"Xander's Women"

"Every woman in Sunnydale wants to make me her cuddle monkey." - Xander, Season Two: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

"Xander's Women": Based on Xander

By Anya's_Beau


A Soul's Revenge
Cheerleader Tryouts
Hyenas in the Principal's Office
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Oh, May Queen
When Good Mothers Go Bad
Why Yes, I am a Praying Mantis

St. du Lac Mausoleum
Streets of Sunnydale
Madison House
1630 Revello Drive
Sunnydale City Morgue
Army Base
50's Time Capsule
Sunnydale H.S. Library

Bracelet x3
Cross x2
Orb of Thesulah
Stake and Crossbow x2

Power of the Black Mass
Scully Me
Varsity Training x3

Amy Madison
Buffy Lvl 1
Cordelia Lvl 1 x2
Doug Perren
Jenny Calendar Lvl 1 x2
Jenny Calendar Lvl 2
Kendra Lvl 1
Owen Thurman
Uncle Enyos
Willow Rosenberg Lvl 1
Willow Rosenberg Lvl 2

A Friend in Need
Anywhere But Here
Attack of the Stunt Doubles
Blind Panic
Book Learning
Circle of Kayless x2
Dig Up the Corpses x3
Go Home and Listen to Country Music x3
Hair Flip
Join the Pep Squad x3
New Kid on the Block
Offer of an Ugly Death x3
Oh, the "Other" Cemetary x2
Shaky on the Dismount x3
Studying x2
Will You Go to the Dance? x2

Home Again
(add Sign of apocalypse?)

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