"Transylvanian Concubine"

"You've been a very bad daddy." - Drusilla to Angel, Season Two: What's My Line? Part 2.

"Transylvanian Concubine": Based on Drusilla

By Haplo781, Watcher of Whittier and La Mirada


Body Switch
Death Stalks the Dream
From the Ashes of Five Dead
Jigsaw Judge
Ritual of Eligor
Turn Them on Each Other
Young Frankenstein

Lair of the Master
Vampire Mansion


Items and Skills
Animal Intensity x2
Ashes of Five Dead
Body of a Dead Cheerleader x2
Disembodied Arm x2
Empty Puppet Case x2
Expert on Weird x2
Off-the-Charts Smart x3
Wavering Power x1

Drusilla L1
Drusilla L2 (AC) x2
Spike L1
Spike L2 (AC)
Angelus L1
Collin, the Anointed One L1
The Judge x2
The Master L1
Chris Epps
Darla x2
Der Kindestod
Ethan Rayne x2

Actions and Events
Book Learning x3
Box of Goodies x2
Circle of Kayless x2
Cricket Snack x2
Decisions, Decisions... x1
Dig Up the Corpses x3
Hide Until it Goes Away x2
Hypnotism x2
Inside Joke x3
Offer of Ugly Death x2
Oh, the "Other" Cemetary x3
Total Lecture Overload x3
Visions x2

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