Angel's Curse Checklist by Card Type

"I want to torture you. I used to love it, and it's been a long time. I mean, the last time I tortured someone, they didn't even have chain saws." - Angelus, Season Two: Becoming Part 2.

125 cards, 10 promos and 3 preview cards (Class of '99).

* - Slayer Strategies.

38 Amy Madison [U]
86 Angel [R]
87 Angelus [R]
88 Angelus [R]
39 Billy Fordham [U]
89 Buffy Summers [R]
40 Cameron Walker [U]
5 Coach Marin [C]
90 Collin, The Anointed One [R]
91 Cordelia [R]
6 Dalton [C]
41 Der Kindestod [U]
42 Doug Perren [U]
92 Drusilla [R]
42 Ethan Rayne [U]
44 Gill Monster [U]
93 Jenny Calendar [R]
45 Kendra [U]
94 Kendra [R]
Preview 3: Lily [R]
P2 Octarus* [P]
46 Oz [U]
47 Oz [U]
95 Principal Snyder [R]
96 Rupert Giles [R]
97 Spike [R]
48 Ted Buchanan [U]
98 The Judge [R]
99 The Master [R]
100 Uncle Enyos [R]
P3 Whistler [P]
101 Willow Rosenberg [R]
49 Willy [U]
50 Xander [U]

Evil Challenges
4 Death Stalks the Dream [C]
2 Die Young and Stay Pretty [C]
83 It's the End of the World as We Know It [R]
84 Jigsaw Judge [R]
P1 My Bloody Valentine [P]
35 New Dad in Town [U]
85 Ritual of Eligor [R]
36 Something Fishy This Way Comes [U]

Good Challenges
33 A Soul's Revenge [U]
1 Bad Eggs [C]
34 An American Werewolf in Sunnydale [U]
3 Love Sucks [C]
37 The Dark Age [U]

11 Body of a Dead Cheerleader [C]
104 Claddagh Ring [R]
105 Disembodied Arm [R]
P6 Mark of Eyghon [P]
106 Mr. Pointy [R]
56 Mummy's Seal [U]
107 Orb of Thesulah [R]
108 Rocket Launcher [R]
109 Silver Locket [R]
15 Spike's Car [C]
57 Tattoo Remover (Acid)* [U]
17 Tweed Mail [C]
58 Video Camera [U]

54 Black Lagoon Aromatherapy [U]
55 Diana's Touch [U]
P5 Everyday Vamp Hijinks [P]
12 Gypsy Curse [C]
13 Machiavellian Ingenuity [C]
119 Ritual of Acathla [R]
14 Ritual of Restoration [C]
16 The Look [C]
59 Wavering Power [U]
60 Weapons Expert [U]
110 What Doesn't Kill You... [R]
18 Wisdom [C]

125 Angelus [U]
124 Cordelia [U]
123 Kendra [U]
122 Xander [U]

22 A Lover's Gift [C]
23 Angry Mob [C]
24 Anywhere But Here [C]
P8 Attack of the Stunt Doubles [P]
64 Bad Alcohol [U]
65 Blind Panic [U]
63 B.O. [U]
66 Box of Goodies [U]
113 Breaking Free [R]
P9 Candy Tactics [P]
67 Choke Hold [U]
68 Competition Appraisal* [U]
114 Concealed Weapon [R]
25 Confrontation* [C]
26 Cut From the Same Cloth* [C]
69 Desperate Maneuvers [U]
70 Fatal Recovery [U]
115 Finding Your Destiny [R]
116 Flashy Swordfight [R]
Preview 1: Forceful Persuasion [C]
71 Gathering of Scoobies [U]
27 Going Goth [C]
72 Grounded [U]
73 Henchmen-R-Us [U]
80 Here's How You Eat It [U]
74 Homeric Insensitivity [U]
28 Hot Sheets [C]
75 Hypnotic Grasp [U]
117 Hypnotism [R]
76 Master of Ceremonies [U]
77 No More Soul* [U]
78 Slay Industries [U]
29 Soda Machine Raid [C]
79 Surprise! [U]
P10 To Be Continued... [P]
30 Total Lecture Overload* [C]
31 Tremors [C]
32 Unwelcome Surprise [C]
118 Vampiric Expertise [R]
81 Visions [U]
82 What Comes Around... [U]
121 Wrath of Angelus [UR]

7 50's Time Capsule [C]
51 Army Base [U]
8 Dragon's Cove Magic Shop [C]
9 Ethan's Costume Shop [C]
102 Natural History Museum [R]
P4 Rupert's Pad [P]
120 St. du Lac Mausoleum [UR]
52 Sunnydale City Morgue [U]
10 Sunset Club [C]
103 Vampire Mansion[R]
53 Willy's Bar [U]

61 A Fervent Wish* [U]
111 Death [R]
P7 Full Moon* [P]
Preview 2: Home Again [U]
62 Immolation-o-gram [U]
19 PDA [C]
112 Slayer's Burden [R]
20 Something Weird [C]
21 The Plan [C]

[C] = Common
[U] = Uncommon
[R] = Rare
[UR] = Ultra Rare
[P] = Promo

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