Slayer Strategy

Okay, so everyone knows that the St. du Lac Mausoleum (AC #120) is beef, so let's talk a little about denial! Not only can you get rid of the item your opponent snagged from St. du Lac by simply wasting the item's carrier, there are plenty of cards to tighten up your denial tech: Clumsy Fingers (PP #128) is an obvious choice - quick and easy during the Resource Step, though no it gives you no talent boosts; Tattoo Remover (Acid) (AC #57) is nice and reusable, plus has the bonus of being an item itself, so it can be used to boost, but you have to be at the same location to use it; and then there's No More Soul (AC #77)- denial and yummy boosts on the same card, but you have to be Angelus. Denial abounds, you just have to know how to work it.

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