Slayer Strategy

Drawing cards = good! If you like to draw cards when you play the Buffy CCG, then take a look at the new tournament promo, Studying (PP #P6). When you play Studying, you draw a card, and then discard two cards. If the two cards you discard are action cards, you draw another card! Two for two may not always seem like a good deal, but playing Studying allows you to play cards that have limited usefulness. It also allows you to play cards that have no icons to add to a talent stack during a fight/challenge or helping you cycle through your deck for a certain something... all without worry. If you don't need some of your action cards when you draw them, just pitch them to Studying and draw more cards! And, if all else fails, you can discard Studying during a fight/challenge to add 2 Charm to your talent stack. A little Studying never hurt... or does it?

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