Slayer Strategy

Group Support (Co99 # 44). Not only does this card have a name that goes with the image in such a funny way, but its veeerrrry useful for Bizzaro Land Buffy, Faith and Xander Decks. Mainly because Buffy gets major bonuses for completing challenges by herself and Xander & Faith have challenges that get beefy when they go solo. However, Group Support is not only useful for those three characters, but it's also a subtle defense against popular fighting strategies. If you have six characters with Cordelia, guess what, Cordy gets +6 Butt-Kicking while her Compound Bow wielding opponent probably only has 4. You can also get through a Day of Ascension in better shape because one of your dudes gets a combined beefiness and the rest are fatigued, so they don't have to start fights of their own. It's a card that's busting with goodness!

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