting Goods Store

89 (U) Balthazar's Amulet
90 (U) Disturbing Features
91 (U) Faith's Knife (x 2)
94 (U) Love Tattoo
95 (U) Tranquilizer Gun
97 (U) Charming
99 (U) Homecoming Queen
102 (U) Warding
116 (U) Unknown Outcome
124 (R) Buffy Summers - First Patrol
171 (F) A Thing
172 (F) Class Protector
173 (F) Demon Hunting
174 (F) Morality Lecture
175 (F) Slayer's Handiwork
182 (F) Spring Madness
183 (F) The Big Night
184 (F) Young, Fast, and Hot-Blooded
185 (F) Beauty and the Beast
187 (F) One Man Army
190 (F) Lunch Special
225 (F) Buffy Summers - First Patrol
228 (F) Faith - First Patrol
239 (F) Buffy - First Patrol
246 (F) Faith - First Patrol

[C] = Common
[U] = Uncommon
[F] = Fixed
[R] = Rare
[First Patrol] = Starter only, non tournament legal cards.

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