Kendra Deck Version 1

"You talk about slaying like it's a job. It's not. It's who you are." - Kendra, Season Two: What's My Line? Part 2.

Kendra Deck Version 1

By Anya's_Beau


A Quick Jaunt to the Funeral Home
An American Werewolf in Sunnydale
Bad Eggs
Demonic Smackdown
Nightmares of Mine
The Dark Age
Why Yes, I am a Praying Mantis

Ethan's Costume Shop
Lair of the Master
Sunnydale High School Lawn
St. Du Lac Masoleum
Sunnydale City Morgue
Sunnydale H.S. Library
Sunnydale H.S. Lobby

Lucky 19 Baseball Jersey
Mr. Pointy
Pergamum Codex
Quarterstaff x3
Ring of Prophecy

Black Lagoon Aromatherapy x2
Demonology x2
Varsity Training x3
Weapons Expert x2

Angel Lvl I (AC)
Billy Palmer x2
Buffy Lvl I (PP)
Kendra Lvl I (starting)
Kendra Lvl II
Jenny Lvl I
Jenny Lvl II
Oz Lvl I
Oz Lvl II x3
Giles Lvl I
Giles Lvl II (AC)
Xander Lvl I (AC)

A Friend in Need
Anywhere But Here x3
Demon Theory x3
Dusted x3
Join the Pep Squad x2
Oh, the Other Cemetary x3
Shaky on the Dismount x2
Slay Industries x3
Sucked Dry x2
Supernatural Boost x2
The Old Madison Body-Switch x3
Total Lecture Overload x3

Home Again

This deck hasn't necessarily been thought out well. I was trying to make a deck with challenges that Kendra could use her smarts and butt-kicking on. I tried to include enough characters to solve the challenges, with complimentary items and skills and a mixture of actions.

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