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Pergamum Prophecy (220 cards)

(Released December 14 2001) Starter (8) and booster release.
(200 cards, 6 previews, 10 standard promos and 4 special promos)
  • Checklist with images.
  • Checklist by card type with images.
  • Dave/dgjedi's card spoilers for Pergamum Prophesy, Angel's Curse and Class of '99.
  • Angels Curse preview cards (These are randomly inserted in PP boosters)

  • Preview 1: Alley [C]
  • Preview 2: Sunnydale High School Lobby [C]
  • Preview 3: Breaking the Bones [U]
  • Preview 4: Principal Snyder [U]
  • Preview 5: Manicles [R]
  • Preview 6: Hide Until It Goes Away [R]
  • Special promos

  • DE1: The Master: Character - level 2: European Buffy CCG Consumer Newsletter.
  • VDM1: Moment of True Bliss: Event: Valentines Day Massacre events (2002)
  • WW1: Spike: Character - level 1: Wizard World convention and Inquest Magazine #78.
  • HH1: Buffy Summers: Character - level 1: Halloween Buffy Bash events (2001).
  • Standard Promos

  • P1: Sucked Dry: Action: Sci Fi Mag (June 2002), BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P2: Dusted: Action: Scrye magazine #49 (March 2002), BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P3: Computer Threat: Action: Free by joining the BTVS CCG Inner Circle, BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P4: Will You Go To The Dance: Action : Retailer mailer, BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P5: Out Of The Mouths of Babes: Action: Wizard Magazine #127, BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P6: Studying: Action: Exclusive to Patrols (sanctioned tournaments), BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P7: Cross: Item: SCORE Convention Promo, BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P8: Bracelet: Item: Exclusive to Patrols (sanctioned tournaments), BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P9: Quarterstaff: Item: Inquest Magazine # 84, BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • P10: Sign of the Apocalypse: Event: Patrol Participation (sanctioned tournaments), BTVS CCG Card Commissary.
  • Note: BTVS CCG Card Commissary was provided by Score to redeem stake coupons for cards. This is no longer available.

    Pergamum Prophecy Starter Decks

  • Hero decks: Buffy, Willow, Angel, Giles.
  • Villan decks: The Master, Spike, Drusilla, The Anointed One.
  • Pre-release promo deck

  • Halloween Buffy Bash Demo Deck.