Willow Deck

"Our friends are in trouble. Now we have to put our heads together and get them out of it. And if you two aren't with me a hundred and ten percent, then get the hell out of my library!". - Willow, Season Two: The Dark Age.

Willow Deck

By ineffablebob


A Soul's Revenge
A Dead Cheerleader is a Good Cheerleader
Oh, May Queen
Hyenas in the Principal's Office
You Can Trust the Technopagan
When Good Mothers Go Bad
The Talent Show Must Go On

Locations- In order of preference
Natural History Museum
Sunnydale High School Auditorium
Football Field
Hyena Exhibit
1630 Revello Drive (Summers' House)
50's Time Capsule
Sunnydale High School Library

Willow L1
Angel (PP)
Amy Madison
Buffy (PP)
Doug Perren X 2
Jenny Calendar
Oz X 2
Rupert Giles
Uncle Enyos

Expert on Weird
Black Lagoon Aromatherapy X 3

Bat Sonar X 2
Empty Puppet Case X 3
May Queen's Dress X 2
Mummy's Seal X 3

Angry Mob X 2
Book Learning X 3
Decisions, Decisions
Dig Up the Corpses X 3
Finding Your Destiny
Hair Flip X 2
Join the Pep Squad X 2
Master Bones X 3
New Kid on the Block
Offer of Ugly Death X 2
Oh, the Other Cemetary X 3
Shaky on the Dismount X 3
Total Lecture Overload X 3

The deck is actually pretty simple - use stuff like Total Lecture Overload, Shaky on the Dismount, the Natural History Museum, and Oh, the Other Cemetary to slow down your opponent's challenges. In the meantime, get your challenges down with the high talent characters, the help of the occasional item and skill (the Aromatherapy is just awesome), and of course all the card drawing. It's not unusual for this deck to complete two challenges in one turn, either with Finding Your Destiny or sheer number of characters. The card drawing helps a lot, of course - if you draw characters and items, play them, or if you draw events just hang on to them and use them to win challenges - it's hard for your opponent to beat five cards that you pick from 10 or so drawn in a turn plus the five normally from your challenge. The hardest part of this deck is knowing when it's time to split up your forces and go after more than one challenge, and when to stay put and be more careful.

I'm thinking of swapping out the New Kid on the Block, since I read the CRD and found that it only affects talent bonuses, probably for a third Offer of Ugly Death. I might take out the Home Again as well and replace it with another character, although I'm not sure who to use.

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