"I'm a Princess" Drusilla Deck

"Everything in my head is singing. We're family again. We'll feed, and we'll play ..." - Drusilla, Season Two: Innocence.

"I'm a Princess" Drusilla Deck

By Haplo781

Wins by: Challenge destiny

Notes: I put 50 cards in the deck because Drusilla's card-drawing ability allows me to cycle through the deck a lot faster. There's a bunch of discard in here, which can either get talent-boosting cards out of the way, or nail nasty actions like Join the Pep Squad. If the other player gets Spike out before you do, it will hurt this deck, but not so badly that you can't recover.


1 Warehouse
1 Hyena Exhibit
1 Lair of the Master
1 Sunnydale School Lawn

1 Pool of Blood
1 Tunnels
1 Cemetary
1 The Nest

1 Abduction
1 Body Switch
1 Facing Your Fear
1 Festival of Saint Vigeous
1 From the Ashes of Five Dead
1 Reviving the Master
1 Young Frankenstein

3 Aaack! Spiders!
3 Studying
3 Creep Factor
3 Oh, the Other Cemetary
2 Circle of Kayless
2 Offer of Ugly Death
2 Inside Joke
2 A Friend In Need
2 Hot Dog Surprise
1 Dig Up the Corpses
1 Sunset

1 Drusilla Level 1
1 Drusilla Level 2
1 Drusilla Level 3
1 Spike Level 1
1 Spike Level 2
1 Collin, the Anointed One Level 1
1 The Master Level 1
1 Andrew Borba
1 Catherine Madison
1 Chris Epps
1 Claw
1 Darla
1 Fritz
1 Luke
1 The Pack

3 Empty Puppet Case
3 Manacles
2 Bat Sonar
2 May Queen Dress
2 Tome of Moloch
1 Ashes of Five Dead
1 Pergamum Codex
1 Sledgehammer

2 Gone Binary
1 Babe-litude
1 Expert on Weird
1 Off-the-charts Smart
1 Power of the Black Mass

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