"Queen C" Deck

"Being this popular is not just my right, but my responsibility, and I want you to know I take it very seriously". - Cordelia, Season One: Out of Mind, Out of Sight.

"Queen C" based on Cordelia

By Webmaster

This is my first challenge based deck. Focusing on challeges with Charm or Smarts, there are a good mix of characters with high C or S or other useful skills. Plenty of cards to slow down both challenge and fighting decks by either moving challenges (Oh .. Cemetry), "Grounding" characters and stopping them refreshing with Total Lecture Overload. Cordelia's Essence allows you to select your challenges to match your current characters and Willy's Bar gives you even more challenge choice.

Several challenges are 4 pointers but add "Offer of Ugly Death" and/or the Buffy/Lilly combo and you can easily win with two challenges completed. So no worries with Park Victories as I'd guess games will only last 3-4 turns if you get decent draws.

This is a 60 card deck and when I play it I tend to be pretty brutal with my discards to cycle through the deck to get the cards I need. Getting a character up to 4 Smarts to use "Dig up the Corpses" helps a lot. Also getting Cordy up to L2 and then going on the hunt for a bit of charm fighting with Hair Flip backup can be fun.

Villan decks suffer from "Join the Pep Squad" and Hero deck just provide more challenges for you (Oh .. Cemetry).


The Talent Show Must Go On
Oh, May Queen
You Can Trust The Technopagen
A Quick Jaunt To The Funeral Home
Hyenas In The Principal's Office
Cheerleader Tryouts
A Soul's Revenge

Locations- In order of preference
Madison House (free Spellcraft)
Willy's Bar (cycle your challenges)
Sunnydale City Morgue (get back discarded companions)
Sunnydale High School Auditorium
Sunnydale Hogh School Computer Lab (free Computer)

Cordelia L1 (Charm)
Cordelia L2 (Charm fighting/Charm)
Angel L1 (Charm)
Buffy Summers L1 (Bk/Weirdness)
Willow RosenBurg L1 (Computer/Smarts)
Rupert Giles L1 (Demonology/Smarts)
Xander (Computer)
Lilly (+1 DP with Buffy)
Doug Peren (Occult)
Oz L1 (Smarts)
Jenny Calendar L1 (Computer/Demonology)
Uncle Enyos (Spellcraft/Occult/Demonology)
Dr. Gregory (Computer/Smarts)
Amy Madison (Refreshing/Spellcraft)
Blayne Mall (Refreshing)
Joyce Summers (Extra card)

Black Lagoon Aromatherapy X 2 (Occult/Weirdness)
Varsity Training X 2 (Hero)
Expert On Weird (Weirdness)
Demonology 101 (Demonology)
Off-The-Chart Smart (Smarts)
Technopaganism (Computer)

Mummy's Seal X 2 (Protection)
Empty Puppet Case X 2 (Cards)
Ring of Prophecy (for Angel)
Tome of Molock X 2 (Smarts)
May Queen Dress (Charm)
Bat Sonar X 2 (Weirdness)
Orb of Thesulah (Smarts)
Manacles (Discards)

Dig Up The Corpses X 3
Grounded X 3
Hair Flip X 3
Join The Pep Squad X 2
Offer Of Ugly Death X 3
Oh, The "Other" Cemetry X 3
Surprise X 3
Total LEcture Overload X 3

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