"Mmmm, Scooby Snacks" Deck

"Truth is, I like this world. You got dog racing, Manchester United, and you got people. Billons of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs." - Spike, Season Two: Becoming Part 2.

"Mmmm, Scooby Snacks"

By Watcher.

Some have expressed concerns that Buffy CCG doesn't provide enough interaction. Well, duh, if you don't attack there won't be much interaction. Read on, and you'll see a deck that has bite.

Spike Essence
Spike WW1

Abduction 6
Festival Of Saint Vigeous 49
From The Ashes Of Five Dead 2
Pergamum Prophecy 142
Primal Urges 47
Reviving The Master 48
Welcome To The Harvest 5

*s beside the locations I'd like to start with

CRD 92
Hospital 163
Lair Of The Master 162*
Pool Of Blood 19
Sunnydale High School Lobby Preview 2
Sunnydale School Lawn 93 *
Tunnels 86 *
Warehouse 94 *

Creep Factor x3 121
Oh, The "Other" Cemetary x3 133
Run, Fast! x3 177
Testosterone x3 30
The Old Madison Body-Switch x3 46

Catherine Madison 64
Claw 66
Collin, The Annointed One 189
Drusilla 190
Fritz 67
Luke 68
The Master 192
The Pack 72

Pergamum Codex 167
Ring Of Prophecy x2 112
Stake & Crossbow 107

Expert On Weird x3 97
Fast Pace x2 106
Real Literary-Like x3 165
Scully Me 101
Watcher Training x3 95

A 40-card lean, mean, fighting machine. Place Spike at the Lair Of The Master so that he can learn a skill and get Dru on the first turn. Then, burn through your deck until Spike becomes Real Literary-Like. Going forward, Spike can learn new skills and attack on the same turn.

Use the utility cards to help Spike find his prey. Make them Run, Fast!, right into Spike's clutches. Coax the unsuspecting companion or minion over to the lawn. Give Spike a Ring Of Prophecy or Fast Pace to allow him to catch up to the sun-lovers. If need be, use The Old Madison Body-Switch to bring the important food over to Spike.

Of course, Spike is not into Trivial Pursuit or beauty pagaents, so use Creep Factor and Testosterone to keep the fights the way Spike likes them.

Spike often needs a friend, so when you start drawing redundant Real Literary-Like cards, start giving them to Dru. Soon, she'll be as suped-up as Spike. You don't want Spike to get lonely.

If all else fails, Spike plus your minions can do all of the challenges, but what's the fun in that?

So, there it is, in all it's glory (right now anyway).

After all, Spike's favorite food is Scooby snacks!

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