Slayer Strategy

Slayer's Handiwork (Co99 #175) is really nice for taking your opponent's Vamps out of their next hand, but its real power is actually against non-Vamp foes in setting up their next draw for a fight or challenge. Picture this: you're Buffy Bizarro Land and you want to take out Demonic Smackdown (PP #145) all by yourself for the extra 2 Destiny from your Essence, but you're worried about Smarts. You know basically what your opponent has in hand (by either using Manacles, using Video Camera, or they're just plain out of cards), but what they're about to draw is going to make the difference. Throw down a Slayer's Handiwork and set their hand to as little Smarts as possible. Even if they are chock full of intelligence enhancers, you'll at least know that now is probably not the right time to try the challenge. And knowing is half the battle... ;)

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