Angel's Curse

"It must just eat you up that I got there first." - Angelus, Season Two: Killed by Death.

Angel's Curse: Expansion #1 (138 cards)

(Released March 29 2002) Booster only release.
(125 cards, 3 previews and 10 standard promos)

  • Checklist with images.

  • Checklist by card type with images.

  • Dave/dgjedi's card spoilers for Pergamum Prophesy, Angel's Curse and Class of '99.
  • Class of '99 preview cards (These are randomly inserted in AC boosters)

  • Preview 1: Forceful Persuasion [C]
  • Preview 2: Home Again [U]
  • Preview 3: Lily [R]
  • Standard promos

  • P1: My Bloody Valentine: Evil Challege: Card Commissary.
  • P2: Octarus: Character - level 1: SCORE Convention Attendence
  • P3: Whistler: Character - level 1: December 2002 tournaments
  • P4: Rupert's Pad: Location : Patrol (sanctioned tournaments) only
  • P5: Everyday Vamp Hijinks: Skill: Scrye Magazine #53 Sept 2002
  • P6: Mark of Eyghon: Item: September Consumer Newsletter
  • P7: Full Moon: Event: Patrols (sanctioned tournaments) only
  • P8: Attack of the Stunt Doubles: Action: Inquest Gamer #88 (August 2002)
  • P9: Candy Tactics: Action: June Consumer Newsletter
  • P10: To Be Continued´┐Ż: Action: May Consumer Newsletter

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