Slayer Strategy

The "Manacles Loop" was slightly "Nerf"-ed when the St. du Lac Mausoleum was errataed to only work in the Resource Step, but it's still viable and powerful. Especially with the addition of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce [Co99 #83]. The "Loop" as it stands now involves using St. du Lac to fetch a Manacles, and then using the Manacles to toast one of your opponent's yummiest cards in hand. Follow that with using a character at the 50's Time Capsule to put the item back in your deck, so it can be fished out next turn again. Solid denial. Wesley adds to it by cutting out the Time Capsule. He can get Manacles back in the deck just by fatiguing himself (or any other Wuss), and it doesn't matter where he is, so you don't have to spread yourself thin, manning multiple locations just for the "Loop".

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